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06-16-2002, 11:54 PM
Hey, gang, I’m perplexed. I’m hoping that some of you can throw some ideas my way. Here goes…

My immediate family is supposed to be vacationing at WDW this Fall (there are four of us). I have us booked at the new Beach Club Villas and also have a Grand Plan thrown into the middle of our stay. This has been a horrible year for me (I lost a few loved ones and a few others are still battling for their lives). I was hoping that a vacation at WDW would be just what I needed to throw me out of my Blue Funk (Pixie Dust has been known to work miracles). Today my son informed me that he really doesn’t want to miss school this Fall (he’s in high school). He’s mentioned this a few times within the past month but wasn’t as convincing then as he was today (I think he’s pretty much made up his mind). He also told me that if he stays home, my husband would stay home with him. That would leave just my daughter and me for the ol’ family vacation. Hhhmmmm…

I have a few options, I guess. One would be to cancel the entire vacation and reschedule it for another time (a Peak vacation time, ugh). I don’t really want to do that for various reasons – I already have tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, as well as reservations for the Haunted Mansion Ball. Plus, Halloween is my favorite day out of the whole year and I was unable to be at WDW last Halloween and missed it terribly (I swore I’d never miss it again).

Another option is to invite my sister and her kids to join me, and maybe even my parents, too. Since we all vacationed together (all nine of us) on my last WDW vacation, it would be nice to not have a “group” trip this time. Somehow I got designated the group’s Tour Guide and thus didn’t get to do all the things that “I” wanted to do (it sounds funny saying that since I did have 3-1/2 weeks in WDW).

Another option is to leave my vacation as is, albeit for two people. It would be a “Girls Only, No Boys Allowed” vacation for just my young daughter and myself, which some of you may remember was my goal for the first week of my last vacation until my parents decided to join us a week early. If I change my vacation into a “Girls Only, No Boys Allowed” vacation, should I consider keeping the Grand Plan or should I cancel it? Should I keep us at the Beach Club Villas the whole time or should I resort hop? And if I resort hop, where should I hop to?

Any inputs would be appreciated as I hash out this change in plans. I should also note that my son is scheduled for some major surgery within the next few months, so my vacation may wind up being cancelled anyway due to that. I’ve got my fingers crossed, though, that somehow I’ll find my way to WDW before the year is through. WDW is my Bali Hai. “Bali Ha'i may call you, any night, any day. In your heart you'll hear it call you: ‘Come away, Come away.’ " (Lyrics courtesy of Oscar Hammerstein II.)

06-17-2002, 12:07 AM
I think you should go.
I'm not big on advice, but aren't the grand villas huge? What about spending the money on concierge at one of the deluxe hotels?

06-17-2002, 12:58 AM
I would also say "Go".
We really enjoyed our "girls only trip" when DD and I did it!

06-17-2002, 06:27 AM
I say go with your DD. I've been to WDW many times, but my most cherished memory is the trip my DD and I took--just the two of us! All we did was laugh! We had an absolutely wonderful time--I'll never forget this trip. I felt so close to her. :D

As for the hotel, I like to get in one place and settle in. I'd stay at the BCV--lots of restaurants around and within walking distance to Epcot and MGM. I think I'd cancel the Grand Plan, as you may not use all of its perks--and save the $ for your next trip. ;)

I wish you luck with your decision making (and I hope your son is OK.) :D

06-17-2002, 07:12 AM
Sounds like your heart is set on the "girls only" trip for you and your DD.:D Go for it! I would stay with BCV minus the Grand Plan. You probably would not need all of those extras with only your daughter. There's no need to be a tour guide again. Let this trip be just for you. I'm sure it will do wonders. Enjoy!:)

06-17-2002, 08:26 AM
Janet - another vote for going alone with your DD - I've done this a few times with my DS and LOVED the 'quality' time and the memories. It is so great to indulge ourselves in doing just what 'we' want without having to consider anyone else's experience - this year has been rough in our family,too, and my oldest is also in the midst of medical tests, so I am really looking forward to this WDW break and hoping not to have to cancel it. This year 2 of my older kids have decided to join us for the first 4 days so we rented points for BWV instead of our plan for AKL (stayed at BWI last trip and DS loved it), then we will hop to AKL (brand new to us!) for our final four days alone. I wouldn't have thought of doing that without reading the posts here, but I know that the move will be painless because there are only the two of us and we move easily. I feel that traveling as a group definitely changes the pace and schedule of what I do - we'll be trying to pack in all we can those first four days! - you'll have to consider which you want more, the company and enjoyment of the group, or the more relaxed pace and one-on-one experience of vacationing with only one child - know you'll have a great time whatever you decide - good luck!

06-17-2002, 08:34 AM
Go with your DD...it's what I do each year & we really enjoy it (I figure the day will come when DD (14) doesn't want to vacation with "Mom").

The Grand Plan would probably be a little excessive for two females but I've never done it so I can't say. We eat one good (PS) meal a day and tend to nibble & snack for the others...not usually that hungry, so the Grand Plan would be a waste of money for us.

And as for a resort...stay in the one you've always wanted to stay in and make it your best vacation yet. Good luck with your planning.

06-17-2002, 09:05 AM
Janet2k - Here's yet another vote for the girls only vacation. Enjoy your time with her while she's young. It won't be too long before she too would rather stay home with friends, etc. Sounds like after the year you've had, a nice relaxing vacation is what you need. You don't need the extra pressure of arranging everything for everyone. Skip the villas and go concierge in your favorite (or 2 favorite;) ) resort. You don't need the extra space with two people and concierge will let you relax even more. (Let them do all the planning for YOU this time around.) I think you should go YC concierge and of course AKL concierge for the end of the trip. I hope that everything works out for you and I'm wishing you pixie dust!:)

06-17-2002, 09:47 AM
Your son says he doesn't want to miss school. Could you both compromise and maybe your DH and DS come down for a weekend or a long weekend - leaving him to miss a day or two instead of more, and your DD and you do the big trip. Then you could resort hop, and be in the beach club villas the few days your son and hubby are there and then be in other resorts the other times.

Maybe arrange for them to arrive on Halloween... meaning he would miss a couple of days of school at most.

06-17-2002, 11:47 AM
Janet, I think that you need this trip, and you should go. I think that you could either take just your daughter along, or maybe even your parents for part of the trip. You could do some "resort hopping" - maybe the BCV/VWL/PR/AKL/GF? I think I'd probably drop the Grand Plan, you could use the money on other things. :)

06-17-2002, 12:52 PM
Definately go with your DD! I took my DGD(then 6) last year, just the two of us and we had a blast! This year it's going to be myself, my DD(28) & my DGD again! Hope to see you there as we'll be there 10/26-11/3! MNSSHP on the 31st with a 5:30 PS at LTT! :cool:

06-17-2002, 06:13 PM
I agree with Lainy67. You and DD go and then for the weekend or long weekend your DH and DS join both of you. To me that would make perfect sence. Your DH and DS could get on a late flight out on Friday and then leave late that evening on Sunday. Also cancel your Grand Plan. I personally think that is to busy for you and DD.

Or just change your dates to January 21, 2003 (that is perfect if you ask me).

Or book a romantic cruise for you and DH for January 26, 2003 (I thought I would throw that in to).

Janet2K your problem is solved. Let all of us at the DIS solve your problem.

06-17-2002, 07:03 PM
Go.Go.Go-yes defintiely GO!!

You two will have a blast! I would also forget the Grand Plan, I don;t think the two of you will be able to utilize everything you would be paying for. You could get a lot more souviners and stuff with the money you would save just cvhanging it to the resort magic and paying for whatever you want to do seperately. I can;t comment on BWV since I have never stayed there, but I know I'm dying to stay on The Boardwalk at any of the hotels! Maybe you could swiutch to Beach or Yacht club concierge so you can use Stormalong Bay. I know it can still be pretty hot the end of October.

I hope your son's surgery goes well.

06-17-2002, 07:10 PM
Another vote for the "Girls Only, No Boys Allowed" plan. If you have MNSSHP for the whole family then maybe the boys can come for a few days... but not long... remember "No Boys Allowed"!;) I would definitely drop the Grand Plan and spend it on some pampering for you and DD... Finally, I am not for resort hopping, so I would sit down with DD and decide between the 2 of you which resort suits your needs and that is where I would stay!

06-17-2002, 09:53 PM
Another vote for just you and DD - and another vote to drop the Grand Plan. BCV would be great if your DH and DS could join you for a part of it as was previously suggested...but I think the resort hopping that was also suggested would be a lot of fun. I'd definitely do a spa day where you and DS are completely and totally pampered. Not sure how old DS is, but how about a fancy night out at V&A's afterwards? Or, if she's a little too young for that, California Grill or some other favorite of yours.

Terry S
06-17-2002, 10:54 PM
Another vote for girls only, stay at the BCV and drop the Grand Plan. If you need any convinceing about the BCV, Deb Willis has some new pictures on her site, there is some interior hallway shots, villa models and a few outside shots. They look great.

06-17-2002, 11:19 PM
I say, leave thre boys home!

That's what my 11-year old daughter and I did, in May. I have a boy in HS too so he and my husband stayed home. My daughter and I had a wonderful time!

I agree with the other posters - drop the Grand Plan- and resort hop if you have a car.

One of the nicest memories we had was feeding the ducks along the water at the Grand Floridian after having dinner at 1900 Park Faire. Lots of baby ducks. Those are the things my daughter remembers. :D

06-18-2002, 12:06 AM
You should definitely go, especially if you have been feeling stressed out lately. And the less people you go with the more you can relax. I would just go with you and your DD. You two will have a blast. :D I would drop the Grand Plan, it really seems like too much to do to be able to get your money's worth. Maybe you could stay concierge as others have suggested and let someone else take care of YOU for once. You could probably use the break. Maybe on your first day you could go and have some spa treatments (massage!!!) to help you relax and start your vacation out on the right foot. Then just relax and enjoy!! I hope you end up going and have a great time. I also hope everything turns out well for your son, I will keep you in my thoughts during this troublesome time. Good luck to you and go and have some fun!!! :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:

06-24-2002, 10:36 PM
Whtyger97, I am actually thinking of possibly tacking on a few days in the AKL concierge. That is my favorite resort and would be a perfect place for my daughter and I to spend a few days together just swimming & relaxing. I am giving it serious consideration. Plus, I recently exchanged a few e-mails with my favorite concierge CM, Don, and any time I deal with him, it reminds me of the wonderful service that he and his other CMs have supplied to my family and my guests. Oh, I’m getting all wistful just thinking about the AKL. *Sigh*

Meriweather & Mdmmim, where did you and your DDs “girls only” at? If you stayed at multiple resorts, I would be interested in hearing which ones you thought were best and why.

Tinkbell, you’re right, my heart is set on the “Girls Only, No Boys Allowed” trip, and yet I keep asking my son, “Are you sure you won’t join us?” He keeps telling me, “No.”

Bjakmom, so, you’ve had mother/son trips? I bet that was fun. Here’s some *Pixie Dust* for your oldest child’s medical tests – I hope everything turns out okay. And I hope you can go through with your upcoming trip. I think the AKL will be a wonderful place for your family to really relax and spend some quality time watching the animals or swimming in the pool. It is my favorite resort to relax in. Ahhhh!

DisneyLisa, I hope the day never comes for any of us when our children think they’re “too old” to vacation at WDW. Heck, if I don’t think I’m too old, how can they think they’re too old?! You bring up a good point regarding meals. I don’t eat breakfast, so it’s usually only two meals for me a day (okay, and maybe a bag of popcorn and an ice cream bar if I’m in the theme parks!). When on vacation, my daughter can’t be bothered to eat – there’s always too much going on for her to waste her time eating. Of course since she is a child, I usually make sure that she eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but while at WDW, I think breakfast and then a late lunch or early dinner (along with appropriate snacking) would be in order. Thanks for making me think about that.

Sharoncity, oh, boy, the votes for the “Girls Only, No Boys Allowed” vacation sure is gathering steam. Concierge does sound tempting, and as you’ve probably read up above, I am considering a few nights of it at the AKL. They seem to always be able to make me feel right at home and without a care in the World.

Lainy67, you brought up an excellent point. I should mention that before I posted here last week, I had already asked my son if he would consider flying to WDW with his dad for a few days. He told me, “No.” (Arg!) I think if WDW weren’t a cross-country trip, he might have seriously considered it, but since it takes up quite a bit of a full day in order to reach it, I think that is keeping him grounded back home. He’s a good student and obviously very serious about his upcoming school year, so I suppose I should be happy that I raised him to be a responsible human being. However, my heart is a little sad since he will be flying the coup and moving on towards college in the not-so-distant future. Why do they have to grow-up before I’m ready for them to grow-up? Oh, woe is me. *Sigh* Have no fear, I will keep asking him to join me in Orlando for at least a few days of the vacation. I don’t give up easily without a fight!

CaliforniaDreaming, thanks for the comment. I do need this trip (my spirits need it). I haven’t mentioned the change in plans yet to my parents. I am supposed to visit them next month, so I might casually mention it then and see if they would consider the idea of joining up with my daughter and me for a week in Florida. I know that my Mom has a big trip planned to Canada within the next few months, so a Florida trip in October might be too soon for her to want to travel again. I’m going to have to play that one by ear.

Jennymouse, we’ll be at MNSSHP on Halloween night, too, with dinner at the LTT beforehand. Hopefully we’ll get to “bump” into you and your family!!

Minbear, so, I finally made it to your post. You are TOO FUNNY with your January dates, hee hee! Don’t go tempting me; you know I have no willpower. Oh, a DCL cruise sounds glorious, it really does. *Sigh* Believe it or not, I was actually considering checking the DCL cruise schedule and seeing if I could squeeze in a three or four-day cruise during October/November. I don’t know if my son or husband would like my daughter and myself cruising on DCL without them, though. By the way, I love the idea of my fellow Dis’ers solving all my vacation dilemmas. (They’ve done it in the past and they are doing it right now!)

Carrieberry, thanks for your good wishes towards my son’s upcoming surgery. And you’re right about the Grand Plan; I wouldn’t utilize it much, if at all, this time. Of course if the Grand Plan covered the children’s activities at the GF, I might keep it, but since they don’t, what’s the point in paying all that money for the plan for a young child? My daughter certainly wouldn’t eat her money’s worth nor spend her money’s worth on recreational activities (there are only so many 18-hole rounds of golf a young girl can shoot, eh?!).

Mom2Em, I will take you up on your suggestion and ask my daughter where she wants to stay. She has already stayed in quite a few of the WDW resorts, so her opinion will be valuable. Of course she loves ALL of the WDW resorts, so I don’t expect too much of a fight if “I” choose where we’re going to stay (hee hee).

Tesabat, that is funny that you brought up Victoria & Albert’s. My family (with the exception of my daughter since she is only in the single-digits) has dined at V&A’s each and every WDW vacation. A WDW vacation would not be a vacation without at least one meal there. Since my daughter saw a few of my fellow Dis’ers V&A’s photos, she has been begging me to take her there. I am finally giving that serious consideration. I have told her time & time again that the meal lasts almost three hours and is very boring (especially since she will have to whisper throughout our meal), and yet she keeps begging to go. I might give in to her this time since it will just be the two of us. I was thinking about the Chef’s Table for our meal, however, I think she would enjoy the main restaurant more since it would make her feel more “grown-up.” Plus, I don’t cook, so dining in the kitchen holds no allure for me (hee hee).

Terry S, I recently saw Deb’s BCV’s photos. I agree with you, the resort looks great (and how can you beat the YC/BC’s main pool complex?!). I will definitely be keeping my BCV reservation.

Gabrielle, okay, I’m going to tell my husband that the boys have to stay home (I’ll be printing out your post and showing it to my husband so he knows who told me that I must do this, hee hee!). Oh, some of my family’s favorite memories are of swimming in the GF’s pool with those ducks. We, too, have lovely memories of those ducks. Thanks for reminding me of that.

ZPT1022, thanks for your good wishes. Stressed out has reached a whole new plateau for me this year. And the problems don’t seem to have an end in sight. My company had a mini-layoff the other week, with rumors already circulating regarding a major one either this week or next month. Yikes. When will the economy pick up and my industry along with it? I pray I can survive the next round of cutbacks. So far I am thanking my lucky stars (and a lot of Pixie Dust) that I have been able to survive. I hope the Gods continue to smile upon me. Only time will tell.

Fellow Dis’ers, thanks for all your kind wishes and excellent suggestions. I will continue on with my upcoming vacation, however, I will drop the Grand Plan portion of it (I’ll save that for when my whole family can vacation together again). My son & husband will stay home, while my daughter and I will set forth to WDW for a little “Girls Only, No Boys Allowed” fun. I will keep the BCV portion of my trip and ask my daughter if she wants to resort hop to someplace else for a few days. I will continue giving serious consideration to having a Girls’ Night Out at Vicky & Al’s. I think it would be fun for the two of us, and maybe I can contact the restaurant to see if they can come up with a menu that a little girl, oops!, young lady would like. It would be fun seeing what they suggest. Of course the dessert portion of the menu would be literally a piece of cake for them. My daughter is very daring and loves to try new foods, so even if they can’t tailor the menu too much for a young child, I think it would still turn out okay. I probably won’t contact them until September, but I promise to keep everyone posted on how that turns out.

06-24-2002, 10:44 PM
I am wondering what to do about Halloween night (we have tickets for MNSSHP). Currently I have reservations for the BCV. Should I consider resort hopping over to any of the Magic Kingdom Resorts for that night since it will be just my young daughter and myself?

06-24-2002, 10:47 PM
Hi Janet! The trip to the Haunted Mansion Ball sounds fabulous! What a great time you will have! I probably would consider hopping over to a MK resort for a few days around Halloween so you can have easy access to the park. :)

06-24-2002, 11:00 PM
Ead79, you just brought up an excellent point -- I should be considering a Magic Kingdom Resort for both the 30th AND the 31st. The "999 Haunted Haunts Ball" is on the evening of the 30th. I am really looking forward to attending it with my daughter, and hopefully I'll get to meet a few of my fellow Dis'ers!

06-24-2002, 11:06 PM
I agree with all the decisions you have made (dropping the Grand Plan, staying at BCV's, No boys allowed), and I also think resort hopping over to the GF for Halloween would be a great idea! :D You'll be closer to MK, to V & A's, and also you and DD could go to the spa!!! :D That would be great!!! ;)

Have a great vacation! :cool:

06-24-2002, 11:28 PM

Ok it looks like you want to do resort hopping (again). Now we need to figure out which resorts you want to. I would suggest for your 1st portion of you and your daughters stay of course stay at the BCV studio for 3 nights and then go to the GF for 3 nights and then AKL concierge for the last 3 nights (don't forget to do the Sunshine Safari if you stay over a Tues or Sat night).

Let us at the Dis figure out your stay ;). Just sit back and start reading. We are all here for you.

06-29-2002, 03:46 AM
TigrLvsPooh, thanks for the vote of confidence! I had forgotten that a month or two ago I was toying with the idea of my daughter getting a My First Facial (or whatever it is officially called) at the GF’s spa. I’ll have to try to figure out when we can fit it in.

Minybear, I’m taking you and my fellow Dis’ers up on that offer to plan my vacation! The more I think about things, the more I’m afraid that resort hopping just might not fit in with my plans after all. Why? Read on…

I will be calling soon for PS reservations to the Wonderland Tea Party, the Pirates Cruise, and the Grand Adventures In Cooking Class (for my daughter). I also will get a reservation to the GF tea for two (as we have never done it), and a reservation for two to Victoria & Albert’s (as my daughter has never done it). I already have reservations for the Hoop-Dee-Doo and the Polynesian Luau (since my husband won’t be with us on this trip, I can drool over the male dancers’ legs without him nudging me and telling me to stop enjoying the show so much). I also have tickets to one MNSSHP and will be adding a second MNSSHP to our itinerary. I already have reservations for the 999 Haunted Haunts Ball. If I can figure out what days we’ll be doing all of the above on (and more), hopefully it will become clear to me what days we should consider staying at the GF and/or AKL. However, if our activities get scattered about over the entire vacation (which is seeming highly likely just by looking at the events that I stated above), then I might decide to just keep us put at the BCV (all of our running around might make it very difficult to resort hop – finding the time to pack would be impossible, arg!). What does everyone think? Would it be easier to just keep my daughter and I put at the BCV (it might keep us less frazzled)?

06-29-2002, 05:53 PM
I just saw this thread for the first time, and I am sorry that you are facing so much right now Janet2K. I think that you need some Disney magic. What about a cabin for you and your DD? I know that you love the AKL, but FW is so special and peaceful.

On second thought (and on a lighter note ;)), I cannot believe that you aren't jumping at the chance to stay in the RPC again ;) You and your DD could be pampered by those warm, personable CMs there! Trick or Treat!

06-29-2002, 11:23 PM
What a special time you both will have - she'll remember it forever!

During our meal at V & A's on our "honeymoon" in Nov. 2000 there were 2 boys both under age 10 dining with their grandparents. They were dressed so elegantly and so well behaved. They came up to harpist to request a song for their grandparents and had the biggest smiles on their faces!

They were a great memory from our trip - something out of another era. I'm sure that the chef and staff there will just spoil your daughter the way she ought to be.

Your son will probably be wanting a "spring break trip" to WDW soon enough...wanting to dance at the beach club on PI. Don't worry he'll miss the magic and his gals while you're away (and your hubby to!)

and please take care of yourself - don't let life get you down. there is always tomorrow for dreams to come true...


06-30-2002, 08:35 AM
So sorry for your rough year Janet. I vote ask the sister and children, a chance to make agreat memory with your family and something your dd will never forget. You two can always go, but the MNSSHP would be such fun for all. I lost my sister in 1989 and I only wish that I could take her with me there:( . No matter what your decision, I hope so much pixie dust comes your way.

07-04-2002, 08:16 PM
MJS, don’t go tempting me with a FW cabin or a RPC stay (shame on you). By the way, your “trick or treat” comment almost made me pee my pants (that was TOO FUNNY, especially when it was taken in context with what you stated).

LAinSEA, thanks for mentioning one of your Vicky & Al’s experiences. My daughter is younger than those boys, so if she got up to request a song from the harpist, I would imagine that it would be the Barney theme song or something along those lines (hey, can you say, “Stump the harpist?!” hee hee). I still am giving serious consideration as to whether or not I want to go through with that meal. I haven’t been to WDW without dining at Vicky & Al’s, so there is a lot of personal pressure on me right now to go through with our reservation (dining there is a vacation tradition). Especially when I think of the Royal Stilton cheese (a cheese my taste buds absolutely love to hate) and the Grand Marnier soufflé (a dessert my hips absolutely love to hate). Yum! Oh, the pressure. I can’t stand the pressure. Should I or shouldn’t I go through with my Victoria & Albert’s reservation?

Snowwhitemom, I am sorry to hear that you lost your sister. And thank you for your Pixie Dust wishes. I seriously have been toying with the idea of inviting my sister and her children along on my vacation. As some of my fellow Dis’ers know, they have vacationed with my family many times at WDW (most recently over the New Year’s holiday). I usually prefer to have a “group” vacation since I get a lot of pleasure from watching other people enjoy themselves, but this time I am giving serious consideration to keeping the vacation just for my daughter and myself. Of course I did buy Annual Passes for my sister and her children when they vacationed with us earlier this year, so if they came along on my vacation, that is one less thing that I have to pay for. Oh, decisions, decisions! I may broach the subject with her this month. I’ll keep everyone posted.

07-04-2002, 08:18 PM
The good news is that I survived another layoff at work. The bad news is that I have been miserable ever since. It is so difficult when friends lose their jobs. I pray they find work soon.

Let me change the subject to a lighter note (the Lord knows I need it). I have booked the following PS reservations (I may have a few of the PS’s reversed since I don’t have my itinerary in front of me right now):

Friday: Arrival day (yahoo!)
Saturday: Victoria & Albert’s
Sunday: LTT dinner & MNSSHP
Monday: Nothing (yet!)
Tuesday: Grand Adventures In Cooking Class and Wonderland Tea Party
Wednesday: 999 Happy Haunts Ball
Thursday: LTT dinner & MNSSHP
Friday: Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue
Saturday: Polynesian Luau

I was sad to learn that the Pirates Cruise is under rehab for three weeks in October. It won’t be opening back up until the first week in November. My daughter will miss sailing on the seven seas (lagoon, that is) in search of buried treasure. I guess she’ll just have to suffice with searching through the bottom of my purse for pennies and stale gum.

Okay, I mentioned that I currently have reservations for Victoria & Albert’s. I am giving serious consideration to canceling that reservation. I really think my daughter would go stir crazy if she had to sit still for a 2-1/2 hour meal (especially since she would have to speak in whispered hushes). My husband suggested that I take a coloring book and crayons with me to dinner that night, but I told him that during every single one of our Victoria & Albert’s meals, I do not ever remember seeing a fellow diner pull out a set of Crayola crayons in order to occupy themselves during the long meal. I certainly did not want to be the first guest to do so (plus, I can imagine my horror if she accidentally knocked over the water goblet and it broke). I know that my daughter “really, really, really wants to dine at Victoria & Albert’s restaurant,” and yet I know that she is just a young girl who can barely sit still through her Happy Meal at McDonald’s. Because of all this, I did go ahead and contact the GF’s Private Dining folks regarding a Private Dining Event. They FAXed me all sorts of info regarding meals. Everything looked yummy. I still need to speak with them regarding venue choices. I am leaning heavily towards a dinner along the beach area that will afford us a view of Cinderella’s Castle. I think it would be lovely to view the castle as the sun set. Plus, I will ask for candlelight for our meal and possibly a private butler, too. I think that will give my daughter the “grown-up” feeling that she wants. If I go through with a Private Dining Event, I am wondering if we will get all girly-ed up for dinner or if we’ll just be in our usual tourist clothes. I know that my daughter will want to dress up, but I’m not so sure I will want to pull out the ol’ razor to shave my legs for a dinner along a beach (I will be on vacation after all!).

Have any of you held (or seen) a Private Dining Event outside on the grounds of the GF? I would love to hear what you did (or saw) and your feelings regarding it.

07-05-2002, 04:05 PM
just might be the way to go...a grown-up picnic on the beach and no pressure to "behave" for a 2 1/2 meal...

I'm sorry to hear about your company's layoffs, my DH works for Boeing, they are still facing round after round of layoffs. He's survived 4 major layoffs in 15 years there...knock on wood...but still I think its worse to be not laid-off - survivors guilt is a very unpleasant thing to have to deal with and it lasts until the next round.

wishing I have another WDW vacation to plan - it will probably be another year and a half before we go again (unless I can talk my sister into changing her wedding plans from Maui to WDW - which would be much more fun for the entire wedding party, kids and all).

take care,

07-08-2002, 01:06 AM
LAinSEA, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your husband won't have to worry about his job. And I agree with you about the survivor’s guilt. My husband watched as my sister and son (who was an infant at the time) were run over by a car. It was a typical fight-or-flight kind of response, and he did what his instincts told him to do, which was to jump out of the way of the car. Of course he had nightmares for months and was very depressed because he thought his instincts should have been to push my sister and our son out of the way of the car. The basic Superman syndrome. I wasn’t there to witness it, thank the Lord, but did see the aftereffects on the local news that night (luckily, my son was unharmed, but my dear sister was another story). Sorry to digress. I haven’t thought about that day in a long, long time.

What’s the latest with my upcoming vacation? I added an Ice Cream Social to my itinerary. It sounds like fun and the photos of the ice cream sundae that you get look scrumptious -- yum! Anyhow, by looking at my current itinerary, I don’t see where I can fit two nights in at the GF. Before I added that second MNSSHP, I think a shoe-in for the GF would have been the nights of the 30th and 31st. With the MNSSHP on the 27th, that shot my whole plan to heck. Now that I have decided that I can’t fit the GF in, I guess I should cancel my current Grand Plan vacation package (I was holding out on canceling it until I decided what to do about the GF). Maybe next year I can attempt another Grand Plan, but I’ve read that the vacation package names have changed for 2003, and a credit-card type of vacation package name (that is “Platinum, ” “Silver,” or “Gold”) just doesn’t sound as romantic as a “Grand Plan” vacation package. Shame on you, Disney, for messing with something that wasn’t broken. ;)

07-08-2002, 05:14 PM
Have a GREAT time on your girls only trip:) I took my little sister in 93 to celebrate her graduation from grade school. I am 10 years older that her. She was 13 at the time. We had a wonderful time and got to do a ton of stuff in 5 nights.


07-09-2002, 10:25 PM
Hi Janet2K! I am so sorry to hear about the tragedies that you and your family have suffered through lately. You have been a TREMENDOUS help to those of us on these Disboards - unselfishly dedicated to helping others build the most magical memories possible. It's so hard to understand why bad things happen to beautiful people.

I also think this is the perfect opportunity for just you and your DD to go to WDW. My mother, my sister, and I went to Virginia for a day to see the Faberge Egg exhibit, and just that time together with the other women in my family was an unforgettable memory. I'm trying to plan another trip for the three of us soon, but now that we all work, it's so hard to coordinate schedules. Do this trip with you DD now, while she doesn't have to worry about asking for vacation, prioritizing responsibilities at work and home, or leaving her own family. It will be here before you know it! :D

I vote for splitting your trip between the BCV and the AKL Concierge. The BCV will be something new for both of you to try, and the AKL Concierge sounds like your "home away from home." That seems like a good balance. I also think a "My First Facial" at the GF for your DD is a great idea! (Be sure to throw one in for yourself, too. ;) ) Before or after your spa treatments, you and DD could have tea at the GF High Tea. If your daughter doesn't like hot tea, they have "dark tea" for children (which is really just chocolate milk).

I also would not choose to do the Grand Plan on this trip. You can put that $$ towards the next WDW vacation!

Whatever you chose, have a WONDERFUL time! I'll be looking forward to reading a trip report when you return (hint, hint ;) )

07-10-2002, 12:04 AM
sounds like a really good time - and something you'll both enjoy.

We really enjoyed our "animal watching time" while at AKL. We actually went out on every fire escape to catch a different vantage point and were rewarded with seeing a 2-day old impala!

Maybe private dining out on your balcony over looking the savannah - a picnic with the animals?

regardless - it sounds like such a fun trip!

better luck is always around the corner - right?!

take care,

07-13-2002, 04:15 AM
PatriciaH, thanks for the warm wishes. We will definitely have as much fun as you and your sister did on your vacation (or at least I hope we will!).

QueenOfHearts, thanks for the kind words. And thanks for reminding me about the GF Tea. I still haven’t booked that yet and I really must. I was just reading CaliforniaDreaming’s restaurant review from his recent trip and I see that he did the tea. (CaliforniaDreaming, if you’re reading this, please tell me what you thought of it.)

LAinSEA, I wish you had taken a photo from every vantage point of those AKL fire escapes!! I never would have thought to check them out for an animal viewing vantage point. What an excellent suggestion. I will definitely remember that for my next AKL trip.

07-13-2002, 04:16 AM
Okay, here’s where I’m at currently…

I officially cancelled my GF Grand Plan vacation. To be completely honest, it was very tough for me to do that. If my daughter were a teenager, I would have changed the plan from “four” to “two” guests. But since she is a young girl, keeping the plan did not make any sense. I have stated this before and will state it again, since the GF children’s activities are not covered by the Grand Plan, there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot of activities that she could partake of. Oh, sure, there is unlimited babysitting (either in-room or in a childcare club). But I actually enjoy hanging out with my daughter (boy, can that girl make me laugh), and thus I would never want her to leave my side (okay, there might be moments when she’s driving me absolutely bonkers and I would consider sending her to the childcare club, but those would be the typical fleeting moments that all mothers have regarding their offspring!). Canceling the Grand Plan was the logical thing to do. (Hey, Disney, get a clue and add those fun activities to your vacation package plans.)

One of my fellow GF RPC lovers (you know who you are) has put a bug in my ear about trying the Fort Wilderness cabins. I am seriously pouring over my itinerary and trying to decide if I can fit it in. I am thinking that it might be fun to do it. What do you think? Have any of you stayed in a cabin over there? What was your experience? Could I find enough stuff to do that would keep my daughter and myself busy in that resort area? I don’t know too much about the Fort Wilderness Resort area except that it hosts the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue (which I have booked). I would love to hear your opinions about that resort.

07-13-2002, 10:59 AM
Gee, I wonder who recommended the cabins? ;) I am just doing that so you can check them out for us! Just kidding!

There is alot to do at FW. Birnbaum's book has a great section about FW, and the camping board here is also a good source of info. There are many things to do including the petting farm, horse stables, trail rides, multiple playgrounds, trails (some people say their kids love the golf carts!), cane pole fishing in the canals, the nightly campfire/movie with Chip and Dale (you can make smores!!! A chocolate event! Yippee!;) ), the BBQ with the characters, etc. Don't forget those great rockers on the porch at the Tavern! Happy planning!