View Full Version : wdw tickets?

06-03-2009, 03:55 PM
I know there are some places other then Disney to buy park tix. Sometimes they are cheaper. Has anyone done this and where?

06-03-2009, 04:06 PM
We buy from Undercover Tourist using the Mousesavers.com newsletter link. The newsletter comes out the 15th of each month, and you have to sign up to receive it. It saves a few dollars over UT's prices, which are already lower than Disney's.

Other people have used Maple Leaf Tickets, Orlando Fun Tickets, and AAA. They all price a little differently and run different specials periodically, so you can check each website for the best deals on whatever tickets you want.

One other thought - if you book a package through Disney (like to get free dining), you have to buy at least a one day ticket. You won't save enough through the brokers to make that cost back, although you can save the one day ticket for another trip.