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06-26-2009, 02:45 PM
Are there any restaurants that serve drinks with the glowing Tink attached at the Contemporary?


Auntie Spratt

TDC Nala
06-26-2009, 04:27 PM
The Wave does.

06-26-2009, 04:38 PM
You are now an official Rock Star.


You don't happen to have a phone number for them, do you?

TDC Nala
06-26-2009, 04:41 PM
When I say they have them, I mean they had them last year when I was there. It's likely they still have them.

I do not have a direct phone number. If you google The Wave Restaurant and the Contemporary you will probably find it.

06-26-2009, 09:54 PM
Nope. Went through phone hell resolved only by the IPO.

Problem solved.


Mrs. Spratt

06-26-2009, 10:07 PM
Does anyone have pictures of this???? Is this the same glowing tink pin that they sell on the carriages around MK during parades/fireworks?

06-27-2009, 12:24 AM
We were there in mid-May (this year) and they had the Lightning McQueen/Tinkerbell specialty drinks on the menu at the Wave then. Not 100% sure it's there at Chef Mickey's but I think it may be, and we didn't eat at the other table service restaurants there. We got a Lightning McQueen one, but I saw a couple of Tink drinks floating around at the Wave the night we were there.

This isn't a great picture by ANY means, but you can get a general idea of what the Tinkerbell cup/drink might look like by comparing it to this picture of my girl with her Lightning one:

Pic of souvenir cup/drink (http://www.flickr.com/photos/72944086@N00/3563782272/sizes/l/)

06-27-2009, 01:43 AM
I don't know if this helps you or not, but I was poking around on all ears and as of June 2009, Kona Cafe was offering raspberry lemonade in a glow-in-the-dark fairie cup with the Tinker Bell clip-on light for $6.49.

06-27-2009, 06:07 AM
Yes, they are different. One pins on, the other clips on. And it's a different color and shape. By the way, it will sap all the battery strength, but we love using Tink as a night light occasionally when we're at Disney. Very cool and magical!