View Full Version : Think I've sorted my meals out...opinions please?

08-02-2009, 04:37 PM
Sorry for yet another food thread, but I think I'm ready to book up reservations. (Woohoo!) But, thought I'd ask you seasoned DLRP goers if it's going to pan out :)
Friday 25/9 - Birthday tea thing at Plaza Gardens (though I've read somewhere it's somewhere else now...) Also, I'm assuming this is a set time, but we don't get to Disney til 1.30 on the Eurostar, so hoping I won't miss it.
Then for dinner, Planet Hollywood, which I do believe you can't book, quite late at night, at about 10 or something.

Saturday 26/9 - Lunch at Pizza Planet. Even though I've heard horrible reviews, I loved the WDW one and Toy Story/Pixar is about my favourite thing ever :lovestruc
Dinner at Cafe Mickey quite late, towards the end of when the characters are about, but again don't know what time that is, maybe about 10 again :)

Sunday 27/9 - lunch at Annette's at about two, but we're planning on either going shopping beforehand and the Studios after, or the Studios either side, so we thought the Village was the way to go :D

Monday 28/9 - Lunch at Inventions at about 12 or so, then pick something up from a counter service on the way back to the Eurostar.

So yeah, I think that's it, though it seems very long-winded haha. But once it's sorted, I can get the DBF to book it up, or do it myself, which is more likely. And then I can do the PTR that I've been waiting for 2 months to do :D Ahaha

Also, finally, what kind of birthday cake is given in the Birthday Tea thingy?
Thanks :)

08-02-2009, 06:16 PM
I would maybe swap inventions and cafe mickey around, when we went we found cafe mickey quieter for lunch in the evening it was manic!

Plus I think Inventions only have character buffet in the evening so another reason to swap the 2

08-02-2009, 06:33 PM
Have to agree as this time we did Cafe Mickey for lunch rather than dinner. It was a much better experience as the place was only about half full and the kids got great attention from the characters who played about with them, sat down, played tricks etc.

08-02-2009, 06:35 PM
Ooh, ok :)
I shall make that swap, thanks :D

08-03-2009, 03:07 AM
The tea party is now at the Lucky Nugget at 5pm (I only know because we looked into this for our last day and timewise it didn't work out), we've also been to Cafe Mickey in the evenings (always book for 6pm) and haven't found it manic at all (last three visits) - in fact last Sunday it was fairly quiet!