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05-17-2009, 03:38 PM
Seaworld and a shock

Me, Sarah 31 – chief planner, lover of all things Disney
DH, Craig, 34 – driver and foodie
DD, Holly, 10 – loves characters and especially drawing them
DD, Rowan, 8 – not going upside down this year!
3 newbies -
My mum, Shona, 50 - big kid and possible thrill junkie
My dad, Alastair, 57 – the banker and carrier bag holder
My sister, Mel, 29 – doesn’t do characters and slightly bemused by the 'Disney thing'

23rd September 2007

We were up a little later today and had the girls had breakfast cereal in our room. Neither Craig nor I were hungry at the time. We arrived at Seaworld just after 9am and parked up no problem. Before we got much further than the entrance we stopped for new sunglasses for Rowan and a hat for mum. We all thought she looked like Aunt Sally! It was very bonnet like, lol! Melanie saw a hat she loved too – a straw cowboy hat, so another purchase was made.

Finally ready to face the day there was no question where to head – Kraken! Only 3 riders made their way through the very quiet queue system. I’m sure you can guess who they were. I was just as excited as I had been the year before and my sister was keen too as she had not been on a big coaster for a while. It was just as long up to the top of the lift hill as last time, and just as fast down! We had a great time looping the loops until towards the end I suddenly felt terrible. It was like my brain was scrambled and although I have never fainted I thought it was going to happen. I was so scared and could do nothing but try and focus on the last part of the ride which seemed to last forever. Once we stopped in the station I was very shaken and felt quite sick. I was gutted to think that my coaster days might be over. I sat down in the shade and mum suggested it might be because I had not eaten. I had a cereal bar in my bag that I tried to eat but was sick before I had eaten half of it.

We hung around for about 15 mins or so while I tried to relax and then headed off to Pets Ahoy. The girls were hungry so while I sat down and rested they went in search of food. They found some toffee popcorn and I managed to eat some of that. I think the sugar was helping me. We decided to go into Pets Ahoy and have to say that we enjoyed it as much as last time. Mum and dad had been told a bit about it but I think they were still surprised at how well trained all the different animals were. There was a nice message about rehoming animals too.

As we had skipped breakfast we called in to the Seafire Inn for an early lunch. It’s a fab place. I think most of us had the Steakfired burgers and fries. Rowan had a kids meal and got another souvenir plastic lunchbox for Craig and I to share carting around! Some fresh watermelon was shared around too.

Someone’s lunch


We decided to split up for a bit with us taking Holly and Rowan to the kids park. They had great fun climbing and going on all the different rides including their favourite, the Shamu coaster. We went to see Wild Arctic but had to go on the non moving part this time as I was still feeling a bit odd. We took our time to visit all the animals as we had a while before we had to meet up again for Blue Horizons.

Shamu Coaster


Posing with Felix


Behind the scenes at Wild Arctic



By the time we met up again the sky was black and the thunder was rumbling. There was steady but not too heavy rain. We sat around undercover and browsed some shops until we spotted people going towards the Blue Horizons show. Could it really still be on? We wandered on in and took our seats and sure enough after a minimal delay the show started. Craig, the girls and I had seen this last time and it was one of our favourites. It went down a treat with my mum, dad and sister too. A few teary moments but not from me of course, lol!

Blue Horizons cast



No way could you miss us!


We all headed to Journey to Atlantis where my dad and Rowan decided not to ride. I think they had other plans. We split up again and we took a diversion to a store that had Seaworld build a bears. Holly picked a manatee and named her Poppy. Rowan chose a penguin and named him Pingu. They both chose an outfit and then we met the worst staff member of anywhere – ever! They were not overly friendly and soooooo slow. I also signed my traveller’s cheques in the wrong place which caused them a huge hullaballoo when all I had to do was resign in the correct place – doh!

The slow service caused us to be late over to Odyssea to meet mum dad and Mel and therefore miss the show. I was gutted for Rowan as she wanted to see part of the show that we had seen on youtube. We went to see the penguins and feed the sharks whilst we waited for them to come out of the show. It turns out they missed it too. We decided to split again. They really wanted to see Shamu and we decided to watch the next showing of Odyssea. Whilst waiting for the show to start I got talking to an elderly couple from Oregon sitting beside me. The pre-show was very funny with lots of audience participation. The actual show was fantastic. We loved the contortionists in the pearls, the tumbling bouncing penguins and the weird slinky type things. All very entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone.

Some of the cast of Odyssea


When we left we shot over to see Shamu and spotted the gang sitting in the dry zone. We took some seats further along and watched the brilliant Believe show which brought all of us out in goosebumps.


05-17-2009, 03:38 PM
It was 7pm when we left the park and Subway was chosen for dinner. We went to the one on I Dive and it was left to me to order for 7 – very confusing! We popped through the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and due to a communication error we ummmm ended up with 2 dozen donuts for 7, lol! We headed up to floor 9 for eats which were much needed after our day.





After a nice meal mum produced the secret gift bags she had packed for everyone. Dad’s contained a Grumpy soft toy and Grumpy socks. Mels received a Donald Duck soft toy and socks. Holly and Rowan both received High School Musical t shirts and stationery packs, Craig’s contained a Marvin the Martian t shirt and Reece’s peanut buttercups and I received an Eeyore soft toy, socks and notebook and pen.

I had a surprise too. I had made up a parcel for mum. It contained a pop up Winnie the Pooh laundry hamper, a hidden mickey book, a pina colada lip balm and Shrek and Donkey jibbitz which were left in a coat pocket back home – doh!

Everyone was really pleased and it ended a fantastic day.

Tomorrow – Typhoon Lagoon and a Wardrobe Malfunction

05-18-2009, 09:34 AM
Oh no at feeling poorly after the ride..Glad it didn't ruin your day but it sounded like it gave you a fright...:hug:
The food looks yummy,especially the donuts ;)

05-19-2009, 01:25 AM
Nice donuts :thumbsup2

05-19-2009, 10:16 AM
Wow what a lot of doughnuts, they look yummy.

I hope you managed to be all right on other rollercoasters, sounds a bit scary this time on the Kraken. I love the Kraken.

05-19-2009, 02:17 PM
The donuts seem popular. ;) As for going back on bif coasters, sadly it did put me off. Not sure when I might pluck up the courage again. :sad2:

05-20-2009, 01:19 PM
check out the do-nuts :thumbsup2. fab piccies of the kids at seaworld

05-21-2009, 05:37 PM
I had not realised about the photo ops at Seaworld. So thank you for sharing :goodvibes

05-28-2009, 02:53 AM
Those burgers looked yummy as did the doughnuts!

Shame that you didn't feel well after Kraken, but glad you still had a good day

06-20-2009, 11:49 AM
you must have been really scared after your Kraken ride. so glad you managed to carry on.


07-21-2009, 04:30 PM
Shame about feeling bad it is kinda scary when that happens. Lovely photos.