View Full Version : Ready to do it (100+ to lose) looking for low carb eating tips - HELP!

06-13-2002, 10:19 AM
I'm not sure that I want to go entirely Atkins --- but I know that it would benefit me greatly to watch my carb intake. So -- what can I eat -- especially for breakfast -- besides having eggs every day?

Lots of hints requested!

PLUS give me all of those itty gritty details of your experience with low carb -- how long have you been doing it, what have you lost, what were some of your ups and downs?


Because I am pretty certain that my dear friend Vija will see this --- to her.....'I think I'm finally ready'!:Pinkbounc

06-14-2002, 01:00 PM
I've been low-carbing for awhile now - I'm down a total of about 55 pounds (around 40 to go). IMHO, I think it's the easiest and healthiest way to lose weight and feel great!

My typical breakfast is a couple of hard boiled eggs as I'm running out the door for work. I usually boil a dozen on Sunday nights, and have them in the fridge for the week. I also buy Keto Crisp cereal (cocoa flavor!) and eat that with 1/2 & 1/2 poured on it sometimes.

For lunch I usually have a huge salad with lots of different veggies on it. I usually top it with cheese and turkey or tuna. Always use normal dressings - the low fat or no-fat ones have WAY too much sugar in them, and they taste horrible!

For dinner I eat pretty normal too. Whatever meat I make for the family, along with cooked veggies. I just stay away from the starches (potatoes or pasta).

For snacks, I stick with beef sticks and cheese slices, almonds, macadamia nuts, sugar-free candy, sugar-free jello, deviled eggs, etc.

If you want some great recipes, along with a nice discussion board, check out this link:
Low-Carb Friends (http://low-carbfriends.com)

Good luck! We're here if you have any questions! :D

06-14-2002, 03:42 PM
Thanks Rhonda!:p

06-16-2002, 10:57 PM
I have never been a big breakfast eater, so I usually have one of the low carb shakes. The ones already made in the bottle are better (I have tried Atkins and Low Carb), and both are pretty good. I also have the Atkins powder shake mix, which took me some time to be able to fix it to taste decent. If I stirred it too much, it was as thick as pudding. So now, I wisk it for about a minute, and it is fine. Honestly, I do not get hungry until noon. The Atkins book says the low intake of carbs reduces your cravings, and it seems to be working for me.

06-16-2002, 11:44 PM
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Hey Jody!!!!
I am very excited for you! I am going to be one of your strongest supporters, and your loudest cheerleader as you make your way on your journey! GO GET 'EM!!!!

06-19-2002, 10:09 AM
Thanks Vija!!! It's nice to know that we always have each other to count on! I am so grateful that we found each other on the DIS!

06-20-2002, 03:57 PM
I generally have an EAS Myoplex shake for breakfast (they have a Chocolate Lover's variety pack). Not carb free, but not too bad and high in protein. I don't do Atkins anymore (got burned out), but I eat as few carbs as possible.

06-23-2002, 06:57 AM
it would benefit me greatly to watch my carb intake. So -- what can I eat -- especially for breakfast -- besides having eggs every day?

some of my favorite b'fast's....

scrambled egg beaters with some garlic, dried minced onion, parsley,mixed in, topped with some emerils hot sauce

3-6oz. eye of round (trimmed) steak w/fresh ground black pepper.

" " salmon pan searred with lemon juice & capers

a boneless, skinless 5-6oz chicken breast, "breaded" with Italian seasoning, microwave in covered dish for 4 minutes & rested.

with any/all of the above I might have some salad, or a side cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar

06-24-2002, 10:40 AM
My best advice for a low carb diet is to buy one of those George Foreman grills. I use mine 3-4 times a week for chicken breasts, lean beef and fish. We also eat lots of steamed green veggies and salads. Nuts, sugar free jello, string cheese sticks, beef sticks and sugar free candy make great snacks.

I started in mid-March but have had a couple of bad weeks that slowed down progress. Since March 17th I have lost 25 pounds but have lots to go!

Debbie in Townsville
06-25-2002, 09:43 AM
I've been making zucchini french fries. Cut up a zucchini in strips (with the skin on) the size of fries and fry in a frying pan with butter. I turn up the heat as high as I can without burning the butter. I cook them until they are cooked - but still crunchy - and are light brown. I was adding some garlic salt for an extra kick, but stopped doing that when I read garlic powder has carbs (but they were delicious!).

Another recipe is for mock danish I got off the lowcarbfriends website. Soften 2 oz cream cheese in the microwave, whisk in 1 egg, vanilla, and artificial sweetener until it's creamy, then cook in the microwave for 2min.

It's kind of gross, but yummy at the same time! You have to play with the recipe to get it how you like it. I added some lemon juice for a cheesecake taste. Or cinnamon for a cinamon roll. Or a spoonful of pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice for pumpkin pie. Or cocoa powder and extra sweetener for chocolate. I also read that some people cook it on top of the stove and whisk while it's cooking for a more custardy and less eggy texture.

I'm going to make the mock danish once a week as a treat. I found I didn't lose as much when I had cream cheese as when I stuck with cheddar.

I checked two Atkins recipe books out of the library, but haven't had a chance to read through them yet.