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07-22-2009, 04:20 PM

I know I don't post much I do read all of the posts daily and all the great advice everyone gives. My DW has been going to Fort for 35 years actually all her life and she got me hooked when we started dating. We got try to go to the Fort annually or twice a year from our home in Ottawa area. We travel now with our pop-up and my DS 2 y/o and DD 5 y/o.

Now from all the that I was wondering if someone could explain why when I was shopping at the Disney Store up here in Canada that when I went to make a purchase they said they don't take Mastercard, only VISA, AMEX, cash or debit. I have AMEX and VISA but does anyone know why The Disney Store does not take Mastercard? I made reservation for November on my Mastercard.:confused:

07-22-2009, 05:00 PM
They have an agreement with Visa, its their official card. They used Amex as their offical card in the past.

07-22-2009, 07:41 PM
I was at a store last fri and Sat and mastercard worked. Maybe just a Canadian thing??
I will try to find out more info.

07-22-2009, 07:53 PM
It probably doesn't matter now since the Disney Store in Ottawa has closed :sad:

07-22-2009, 08:15 PM
Just talked to someone they still accept MC:).
Hope that helps.