View Full Version : Microcell is BAACCKKK!!!! Gonna do a birthday surprise trip for April '10!

03-28-2009, 11:22 PM
Of course the kids would walk in the door now..

Real fast..

I visit the boards daily when planning a trip and when I don't know when the next trip will be, I leave the boards and find other ways to occupy my internet time. It is just too sad to be here daily without any personal hope of my own. Never been so happy to have to leave Facebook (my recent daily site) to come back to the DISboards!!!

We are steadfastly paying down our debt and at the same time planning a trip for sometime in April 2010!!!

We plan to keep it a secret from the kids, but tell them that we are going to a wedding in Cleveland or something and if we could they wouldn't know that we are going till they see the palm trees as we land!

More to come when I get these kids out of my hair!

03-28-2009, 11:45 PM
Okaaayyy, I thought it was bedtime but apparently it is snack time.

Okay, my kids were both born in April, so what better time to surprise them (and what better time to have our debts just about paid off and money saved up for a trip) than for thier BIRTHDAYS??

We figure we will go between their birthdays (we have 17 days between them) in laterish April 2010.

I know, half way through the second post in this thread and you are saying to yourselves, "Who are these people and why should we care?" well..

Just your typical Disboarders who share your love of Disney! It is the happiest place on earth and we don't feel completely where we belong until we smell that piped out of a tube near Main Street Bakery baked goods smell.

People who be going on the trip:

Me- Mom of two of the best kids ever, mid thirties, from Detroit and justifiably wary of internet stuff, so I will be using pseudonyms for the family. I guess you can call me "Microcell". When we get to know each other you can probably call me "Micro".

DH- Not in his mid thirties, older in fact. I like that he is older, keeps me young. Perhaps we shall call him, well.. "Old Guy"

DD- 10 right now, 11 in about 30 days and almost 12 when we go. Smart as a whip but not the most observant so we may pull off fooling her until she sees palm trees. We will call her what I call her at home- "Alowee".

DS- 6 right now, will be 7 in like 15 days, and will be 8 when we go! AACCKKK makes it seem like two years away! We will be going probably a week after he turns 8 though. I call him "Doodle" at home, but seeing as how he will be 8 when this all happens, I will just call him "Dude". He is pretty sharp and observant.. he will be my really tough sell.


This will be our sixth trip to the world in about as many years. We are all really sad to be skipping an '09 trip but I am staying strong, and the tax refund that usually goes to the Disney fund is instead going to bills. Be responsible good girl first, go to Disney second.

I am actually being semi responsible. My DH or Old Guy hates any days not spent at WDW so we need to be planning a trip for him to get through those days. I would like to stay strong, pay debts first and then save up go to Disney, but settled on being mostly paid off if not completely paid off of our debts in April while concurrently saving for Disney. So if we don't have that last couple thousand paid off by then I won't sweat it, we will still go and have fun.

Will write more tomorrow.. stay tuned, I will need tons of advice along the way!

03-30-2009, 01:48 PM
Ok will write two days later... I have too much on my plate to focus entirely, which is probably good!

First bit of advice needed.. going between April 13 and April 30 next year... shall I look at Moderates or Values? I want no loud cheerleaders but I really like to save money!

03-30-2009, 08:53 PM
Had to get a look at the ticker.. It is a rough estimate, and at this writing, 384 days away... ugh...

04-05-2009, 10:01 PM
Continuing report, it may be a year away, but I want to have this to look back on in the future!

Today we celebrated Dude's birthday, well had his party at least. I am very tired and had no idea 6 boys could blow out your eardrums in just under two hours..

Didn't know that they could get so much Martian Matter in the newly cleaned carpet in under two hours as well..

We are rich in Bakugon and Pokemon now!

Or house is destroyed again, as it should be. I wouldn't know my house without the messy!

Well I will start thinking about plans here soon. We have $770 saved so far toward Disney, and a looonnnggg way to go! I am still debating Moderate or Value... funds may dictate that, but I do not want loud cheerleaders practicing late into the night out my door so I may need to find the money.

Off to see if the calendar for next school year is out yet. They typically take a 1/2 day for "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" so we may try to work the trip around that.

04-09-2009, 05:31 PM
****Tentative dates*****

(Subject to change)

(Ok who are we kidding here, will probably change)


April 18-25th, 2010!!!!:banana::banana::cool1::banana::banana:

Over a year away still, but ever closer to a year, then just watch the 365 day dance!!!!!

04-09-2009, 11:14 PM
Since you were so nice to subscribe to my trip report, let me be the first to post in yours. I'm subbing too.:)

04-15-2009, 01:47 PM
Aww thanks Chefmickey! Loving your report!

04-15-2009, 01:55 PM
368 says away.. :rolleyes:.

I suppose I could celebrate the 365 day mark in grand style..perhaps with Le Cellier Cheese Soup! Interestingly, we may skip Le Cellier this year unless we do the dining plan, which at this point is not the plan.

At least Dude did me a favor and turned 7 so it seems less far away! Deciding to go when he is 8 when he was 6 was a bummer to say the least.

When Alowee turns 11 soon it will be nice because she will be 11 when we go to WDW and it won't seem so far away!

Bieng realistic, next up: 365 day party here!

04-15-2009, 07:37 PM
It is hard for me to fathom a 365 day wait for Disney, since I have been Disney Dormant for 16 years-and this trip only had about a 100 day wait. But I think you should celebrate your 365 day party with a Very Merry Unbirthday Party for everyone. Go to the grocery store, get cake and ice cream, rent Alice in Wonderland and watch it with your Mickey ears on.

04-18-2009, 09:44 AM
Great idea!!! This is the longest wait we have had, even with bounceback one year it was like 11 months!

Here we are at 365!!!!!!! :banana::banana::cool1::banana::banana:

I wonder if I shouldn't say it is 364 because my guess is my DH will take the Saturday before off, which will be the 17th and we are like the "Give a Mouse a Cookie" type people. If he takes off the 17th then he is gonna wanna go to Florida, and if he wants to go to Florida then we have to get on a plane, even if it is the more expensive Saturday flight...

And of course, Dude is sick.. hope that doesn't happen a year from today! He catches Strep Throat like colds so I am fairly sure he has it, but the supposed "Rapid" Strep test won't show up for him until Monday I am sure.

04-22-2009, 09:41 PM
Well.. it was Strep, of course. Who needs a doctor?

I know if anyone is reading, they wonder, what could be in the works for planning this far out?

Well, let me tell you...

We are trying to figure out dates, wanna do birthday trip, but it seems like lots of people are out for Spring Break this time of year. We are condsidering perhaps early February..

September is the best, but we are not going this year. We cant wait untl September 2010 so ugh.. not sure when!

05-14-2009, 10:03 PM
Well, end of year craziness took me away from thinking about Disney..

Field Day tomorrow and only a week left of school more or less after that!

Mothers Day: Got some pretty flowers and a Disney food day!!!

On the Menu:

1. Tonga Toast and Sausage (Kona)
2. Canadian Chedder Cheese Soup (Le Cellier)
3. Pot Roast (Liberty Tree Tavern)
4. For dessert?? Dole Whips!!!!

Very nice Mother's Day for me!

As you can see in the title, we decided to change dates to May instead of April.. Gonna change the ticker soon, but I don't want to look at like 360 days right now!

06-04-2009, 07:06 PM
And yet again possible date change.. perhaps Feb? DH called and wants to shoot for that..:confused3

Will update when we are more sure!