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06-08-2002, 08:10 PM
Just thought I’d mention that I recently purchased an electronic book (a.k.a., eBook) entitled “Disney Weddings: The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Tying the Knot or Renewing Your Vows at Walt Disney World." This eBook was written by Andrea Rotondo Hospidor of http://www.yourfairytale.com (she is also the woman who started the Disneymooners’ forum on Yahoo! that you have seen mentioned here on the Dis’ “Disney Wedding and Honeymoons” board). This eBook is filled with all kinds of information regarding what is available to someone who is planning a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding or Vow Renewal. You can learn more about the book, view the entire Table of Contents, and even read an excerpt from it by going to http://www.yourfairytale.com/dwbook.html.

I am planning on having a Fairy Tale Wedding Vow Renewal within the next year or two and I have found Andrea’s book to be a wealth of information. For instance, I discovered that there are two rooms on the top of the Contemporary Resort that may be booked for a small, private reception – the Napa Room and the Sonoma Room. The Napa Room overlooks Cinderella Castle and has a wonderful view of the evening fireworks. The Sonoma Room has a view of Bay Lake (note – no Magic Kingdom view from here). The Napa Room has a higher food and beverage minimum and seats 50 people, while the Sonoma Room is less expensive and seats 30 people. Dance floors may be added to either room, but that will decrease the number of people you may seat. The book is filled with information like this.

06-09-2002, 02:53 PM
Cool! Couldn't you just give us a cliff's notes version? ;)

06-10-2002, 11:16 AM
hi janet
this is sandy we are really getting alot of discounts first dis and now andreas book. i bought the book too and this is great. if everyone needs info or discounts then this is the book. its eb=ven good for the people who will be getting married at the swan thru just marry.

06-11-2002, 10:17 PM
DVCajun, your post was too funny!

Sandy brought up an excellent point about the book that I forgot to mention -- the book includes $2,500 worth of discount codes from local photographers, videographers, florists, musicians, car rental companies, and so on. Even Dreams Unlimited Travel, the owner of the Dis website, has a discount offer listed in the book.

Sandy, I am happy to hear that you are saving money on your upcoming wedding. And I am especially happy to hear that you are saving money via a few of the discount codes listed in the book. I think it's wonderful that it doesn't matter how you're getting married in Walt Disney World, be it through Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings Department or the Swan's Just Marry Department, the discounts apply either way. That is excellent. I will look for your posts so that I can read all about your plans. By the way, did you joins DISavers? And if you did, have you booked your Honeymoon yet? I read the other day that the 2003 rates have been released for rooms (I'm not sure if they've been released for the packages, however). Let me know.