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04-02-2009, 05:24 PM
DD13 has apparently beein doing this for several weeks without permission--we closely monitor her internet use. She says this is on her Nintendo DS? I guess someone on there is making her uncomfortable and decided to "confess" that she has been doing this behind our backs. I have no idea what this is!

Please tell me what you know, if I should be concerned, and if there is a way to "block" it?? I don't know anything about the DS, but thought it was "safe" for her to use. I had no idea it could get internet?? Is that what it is doing???


04-02-2009, 08:14 PM
...She says this is on her Nintendo DS?...Please tell me what you know, if I should be concerned, and if there is a way to "block" it?? I don't know anything about the DS...had no idea it could get internet?? Is that what it is doing???...
First of all I have to say I only have this knowledge from what I have just read.

D-Gamer is an Internet Disney social site that can be accessed on a computer or from game systems running certain Disney games. From the wikipedia write up on it (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DGamer) I would think that it is not a site that any child should be at unsupervised.

Since the DS does have wifi built in that is most likely the way she is accessing it. I did not find any way to turn it off using a quick Google search. If you still have the DS (or gamel) manual you may find a way to turn it off in it. If she is accessing it using your wireless access point you could always enable security on it or change the passwrd and not let her know. If she is using someone elses wifi then you are pretty much out of luck.

04-02-2009, 08:45 PM
Thanks. I am still not sure what this is, but I did find out she accessed it by giving her email account instead of mine for the parent email so she is pretty much DOA! I have had her Disney account completely canceled and DH was able to do something to our internet so she can't get to it with the Nintendo. I honestly had no idea that was even an option! I guess he set it up for her but thought it was just for games, not chatting. Needless to say she managed to get herself into a very uncomfortable situation so came to us.

So I guess at this point then it doesn't matter to me what it is anymore! If she hadn't broken our trust I might have let her keep the access but without Chat options (if that was possible).

04-04-2009, 09:22 AM
Awww, lovetoscrap. Sorry this all happened to you. I know your daughter went behind your backs and everything, but kudos to her for recognizing an "uncomfortable" situation and approaching you about it! :hug:

04-04-2009, 11:48 PM
I tried Dgamer in the summer of 2008 with the Prince Caspian game; there's not anything to be worried about. It's pretty much impossible to contact other players: the most the site does is post your rankings from the game you're playing up onto the internet. if you do certain things in a game you might get special clothes for your little dgamer avatar person.
nobody's going to get her personal information or anything from this, mainly because there's no personal information involved. it's really nothing to worry about. i personally found it boring and pointless.... i don't know, it might be fun if she has friends from real life that she can contact with it if they exchange friend codes... but that's the only way to contact people.

really nothing to worry about. hope this helps you :)

09-13-2009, 07:01 PM
im sry this happened to you thats horrible but im glad ur daughter told you about it
i have used dgamer before but i never seemed to have a problem with it i never imagined something disney could be misused like that im sorry

11-17-2009, 07:32 AM

I don't know about D Gamer but i can sure tell you about wifi. Wi-Fi is a feature some consoles use to connect to the internet and play against other people from around the world. but to set up wifi you will need a wireless router/modem or a computer with internet access. Check nintendo.com for more info on how to connect with wifi.