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Check out this thread on the Park Board:

There is a lot of great info there.

But It says:
Note that any upgrade requires a cash (or cash equivalent) payment and can only be done on a one to one basis. You cannot combine the value of more than one ticket. In other words, if you had a six day base ticket and a one day base, you could not add the value of both to end up with one ticket of six or more days with one or more of the options. If, however, you have three tickets and are paying to upgrade each of them, this can be done on one transaction.

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they are good forever. I also had the single days left over from free dining. You can use 1 ticket per transaction. So, you can buy an annual passes, or a multi-day ticket with them. I used 4 of mine 2 years later to buy 4 multi-day tickets. I do not think they will change to a WP ticket, and if they do, no change would be given.
Also, as prices go up, I was told to use the ticket prior to your upgrade and then you get the current value of the single day--just remember all changes must be made 14 days from 1st use. good luck. Elaine

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Entering the park with the one day ticket before upgrading it to a park annual pass is a good idea so you get the gate price credited towards your upgrade.

If you are going to exchange the ticket for a waterpark annual pass or a Night of Joy ticket, make sure you DO NOT use it to enter a park first. Otherwise, you will be required to upgrade to a ticket that includes admission to the park you went into since you've already used it to get into a park.

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