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03-30-2009, 05:28 AM
righto - time is ticking, and i need to decide what im doing food wise....

to recap - it is me & the boys (5 & 3) for 4 days & 3 nights - with dh joining us on the 4th day.....

food wise.... i am not sure whether it will benefit gettin the hb standard vouchers or not. this is where im struggling.....

will be taking snacks (cereals bars etc) with us, so only really intend on 1 'meal' each day, with maybe a snack or 2..... i also have my shareholders card.

now - i def want to eat in annettes - and was thinking of that for our last day with dh. i would also like to eat in toad hall - but unsure on portion sizes - wud the 2 pieces of fish n chips be enuf for the 3 of us?? (dont have a big appetite lol). so that leaves me with 2 days...... do u think its worth havin hb vouchers (wud cost 96 and then we wud still have to pay on 1 day) or could we eat cheaper at places like casey etc and if so, which places wud u recommend????

want to keep this cheap, as means more chance of encouraging dh with the october trip!!!;)

thanks in advance (as my brain is going round n round with tryin to work out the cheapest/best method)

03-30-2009, 05:45 AM
if you think that counter service meals will keep you going then yes that would be cheaper. even if you got one meal for yourself and then a kids meal thats only 16 euro. personally i am always starving at dlrp i dont know what it does to me lol so we have to eat a full meal. but as i said you could do it with counter service as you said you dont have a big appetite. toad hall is lovely, you could get one meal and maybe an extra chips or something. if you like pizza you could try pizzeria belle notte. the pizzas there looked big enough. also they do the mickey pizza in a kids meal for 6 euro which is great as i bought one in victorias homestyle for 4.95 on its own.

03-30-2009, 05:55 AM
id forgotten bella notta will have to check that out!!!!!
i do get hungry, but find that as long as i have a drink (non alcoholic lol) im ok. toad hall just sounds so nice, its just deciding on portion sizes etc....

i think the more i think bout it - counter service shud do us.... as i also remembered i gotta have a croque whilst there - have been promising myself one since first visit lol so that answers it!!!!

thank u for that - nice and easy answer & decision!! lol

03-30-2009, 06:42 AM
I have to say that it really depends on appetite. Last time, we booked table service meals for each night, but found that it majorly eat into our time and in most cases the kids didn't eat most of their grub.

Usually, we bring in snacks or geta baguette, croque for lunch and at least or two of the evenings counter service fills us up. Bella Notte is actually quite good for portions, the pizza is quite filling. have also found the same at Colonel Hathis Outpost and Pizza Planet. The food at the Cowboy Cookout in Frontierland is also good portion wise and the service is usually good there. Had meal at Toad Hall last time and portions were very filling. Only problem being that it can be very popular and so very crowded:headache: Our sit down meals are usually at Cafe Mickey as it is surprisingly affordable if you don't plump for every course. The Agrabah Cafe looks like a good option too. We will try it for the first time on our upcoming trip as it s getting good reviews for the food and value.

To be honest, if it were just me and the two kids we would manage fine at counter service as I don't have a big appetite and the kids don't have the patience for a full service meal (unless its with characters, of course!!)