View Full Version : just back!(stayed at POR and YC)

06-17-2002, 05:00 PM
just got back today!

we spent from 4th-12th at POR-Alligator Bayou(my mom and bro were from the 1st-12th)and had a great time..the rooms are nice!

and we spent the 11th at the beach(my dads 40th bday! hehe!)

and then we stayed at YC from 12th-17th and loved it! its my new favorite hotel!
we were the closest room to the elevator! :) thats a first!
the pool is wonderful there! :)

so anyone have any questions?

06-17-2002, 05:59 PM
For POR - What building were you in? Any information on rooms? What about buses?

06-17-2002, 06:21 PM
we stayed in building 34...room 3401

the rooms are very nice! it kinda reminds me of WL b/c there is a bunch of wood! lol
they are normal size...i should have pics up soon

we didnt use the buses except once-my mom and bro did...they were fine...they never waited to long for anything
the buses were very crowded..everytime i saw them they were as full as possible...but thats b/c they have both POFQ and POR on one bus! its kinda crazy like that

06-17-2002, 08:11 PM
I was wondering if it is true they are giving guests at YC and BC wrist bands to wear and checking them at the pool? Is this true? I hope so, worried the pool area is too crowded from others trying to swim at Stormalong Bay. I consider this a perk of staying at YC or BC, but not much of a perk if everyone is welcome! Thanks.

RobinLyn :D

06-17-2002, 08:13 PM
Sounds wonderful!! Glad you had a great time! Welcome back! :)

06-18-2002, 10:37 AM
yes there are wristbands and its a mess!

like it took my bro and me about 5 minutes to find out where they were at...they only did it during the afternoon when the pool is crowded
the bands were given out at the towel borrowing place..to get one you have to show your room card

but up until July 1st DVC members can still use the pool...after the villas open,you have to stay at BCV to use the pool