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07-09-2009, 07:18 AM
We are currently on a non-Disney vacation :scared1:!! Well I and the girls have never been to the ocean and we decided to go with my DAunt and her family to Wildwood NJ.

First packing was a nightmare!!! I have gotten to rely on my OL so much that I (the ultimate organizer and planner) did not know what to do or to pack!! I have found throughout this week that there are MANY little things (or so I thought) that we really miss- like the sound machines (we all sleep with them and I have 2 in my OL, one for us one for girls). Well I had to buy new ones and they aren't the same they do not stay on continuously:confused3. Full size toiletries - I didn't think we would run out of shampoo and this place does not provide any!!!

Next the room although huge and very nice it is not Disney, not as clean (by a mile), the pots are in horrid condition, no cooking supplies beyond the horrid pots (no strainer for pasta, no knife - wait 1 steak knife, 1 large spoon - no other cooking utensils - I could go on...). One of the two bathrooms has the shower curtain rod being supported by pieces of cardboard - which have fallen down on the kids already.

LINENS.....:scared1::scared1::scared1: Well first of all no hand towels, they do leave 2 towels per person as they are the small size bath towels - DH is a 6'3" bath sheet person. I requested extra wash rags as we were only left 4 and they brought 2 more one day and then no more. We do have daily maid service - equivlant of trash & towel. The sheets on the beds are see through and there is no full matress cover - only the waterproof kind mid-bed.

The beds are like sleeping on boards - I HATE hard beds:headache: of course DH prefers harder matresses but said he could do without the springs in his back!!!

Now I must say something good as we are having a great time - the beach is AWESOME and the girls are loving the ocean. It has been perfect weather and aside from my comparison to DVC (which has me spoiled) it would have been a perfectly acceptable hotel - we are beachfront with direct access at the ground level of our hotel and we are on the boardwalk. DH says this trip just makes him want to try HH and Vero that much more - the Best of Both Worlds!:rotfl2::rotfl2:.........................so rry!!

Anyone else as spoiled by the DVC magic as I am?

07-09-2009, 07:42 AM
I'm sorry to hear about your hotel conditions, have you spoken to the manager? I'm glad you're enjoying the beach!

Have you rented bikes in the AM to ride the boardwalk, tried Mack's Pizza? I'm excited because you're just about where I'll be next week...I'll be at Exit 0 Cape May!


07-09-2009, 08:04 AM
Bobbi - I'm not a MAck's Pizza girl. Prefer Sam's Pizza around 24th & the Boardwalk! :)


07-09-2009, 08:09 AM
Bobbi - I'm not a MAck's Pizza girl. Prefer Sam's Pizza around 24th & the Boardwalk! :)


See, we could even get some controversy about a perfect Jersey Shore stay! DH grew up in Trenton, where Mack's Pizza originated...and Maruca's, but they're in Seaside, and Maruca's is really my favorite. I'll have to try Sam's when DH isn't with me...but Mack's Pizza and Birch Beer is a family tradition for us.


PS. We'll always be Eagle's and Phillies fans!

07-09-2009, 09:18 AM
we are beachfront with direct access at the ground level of our hotel and we are on the boardwalk. DH says this trip just makes him want to try HH and Vero that much more - the Best of Both Worlds!:rotfl2::rotfl2:.........................so rry!!

Anyone else as spoiled by the DVC magic as I am?

I was thinking about Vero Beach as I was reading your post. We really enjoyed our stay there and is about the only place that I'm sure I'd be able to talk my brother into going at any time.

07-09-2009, 01:24 PM
Don't get me wrong we are living our trip - and if not for Disney....I think I wouldn't be so judgemental!!

We did rent a bike this AM and it was great! Our girls love the rides @ the piers.

We spent the day at Cape May yesterday and I climbed all 199 stairs to the top of the lighthouse!!! We are thinking that our next trip we will rent a house in Cape May. My DCousin made the reservations and we just went with it - a little tough since I an slightly OCD!!!

We had Little Nicky's pizza one night and it was good. We also ate at Bally Hoo's@ the Grand in Cape May. The food was really good.

We are trying to decide on a place tonight - any thoughts you Jersey Shore frequenters?? I LOVE seafood and DH does not eat one bite of it.

07-09-2009, 01:34 PM
Hey, thanks for the kind words....glad we've managed to spoil you!

07-09-2009, 01:39 PM
Can I say, this is why we go to Vero? We live in NJ, and prefer to go to Vero over the NJ shore.

First, since we have DVC, a trip to Vero (even with airfare) costs us quite a bit less than a trip to the NJ shore.

Then on top of it, I have found that hotels with beach access around here think that they don't have to provide any amenities (in your case even the basics) or a decent bed because they have a good beach location :confused3

We've never had this experience at VB or HHI.

Sounds like you have not allowed your lodgings to spoil your vacation though! :thumbsup2 Hope you enjoy the remainder of it, too! :wizard:

07-09-2009, 01:43 PM
We all love the Lobster House, as you enter Cape May. Take out is often crowded, but it's great to order and then eat in the back on the dock. They have things for landlubbers as well. Eating in the little cafe/luncheonette is good...they often have non seafood specials.

Very often they have specials in the take outs for Friday and Saturday....check in any of the area free newspapers.

Lots of our neighbors in the Village Green area of Cape May do rent their quads, we don't.

Enjoy your vacation! Have you visited the Herford Inlet Lighthouse, right in North Wildwood. They used to have a beautiful garden/grounds, they still may, I just don't know. It's a house/lighthouse, so not steps to climb. We love the Cape May Point State Park, you found a gem at the Jersey Shore.


07-09-2009, 01:55 PM
Well that will solidify DHs desire to go to Vero!!

We truly enjoyed Cape May and plan on doing the Hereford Lighthouse tomorrow.

I have been adding up the costs of this trip and it does definately go way over what we spend at Disney. The summer of 2007 we were going to go to Sesame Place in Philly - we are just south of Pittsburgh and for a long weekend hotel and park tickets were $700 for us - that was no food or travel. So we went to WDW instead and have vacationed there since!!

DH says we do need some variety and I will not do WDW in the summer I cannot handle the heat!!!

We are enjoying our trip which is what matters most!!!

Thanks for all the great info!!!

07-09-2009, 02:01 PM
Anyone else as spoiled by the DVC magic as I am?

We were just remembering and laughing the other day of the memory of our then 6-year-old DD, who marched into our room at ASMovies and said: "Whose room is this?"

Spoiled by so much room at DVC, she was sure there had to be more then that one room for all 4 of us!!

07-09-2009, 02:35 PM
My DH loves Vero and he's not a beach person, but he loves the realaxation. Since it's not really our "home" he doesn't have to trim shrubs, clean gutters and do the little things that pop up whenever we visit Cape May!

We used to live by Sesame Place, that area has come a long way! Crowded, but our DS was a lifeguard there for a few years. It was a great place to work as far as they treated their employees well. They had parties for them a few times during the season at night.

I'd love to go to HH some year.


PS. One of our DS's lives in the Centerville area, east of Pittsburgh.

07-09-2009, 02:43 PM
Sunset Beach, the flag lowering ceremony. It's not to be missed as a patriotic event. Every day a casket flag is provided by a tourist or local person and it flies over this beach along the Delaware Bay. It's not too far from the Cape May lighthouse. Every evening before sunset, people from all over gather for the lowering ceremony. Taps is played and the name of the veteran whose casket flag is flying is mentioned and family/friends of that person respectfully fold the flag and retreat.

100s of people gather for this nightly event. With the setting sun over the bay it's just an excellent way to honor vets and celebrate America. They used to play Kate Smith's "God Bless America" and they still may. I haven't been there this summer yet.


07-09-2009, 03:20 PM
Bobbi - I did my Master's work at Cal U which is very close to Centerville - we live in Connellsville about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.

We visited Sunset Beach and although weren't there for the flag ceremony both DH and I agreed that we would return for that and to visit the WWII tower when the girls could appreciate their significance more. DH and I are both history buffs and love that sort of thing!!!

I think we have decided to do some Chinese place by the WalMart? DAunt is planning and trying to come up with something for everyone!

07-09-2009, 03:28 PM
Sorry your hotel isn't that great. I would definatly recommend Cape May or even try Ocean City its a little more north but much more family friendly. Its a dry town so its pretty much all families. Beaches are not as big and the amusement rides are not really for older kids but my lil ones love them. If you get a chance the Cape May county zoo is free and its really nice.

For good food try Vanthia's or Zanthia's its a small greek place on sunset blvd. Mangia Mangia is pretty good as well. The Lobster house has gone down hill FAST. We used to go there all the time for DH and I's date nights and the last 2 times have been bad. Lucky Bones across the street was really good last time we went. All those places are in Cape May BTW. In Wildwood if you like Mexican Juan Pablo's is pretty good but go early since its kind of a night spot as well. Uncle Bill's in Cape May has great pancakes. You have to try Curly's fries on teh boardwalk they are my fav. I might have to take the kids for some on Monday or tuesday.

Being a local I tend to not go on the islands much this time of year so I miss out on a lot of the stuff thats open only seasonally.

07-09-2009, 03:57 PM
Sorry you're having trouble at your hotel. We always go for a weekend in May and stay at the Port Royal (much cheaper in May than in July!) in Wildwood Crest.

Have you been to Duffers? Best ice cream around. Go on an empty stomach. The sundaes are HUGE. :scared:

You are so right -- a Jersey Shore vacation is so much more costly than a Disney vacation, even with having to FLY to Florida. However, my dream is to be able to vacation at the Jersey Shore every Summer and to WDW every Winter/Spring. Unless I hit the lottery, I don't see that happening any time soon.

07-09-2009, 05:14 PM
:rotfl:SO FUNNY!!!!:rotfl:

DH and I said yesterday we were going to live at WDW over the winter and at Cape May in the summer!!! He said what about home? I said oh - well I guess we will have to be happy with a week at each!!!

Port Royal is one of the ones on our list we drove around yesterday on our way back from Cape May to let DDs sleep more and we began writing down hotels that looked nice - I put a star by Port Royal - what do you like about it - what size room do you get. We are used to 1BR DVCs with the kitchen and all supplies to cook - I cook a good bit on vacation and have had my plans gone awry on this trip.