View Full Version : I will be at PO-FQ tomorrow!!!

06-17-2002, 07:57 AM
I will be checking in PO-FQ tomorrow. I will be sure to post all info when I get back. I did fax in a request for building 5 with a pool veiw. I hope we get it. I read a post earlier that said they were placed in building 3. We did pay for waterveiw so lets hope. If there is anything you want me to check out let me know......thanks....corvairamy

06-17-2002, 10:51 AM
I am curious is they have any entertainment in the lounge currently.

Have a great trip and enjoy POFQ! :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

06-17-2002, 11:57 AM
Could you check to see if the breakfast bus picks up at FQ and what time? and the times on the boat to DD- Thanks and have a wonderful trip!

06-17-2002, 08:05 PM
Have a wonderful time corvair! We will be anxiously waiting until
you get back for your report. I would just like to know what you think about the condition of the rooms and grounds?
Have a wonderful and safe trip.

06-17-2002, 08:09 PM
Corvair, have a wonderful time, I know you have been waiting for this day to come! !LOL...I thought that you were staying at Wilderness Lodge? Are you splitting your stay?? :)

Have fun!

06-17-2002, 08:18 PM

I feel like I've walked many steps towards your trip with you!!! ;)

Have a GREAT time!!

06-17-2002, 10:14 PM
Corvair, Have a FUNtastic time

06-17-2002, 11:36 PM
Thanks to all of you on these boards. I am so glad I stumpped upon them. Thanks for all the info and I will post all when I get back June 27..thanks again....corvairamy

06-18-2002, 08:55 AM
Corvair, have a great trip! (I guess you're gone by now.) We'll be staying at POFQ next year, so I'm anxious to hear how it is. Have fun!