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05-17-2009, 04:49 PM
Chef Mickey’s & Epcot

Me, Sarah 31 – chief planner, lover of all things Disney
DH, Craig, 34 – driver and foodie
DD, Holly, 10 – loves characters and especially drawing them
DD, Rowan, 8 – not going upside down this year!
3 newbies -
My mum, Shona, 50 - big kid and possible thrill junkie
My dad, Alastair, 57 – the banker and carrier bag holder
My sister, Mel, 29 – doesn’t do characters and slightly bemused by the 'Disney thing'

25th September 2007

We all enjoyed a bit of a lie in today as we had a late breakfast booked at Chef Mickey’s. It was nice not rushing about as much as usual but I still felt hurried as there are four of us to sort out every morning compared to my mum, dad and sister who just have to see to themselves. They never complained though and they just chilled until we were ready to go.

Everyone loaded into the car we were soon on Disney property and going to arrive just in time but…..somewhere along the way we lost the sign for Magic Kingdom and resorts and ended up at the carpark to Animal Kingdom, whoops! There was no panic though as we have a saying ‘all roads lead to Disney’ which translated means every road on Disney property leads everywhere.

Finally at the Contemporary we make our way to Chef Mickey’s where we have a minimal wait until our table is ready. Our server was friendly and attentive keeping us filled with OJ and coffee. The food was, as usual, fantastic. I am sure we were all up for seconds and some of us a bit more often. First around was Goofy, followed by Donald Duck who was a huge hit with all of us. It was Chip n Dale last time we were here and we had never met Donald before. He is much shorter than we thought. My sister has a soft spot for him and she could not resist giving him a big kiss. Mickey was next up, followed by Pluto who really stole the show. He was delighted with Felix and Nessie placing one at a time on his nose, tossing them into the air and then catching them in his mouth to much laughter an applause from us. Unfortunately he dropped Nessie and gave her mouth to mouth and CPR on the floor, LOL! Lastly Minnie paid a visit, she is so cute and girly!

Napkin twirling

Some of the scrummy food


Who loves Donald?

Mickey and the girls

Pluto had fun with Nessie & Felix





05-17-2009, 04:49 PM
After such a great meal we had a visit to the gift shop (more purchases made) and then it was off to Florida Mall for some retail therapy. We love it here, there are tons of fab shops. I have no idea what we bought but we did not leave empty handed. We headed off to Animal Kingdom Lodge as the girls were booked into Simba’s Cubhouse for the evening. They had been last year and enjoyed it so much they asked to go back. It has air conditioning, crafts, TV, games, comfy chairs and books, food - what’s not to like? My mum, dad and sister were very impressed with the hotel. It is a beautiful lobby. The girls were booked in without problem, each choosing what they were going to have for dinner then it was adults only off to Epcot!

The first thing we did when we entered Epcot was to find Holly and Rowan’s Leave A Legacy tile from the year before. This was harder than we thought but we stumbled across them in the end. It is a fantastic souvenir and the rest of us were disappointed that they have stopped selling tiles.

The original photo and the proof


The actual tile

Next up, it was off to Test Track to secure some fastpasses before heading to Cantina de San Angel for some Mexican fast food. I had the Ensalada Mexicana, dad had a Plato del Nino (kids meal, lol!) and I think Craig had a Plato Combinacion and Mels a Wet Burrito. They were all very good. Craig and I added a bit of salt to ours as we were feeling the effects of the heat.

Feeling full we headed into the pyramid in Mexico. I made a beeline for the free funny emails to send back home. These are hilarious and very easy to do and went down a treat when we sent them to mum and dad last year. You can record yourself and/or family in funny Mexican scenarios and mail them to anyone. Remember to bring email addys with you!


We tried out the revamped Gran Fiesta Tour which was now features Donald Duck. It was cute but not very different to last time. We also had to try on sombreros but thankfully no photos of them!

We wandered into Norway and into the shops. We found more hats and the camera was around for these. I think my sister and I may have picked the wrong sizes! Mum looks seriously Viking like, lol!



Mum scarily suits this look, lol!

Me, dad and Mels

We went onto Maelstrom which was quite good dun and not at all scary apart from mum’s screaming at one point!

It was around this time that we realised that we would not be using our fastpasses tonight so we waited until we saw a group of 5 and gave them away with about 50 mins left to use them. I think we made those guys day.

We strolled through World Showcase visiting some of the other countries and buying a Kaki Gori from Japan before grabbing seat in Morocco to watch MoRockin.’ As a bellydancer I love the music but I have to say that this time they looked a bit cheesed off and one in particular kept looking at his watch. I sung along to an Arabic song I know and did get a few smiles from one of the band which cheered me up a bit but overall I was disappointed.

As it was nearing time for Illuminations we grabbed a spot in the UK and waited with the crowds for the show to begin. It was amazing! My spine was tingling and I was covered in goosebumps, it’s such a special show. My mum, dad and sister seemed to be enjoying it as much as me and I can feel the tears well up just thinking about how nice it was to share it with them.


We headed back to pick up the girls, who were reluctant to leave but desperate to tell us what they had been doing and show us what they had made. We were all weary and practically fell into bed not long after 11pm. Still not unpacked!

Tomorrow – Islands of Adventure & the best Bubba

05-18-2009, 10:43 AM
We love Chef Mickeys,such a great day! Great pictures :thumbsup2

05-19-2009, 01:20 AM
another fab day, i love illuminations

05-20-2009, 12:45 PM
Another lovely day and photos.

05-20-2009, 02:14 PM
your mum IS a viking princess :thumbsup2. glad you enjoyed Chef mickey's ;).

05-23-2009, 04:28 PM
Great photos at Cafe Mickey :goodvibes

05-28-2009, 04:14 AM
Great pictures at Cafe Mickey. Love the fireworks too...something I don't remember seeing.

06-20-2009, 01:05 PM
brilliant fireworks