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08-02-2009, 09:36 AM
Any budget tips for a weekend trip up to Door county? Does anyone know of a great campground that rents cabins or any condo/cabin rental that is a good price/value? Also, what do we do there? Never been...thanks!

08-02-2009, 11:20 AM
Al Johnson's - the place with the goats on the roof (http://www.aljohnsons.com/)

Hands on art (http://www.handsonartstudio.com/) - for any budding artists, especially great if it is a rainy day!

Fred and Fuzzy's (http://www.fredandfuzzys.com/cart/) is a must do restaurant. Casual outdoor dining, with a casual "sandwich kind of menu".

I found this link of restaurant reviews (http://www.doorcountynavigator.com/html/review/rev_food.html) - from visitors (as opposed from actuall restaurant reviewers.) It also mentions PC Junction - which is a great place...great burgers, and your food gets delivered by a miniature train. There are also reviews for Fred and Fuzzy's, as well as Al Johnsons. It also mentions the Sister Bay Cafe, which if I recall from my parents, is owned by former chefs of Al Johnsons, so the cost may be a little less, but the food just as good. The lines at SBC will be less too, but you ahve the added benefit, it is so close to Al Johnson's that you can stop by to see the goats on the roof.

Julie's is also just nice good old fashioned food (http://www.doorcountynavigator.com/html/review/food/fishcreek/Julies.html). Despite what the link says, we've found the portions to be more than adequate.

There is plenty of go-carts and mini-golf available, not sure it is necessarily "budget-friendly".

In the city town of Sister Bay, there is a nice park with playground equipment down by the lake front.

Penninsula State Park is a nice thing to do. You'll have to get a state park sticker. There is a huge climbing tower (free) and there is an interesting lighthouse tour (costs money - don't remember how much).

If you go the last week in August, but not on the Labor Day weekend, there may be bargains, because the "slow season" seems to start when the schools start back up.

One fun thing - if this is your cup of tea, and won't cost money unless you buy something is get a list of galleries, and go take a look around.

There are bikes that can be rented near the entrance to Pennisula State Park.

There is also a drive-in theater (http://www.doorcountydrivein.com/)- one of the few remaining in Wisconsin. The times we go to DC, the movies have been awful...so I would check the options in advance.

I can't help on lodging, since we stay at my parents house.

08-03-2009, 08:51 PM
This is a family favorite for ice cream, an old fashion shop.


When looking for places to eat and stay, Ephriam is dry, meaning no alcohol. It may not be a big deal but my husband does enjoy a beer with dinner and this cannot happen in this small town. Just and FYI.

We love door county. Penninusla state park is worth a trip for a swim in the bay of you have kids, they have concessions and a nice swim area.

08-04-2009, 09:16 AM
Thanks for the great tips!

I am narrowing it down now--looking at the Landmark Resort and also a timeshare rental at the Meadowridge Resort. Anyone familiar with these?

08-04-2009, 09:55 AM
I grew up in Door County...and go back to visit every summer.
I usually stay in Sturgeon Bay @ The Bridgeport Resort it has inside and outside pools, the rooms are nice and quite reasonable. I have also stayed at the Wavepointe Marina, although that is 10 miles out of town, but very quiet and very relaxing.

The Landmark is very nice, it is central on the peinsula, and closer to the tourist areas.
Al Johnsons, is a Swedish restaurant with goats on the roof in Sister Bay.
I will say that the "bay" side of the peinsula has alot more to do and is also more touristy.
The scenery is absolutely beautiful and it is often called "The Cape Cod of the Midwest"
They have winery tours, and also a few great state parks.
Have a great visit!

08-04-2009, 10:04 AM
Thought of a few other places to check for lodgeing.
bridgeportresort.net Sturgeon Bay
birchwoodlodge.com Sister Bay
thelandingresort.com Egg Harbor

You may also like to take a day trip to Washington Island.
Plenty of gift shops.
and like others have said Wilsons is a great little place to eat.
I happen to like the Nightengale in Sturgeon Bay, it doesn't look like much and it has been around for years but the food is wonderful, the same goes for the Mill Supper Club. And no trip to Door County is complete without going to a Fish Boil.