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07-25-2009, 04:20 PM
Maybe you don't have an RV, or maybe it is not cost effective to tow your RV half way across the country to camp...Well, this may very well be the perfect solution for you!!

tinah159 is an avid Diser's that enjoys camping at Fort Wilderness. She wishes she could spend more time there than she does. However, she only lives 2 hours from Fort Wilderness and she owns a 32 foot Wildcat 5th Wheel RV. She has spoken to many different people who have brought up the idea of renting an RV to camp at Fort Wilderness, but were a little apprehensive because they knew very little about setting it up and thought it would be easier to just stay at a motel or a resort on site. As a part of this, she has decided to offer her RV for rental and she will provide all the transport, set-up and tear-down of the RV. She can also do this at a cost much less than most of the commercial rental facilities that are in Orlando, Fl. or elsewhere. She also doesn't have any of the "extra fees" that you will find with most of those rental facilities.

Take a moment to look around at www.CampAtTheFort.com and see if her website will answer your questions. If not, please feel free to PM her (tinah159) and ask her any questions you may have.

I am very excited about renting her RV in October this year, and thought that some of you may find the same interest and excitement in this as I have. It sleeps up to 9 people, so is a VERY affordable option to renting a cabin at the Fort or having to rent 2 rooms at any of the other resorts. Its a GREAT way for a family to experience Disney World without being "penalized" for being a large family or group.

Here are some pics of the actual RV that tinah159 offers, as you can see its very roomy and very well cared for:

overall floor plan, 2 slides, full bathroom and kitchen...this things BIG!!

Completely set up and ready for your arrival.

Complete with awning lights, so that the adults can enjoy some time together after the kids have crashed for the night!

Full slide out kitchen/dining/relaxing area. The sofa and dining booth both fold down into beds.

view into front of RV, where theres another fold out sleeper sofa (as seen),as well as bunk beds on the wall.

The luxurious master bedroom, full slide out in bedroom for maximizing space...man, this RV is SWANK!

I cant wait to spend a week in it come this October. I hope this helps some of you folks with curiosities about camping at Fort Wilderness make a decision to give it a try...you dont HAVE to be able to afford a cabin, you dont HAVE to rent TWO small resort rooms to fit your family in...you CAN do DISNEY in style!!!:thumbsup2

07-25-2009, 05:04 PM
Very nicely done, Rog! Even though these are the same pictures posted on Tina's website, they look much better shown here in a larger format!

I hope you and your family enjoy your October stay. But don't get too comfy, because you will want to upgrade!

07-25-2009, 06:04 PM
LOL...yeah...I snagged them right from her website...I hope she doesnt mind. I'll take plenty of my own pictures of it in October and give a full review of our stay.

Honestly, Ive been a little concerned about the wife wanting to upgrade!!! She checked out a few RVs recently,and she sure was impressed with some of the 5ers we looked at....a little TOO impressed!!!! Im scared that a this stay in www.CampAtTheFort.com's RV will set her over the edge! Its beautiful, and I will certainly enjoy my stay in it...but Im RENTING hers because I cant afford to BUY one of my own:) And my little pop-up is perfect for ME in all of the local camping we do...especially since I dont have a monthly note on it!! This is exactly why I post this...just because the cost of a nice luxury RV may be out of one's reach,doesnt mean you cant allow yourself a nice stay in one. Rental is much easier than ownership!!

07-26-2009, 12:56 AM
Please post lots of pics and a review when you get back in October. We are thinking of trying to rent in June of 2011 if it is still available.

07-26-2009, 08:50 PM
I really wish you wouldn't have her link in your siggie, or even create a thread about it.:sad2:

:sick:I'm suffering from severe RV-envy, tent-envy, camping-envy... :sick: No vacation this summer, and weekends are booked up.
WDW late Sept 2009 is POR then YC. Just agreed w/ sis not to go in 2010 (She wants to go to Cuba in Apr, and I'm thinking I ought to take vacation in the summer for a change), but to go in 2011, but she's informed me she doesn't want to camp at WDW (thinking maybe she's not really my flesh and blood sister...)
Perhaps I can pitch my tent at the campground in Pippy Park for a couple nights this week...

I just spent a damp drizzle-y afternoon in my backyard moving patio stones and wooden walkway, etc.... Had my outdoor fireplace lit...later I curled up in lawn chair with a blanket and a trio of garden umbrellas to keep the rain off me, my beer and my UnOfficial Guide to WDW.....mmmm, my sweatshirt smells all woodsy and campfire-y......think I'll sleep with it on...:grouphug: (that's a campfire hug...)

I probably should stay off the camping thread.....
No, think I should pull out the camping gear for a couple days this week!
Must go look at the RV pictures before I go to bed!

07-30-2009, 05:19 AM
LOL Fog...the pics of her RV DO have a way of making you yearn for some fort fun,dont they?? :)

P.I. Squirrel
07-30-2009, 05:28 AM
What? No fireplace? :lmao:

The quoted price is not really that bad. I've priced several rentals from Atlanta, and they are close to double what is asked for here. Plus, you'd have to drive it from Atlanta to FW, at 8mpg. The delivery is a nice feature too. I wonder how they get it to the pad, when the ressie would be in your name.

07-30-2009, 02:32 PM
You are going to have a great time in Tina's place. We used it last October, set up in the 100 loop and had a blast!! Her place is wonderful and they have everything set up when you get there. I was hoping to stay in it again this Halloween but it was already booked... (LOL!) Enjoy your time and we will see you down there but this time we will be in a pop up! BIG difference!

07-30-2009, 07:14 PM
Speaksfam...do ya have any pictures??? Id love to see some...get me all worked up and ready for October!!!

07-30-2009, 08:47 PM
I do have pics...I will post tomm when I get home (Currently at work..hehe!)

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07-31-2009, 01:26 PM
Nothing like getting paid to DIS!!!! I love the ghost Mickey.....we may have to do something like that....thanks for the pics!!

08-04-2009, 12:34 AM
I just noticed that www.CampAtTheFort.com also delivers their RV to OTHER campgrounds in the Orlando area......I think the site fee at Turkey Lake is only like $15....that would count for some REAL savings!!

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09-03-2009, 08:42 AM
October's almost here!!! Its getting close!!! I cant wait to meet you foks!!!


09-23-2009, 01:18 PM
1 month and counting!!! WOOOHOOOOO

09-23-2009, 01:28 PM
So are you taking the pop up or staying in the 5er??

09-23-2009, 01:32 PM
11 days and counting.................

but, I sure wish I was going to be at the Fort at the end of Oct so I could meet and hang with so many of the Fiends!

09-23-2009, 01:37 PM
11 days and counting.................

but, I sure wish I was going to be at the Fort at the end of Oct so I could meet and hang with so many of the Fiends!

Just stay longer.

09-23-2009, 01:59 PM
Hmmmm....my tiny pop-up....or www.CampAtTheFort.com's big ol' mansion like 5er...hmmm.....Im gonna go with the 5er!!! I dont have to tow anything down, worry about setting up or tearing down....plus less wear and tear on my truck and plenty of room for my golfcart!!! :)

09-23-2009, 02:06 PM
Hmmmm....my tiny pop-up....or www.CampAtTheFort.com's big ol' mansion like 5er...hmmm.....Im gonna go with the 5er!!! I dont have to tow anything down, worry about setting up or tearing down....plus less wear and tear on my truck and plenty of room for my golfcart!!! :)

Cool that sounds easy. So have you got the camper painted black yet?

09-23-2009, 07:11 PM
That would be so AWESOME for our family. We've been trying to buy one for years....but then we got wrapped up in this or that and just never got around to it LOL It's booked for 1/2 of the week that we'll be there though :( Definitely will be saving this for next year though...what an great idea!!!

10-03-2009, 03:24 PM
Yeah...it really IS a great idea...........all the PROS of camping, none of the CONS......just EZ RELXATION!