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03-18-2009, 06:36 PM
Has anyone done online resort check-in for the land portion of their land/sea cruise? Do you get an email prior to arrival to start the check-in process? I have an additional pre-night booked through Disney and not DCL. I assume I will have to do 2 online check-ins.

03-19-2009, 04:49 PM
Unless it has changed, we did a land/sea in April 07 with an extra day at the beginning and here is how we checked in (when booked through Disney):

We did the on-line check-in using the DCL web site. If you are using Disney transportation from the airport to resort to port, that will be listed on the reservations as such. For example:

First Segment Airport to Resort
Second Segment Resort to Port
Third Segment Port to Airport

When we arrived at the resort, we still went to the check-in desk to check-in and obtain the KTTW cards. Sometime during the resort stay, you will need to visit the DCL check-in desk (in the lobby of the resort). There, they will provide you with instructions for the resort to port process and you will check-in for the cruise portion there.

Once at port, you just go through security and straight onto the ship.

03-19-2009, 05:06 PM
Are you staying at the same resort for the prenight as the package? If so, I would call Disney and see if they can link your 2 ressies. That is what we are doing, and I am hoping that we won't have to change rooms (we will ask when we check in for the prenight).

Then, I would just go down to the lobby on the morning of the "package" and recheck in (hopefully to the same room).

I think it all depends on if you are changing resorts or not from prenight to land/sea....

03-20-2009, 09:55 PM
We are staying at the same hotel for the pre-night and the package nights, and they did link my reservations. They also noted my request to keep the same rooms. Hopefully they will keep us in the same room because the pre-night is for a lagoon view (all that was available) and the package nights are for a garden view. They did tell me I would have to check-in twice. I was wondering if the new WDW online check-in for resorts included resort stays through DCL?