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princess angel
06-13-2002, 04:15 PM
rarely do you here much about BWI concierge! always reviews about YC, BC, Poly, but hardly ever BWI, maybe cause it is such a small resort!
but anyway... have you stayed at BWI concierge? if so, I would love to hear all about your experience! and how it compared to other concierge experinces! mostly how was the staff?


Laura :D

06-13-2002, 07:28 PM
Hi Princess Angel...I had the same experience as you trying to get info about the BWI concierge. Although the info was sketchy we decided to go ahead and do it. Our party was 4 women and a 5 year old (family girls weekend out!). We had a BALL at WDW, and the concierge food really did help keep our expenses down as none of us are big eaters, nor did we want to spend time in sit-down restaurants. We could have a fine breakfast (we assigned one of the girls to bring it back to the room on tray(s) so we could enjoy it while we got ready!) They had a nice continental style breakfast, with about average food offerings. They did have excellent croissants and the chocolate croissants were to die for. Nice danish, bagels, toast, muffins etc, and cold cereals and fruit. For drinks there were coffee, tea, several kinds of juice and milk. We were also able to get bottled water to take into the parks, although for some reason you have to ASK for it, and it comes from the back room at room temperature. The weather was so warm that within a few minutes that didn't matter anyway. My sister and I went back for "tea" one afternoon and were the only ones in the lounge. Tea is a special thing with us, so we are picky. It was not an English style tea at all, just tea bags, a few crustless sandwiches, cookies and rice krispy bars. (Those were GOOD!) But no crumpets, scones with cream and jam or any of that. One evening we stopped in the lounge for cordials and desserts. This was not much... just some cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, M and M's and some pretzels. There were a few bottles of after dinner liquers (marked with a tag that said "one per person", which I thought was kind of tacky. I tried to do a coffee and Baileys, a favorite of mine, but there was no coffee!

The lounge was lovely and never crowded, and the breakfast and the bottled water alone probably paid for the concierge as I got it at a discount, but I have had concierge lounge services that were far superior to the BWI. I was very UNIMPRESSED with the service; other than one young man who we saw a couple of times, no one even made the effort to speak to us! I had emailed the concierge TWICE prior to our arrival and got no response. I am used to MUCH better and more personalized service. No one was ever at the desk outside the lounge any of the times we passed by, and the people working the lounge congregated behind a desk in a corner and chit-chatted among themselves, with no guest interaction.

All in all, I won't ever pay for the service again at the BWI, I usually travel there with my husband and we spend all day and all night in the parks, plus he likes to do the full buffet breakfasts so we would get no value from it at all. We got better service from the plain old guest services at the Yacht Club on previous visits that we got from the concierge at the BWI!

This was kind of an evolving trip, and at first I had made our reservation at the AKL. Then the party size got out of hand, and convenience entered into the picture. I had reserved the concierge level at AKL also, and had several email conversations with the ladies at their concierge desk. I found them to be absolutely wonderful, MOST helpful and responsive. Unfortunately we ended up deciding to switch to the BWI for convenience, but I will DEFINITELY try the AKL concierge the next time I decide to use that service. They were so great, and even got us a CRT reservation which they let us keep even after we made the switch. I have read that their food offerings are superior also. The only reason we did not end up staying there was that we had no car this trip and transportation was an issue. I love the BWI as a hotel and for their proximity to EPCOT, but will not use concierge there again. For concierge, I'll go with AKL ANY time! Hope this helps...Lin

princess angel
06-13-2002, 07:47 PM
oh no, this is what I ws afraid of! I have read before that the concierge staff leaves much to be desired! It seems they would probably be a let down after experiencing the excellent personalities at the YC concierge! they are most wonderful there!

thanks so much for the lengthy review! I appreciate it!
Laura :)

06-13-2002, 09:37 PM
We are thinking about the BWI concierge for our next trip, and I have to admit that it has been a challenge to get information. Finally, I called the resort, and I spoke with one of the CMs in the planning office. He was delightful! One thing that we talked about was that the concierge lounge is on the fourth floor, but the concierge rooms are spread around the inn, including the garden suites (which are a hike from the lounge). I would encourage you to call them directly for information.

Also, I have stayed at a few Disney concierge resorts -- I know that you have too -- and it really is a "mixed bag" on service. We love the YC, but the Poly was a nightmare for us. We just returned from the RPC, and I would give that a mixed rating, too. We decided that if we want to try a resort and the room type/location includes concierge, then we will do it. If not, unless Disney makes some major changes in the way they provide concierge services (ie. they become the Four Seasons ;) ), we will pass on concierge.

06-14-2002, 08:35 AM
I had just the opposite experience with the BWI cancierge staff. They were WONDERFUL! Very attentive, very gracious. ALso, other than some of the suites, the concirege rooms are NOT scattered all over the resort. They are all in the concierge area.

I wrote a pretty detailed report on the BWI concierge, you can read it here: http://www.wdwig.com/faq_bwic.htm (it's the second one down.)


princess angel
06-14-2002, 11:14 AM
thanks Anne,
I'll take a look.
that is right, aren't all the concierge rooms on the 4th floor with the lounge??? except for some of the deluxe rooms and garden suites?? right?


princess angel
06-14-2002, 10:09 PM
thanks Ducklite! I read your BWI concierge review, sounds like you had a wonderful time.
how many nights were you there??
when you mentioned the evening wine and cheese, you didnt mention any hot hor'deuvres? where there any?
I dont really care, as we go out to dinner every evening and rarely have any of the evening appetizers in the lounge when we stay concierge, I just like to look to see what they have :)

thanks again for sharing your review!

Laura :) :D :D