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07-29-2009, 11:35 AM
Hi everyone,

We're thinking of going to Walts one night whilst in Disney does anyone have any recommendations on which of the four rooms is best...

We're going to have our 18mth old Daughter with us and we're hoping to go in the evening, park shuts at 10pm on the Saturday night and 7pm the rest, so I guess they'd be open on Saturday night???

Also any hints on where to sit in Inventions and Cafe Mickey...

(i'm really obsessing too much over the food... Hubbie actually suggested today that we just decide when we're hungary!!!:lmao:) Lol... ITS ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!!!! :yay:


Ware Bears
07-30-2009, 04:55 AM
We've sat in Frontierland twice ~ it's lovely in there. I understand Fantasyland and Adventureland are harder to get seated in as they fill up Main Street, Frontierland and Discoveryland first. We asked to look round when we were last in there so had a discreet peep in all the rooms and I would be happy to eat in any of them.

As for them being open that Saturday night, it would probably be best to give them a ring and ask rather than be disappointed.

At Cafe Mickey we have eaten both upstairs and downstairs and been very happy with both.

At Inventions we have always been seated with a window seat in the middle section in front of the buffet. I have read that others have not liked sitting here and prefer it in one of the wings but we were perfectly happy there.

Mostly the seating at DLRP is allocated to how many of you there are ~ they don't tend to move tables around to accommodate guests as much as you will see in outside restaurants so the size of your party will have a big bearing on where you will be seated.

Great choices, by the way. :goodvibes

07-30-2009, 07:02 AM
lol do you think! I change my mind everyday!!!! Think we've decided on Cafe Mickey's first day, the Inventions, either Walts or bluelagoon (if open on sat night) then steakhouse brunch on the sunday...

But tomorrow i may have changedd my mind again!!!!!:cool1: