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05-17-2009, 04:28 PM
The Wardrobe Malfunction Trip

The Cast

Been once before...

Me, Sarah 31 – chief planner, lover of all things Disney
DH, Craig, 34 – driver and foodie
DD, Holly, 10 – loves characters and especially drawing them
DD, Rowan, 8 – not going upside down this year!

And newbies...

My mum, Shona, 50 - big kid and possible thrill junkie
My dad, Alastair, 57 – the banker and carrier bag holder
My sister, Mel, 29 – doesn’t do characters and slightly bemused by the 'Disney thing'

22nd September 2007

As you can guess we were up early and I phoned to mum and dad to say we had moved rooms. I went down to the front desk and a parcel was waiting for me. It was Felix, from the Focker Crocker Exchange! It’s a very long winded story that can be found on the DIS but the main idea is that crocs are passed form DISer to DISer to enjoy your holiday with you. You can post their adventures on your return. I had received Felix from a Canadian DISer. Felix was the temporary replacement for Faolan who was missing in action. In the bag along with Felix was a Canada mug, loads of sweets, a postcard showing where they stayed. We were all famished and headed to IHOP for brekkie. That decision was made before we left the UK! I had the breakfast sampler along with my mum and Mels, Holly and Rowan had the Silver Dollar 5 but with hash brown and ham instead of whatever it came with, dad had Senior Rise and Shine (he has a micro appetite) and not sure what Craig had but it will have been big!

Felix seemed to thing there would be leftovers from Dad.


Stuffed and excited we headed to Magic Kingdom where we took the ferry across to the entrance. It was absolutely thrilling to be back. There were a few tears in the corner of my eyes..

4 veterans and 3 newbies pose in Main Street


As previously decided we all went to Thunder Mountain. There were one or two screams (per second!) from mum but everyone loved the ride so much so that 6 of us went on again. Dad mumbled something about wanting to admire the view (needed a smoke) and left us to scream our way around a second time.

Dad chilling out in the smoke zone


We headed into Adventureland and outside Pirates of the Caribbean who did we spy? It was no other than Captain Hook and Smee. Felix was fighting to get out of the bag and chase old Hook! Just as we thought we might manage to sneak him in the photo we were busted by Smee who told me off and gave him to a CM to look after. Captain Hook was not impressed that we had tried such a dirty tick but he relented and agreed to have his photo taken with us.

Poor Felix, banished from the photo, could only watch and dream of eating Hook


Captain Hook giving me a dirty look


Next up was POTC which we all enjoyed. The Jack Sparrow characters are so lifelike and us girlies are all big fans! *drool*

Feeling all pirate-y (is that a word?) we tried to look the part in the shop. Some did better then others…

Holly and my dad looking cool


Jack Sparrow, eat your heart out! I think mum has found a replacement! :d:


And erm, what can I say about mum and I??


We walked through the Treehouse and what a view compared to last time when it was dark. It was great fun. I had reminded the girls about the spitting camel at the exit and they tried desparately to fool their granddad into standing in the right spot. Unfortunately he was on to them so they resorted to dragging him under the water spray, LOL! Seeing as they were already wet they went and ran about the Tiki Heads. Last time we missed the Jungle Cruise so we headed on over. I have to say that I had read about the patter of the boat pilot and it did not disappoint in it’s cheesiness. One or two of the jokes took a bit long to sink in. I blame it on the jet lag! A snack break was in order so it was Dole Floats all around from Aloha Isle. They are soo scrummy! We were doing good for time so headed to Space Mountain for fastpasses and while waiting we went to see Carousel of Progress. Everyone enjoyed it but the song drove my dad crazy especially as we would not stop singing it! It was our theme tune for the entire holiday. We went onto Buzz Lightyear next. We paired up and poor Craig was the lonely rider. At least he got the high score in his car, heheheh! New for this year was the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club so this was our next stop. I have to say it was one of the funniest shows I have seen. I will not spoil it for those that have not been but we all left in hysterics and were glad we were not part of the show! We were feeling peckish now so we had some stuffed pretzels and hotdogs. Still with time before our fastpass we went on the TTA. It was nice to take the scenic tour and a sneak peek of what was to come in Space Mountain. My dad was the only one not to queue for Space Mountain. I was not sure if mum was up for the challenge. I told her it was like Thunder Mountain but in the dark and with attitude. We worked out the car order so that mum was in the middle. OMG! You should have heard the screams. She was right behind me! I think she was a happy medium between excited and ummm, terrified! Well done mum, we are all proud of you! :thumbs-up

More in the next post.

05-17-2009, 04:29 PM
It was time for a proper break (and to allow mum some time to recover the ability to speak) we made our way to Crystal Palace for dinner. We had a 4pm reservation and had to wait for a while until we were allocated a table. As we had been given a pager we watched the Dapper Dans in Main Street and browsed the shops. Our dinner was fantastic. The character interaction was great but as usual you have to time your dash to the buffet and I missed Eeyore while stocking up. We got some great photos but inour photos my mum always has her eyes on my dad’s camera, aaaaw, so sweet!

Ever the organiser I am planning for after dinner!


I think this pic would be great for a caption competition, LOL but I think my sister was wondering what she had let herself in for…


5 mins later….. all smiles


Later still…. Loving the characters (check out mum though, eyes on dad! :d: )


Felix had a great time here too and was pleased the characters were friendly. :grin:


We all loved Crystal Palace and I think we might go back again. We would like to try breakfast and get into the park early.

Still with some energy left we went to see Mickey’s Philharmagic. This was the first 4D show for my mum, dad and sis and they loved it. The screams of laughter when the bottles popped I will never forget. It remains my favourite 4D show. We headed over to the Haunted Mansion where I feared we might be mistaken for not ghosts, but zombies! It was great fun. Poor old Craig was scared as he had to go on his own. Eeek! Fading fast we went for our last ride of the day at Splash Mountain. My dad was quite happy to sit this one out and he headed off to admire the view. The queue was quite long and we were weary. It was starting to get dark too. Rowan was a bit scared despite riding last year. Check out the ride pic and see the only ones smiling were me and Felix.


We came off the ride to find that my dad had been on the Liberty Square Riverboat. He had been eyeing it up earlier and it was a dream fulfilled. Spectromagic had started so we walked through the shops back to Town Square and headed back to the car. We drove straight back to the hotel and it was straight to bed for us all!

Tomorrow – Seaworld and a shock :(

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A great start to the holiday,Love the idea of the focker crocker exchange! :thumbsup2

I'm looking forward to Crystal Palace it looks like great fun :)

05-18-2009, 01:43 PM
Really enjoying reading your reports, i love the 1st time you enter the MK it does feel like your home again.:cheer2::cheer2:

Mickeys Philarmagic is my fave too.:thumbsup2

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great day in my favourite park:)

05-19-2009, 01:25 PM
Another lovely report.

05-20-2009, 02:24 PM
fab day :cool1:

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Great Splash Mountain photo :thumbsup2

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Great day!

Love the character pictures!

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Great day spent in Magic Kingdon


07-21-2009, 05:24 PM
Great day.