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03-17-2009, 10:40 PM
I have a few questions that I know one of you lovely disers will know.

Are stroller rentals free on the ship?
Is there a deposit fee?
Can you keep it the whole cruise and return it the last day?
Can I take it off for excursions?
Are these strollers hard like park strollers?
Do they recline?

We will be bringing a double stroller for the parks for my 3yo and 1 1/2 yo but I don't want to use the double on the cruise because even though it's a combi and compact it is a side by side and I read on here how hard it would be to get through the doors etc. Plus I only need a single for the ship since my 3yo will be almost 4 and will insist on walking. I don't want to have to fly with both a single and double so I would love to rent one.

If I register my kids for the kids clubs online and sign the baby up for the times I want for flounders online. Do I need to stand in these lines in the terminal to get bracelets or anything or is that done when you get to the clubs for the first time? Can I register my teen for the teen club online too?

03-18-2009, 06:11 AM
The strollers on board require a deposit to your KTTW card which is removed when you return the stroller (so ultimately they are free. You pay if you don't return is). They are regular reclining strollers. (not like the parks) You can get one for the whole cruise, for a day, or whatever you want--one deposit no matter how long you keep it. I do have a question--what are you doing with your double stroller while you cruise? Leaving it in a car?

Yes, you need to pick up a wrist band and pager for your child if he/she will be in the Oceaneer's Club. You can do this in the terminal before boarding or in the Club. There's not usually a long line...and what are you going to do with the waiting time anyhow if you get to the port early?

03-18-2009, 09:33 AM
We will fold the double up and put it away somewhere in our cabin. We won't have a car since we are flying. It folds up just like an umbrella stroller so it shouldn't take up too much room I just don't want to push it around the ship because it is a side by side so it is wide. I'm glad to hear I can pick up the bracelets in the terminal that way once we get on board we'll be set to go. I just figured they had the online sign up to keep the terminal line shorter. So is the purpose of signing up for the kids clubs online just so they don't run out of room? I know the baby and flounders is important so we can get the times we need but has anyone ever had a problem with them not having enough room in the kids clubs?

03-18-2009, 09:38 AM
Every kid has a spot in the kid programming. They don't run out of space because if they do, they won't allow any more kids in that age range to book a spot on the ship.

The point of registering them on line is that you have confirmed the fact that they might participate and that they can be in the computer system for the programming before you check in for the cruise (less work for the CMs at the time of handing out beepers, etc.)

Ok, your stroller plans sound good. I have a couple suggested stash places. You can lift up the frame of the bed and slide big suitcases under it. The big stroller might fit there as well. IN addition, after the safety drill we take the life vests off the closet shelf and put them under a particular corner of the bed--that shelf can then hold a suitcase or maybe a stroller.

03-18-2009, 11:42 AM
Ahh that makes sense. I'll register online, anything I can do to speed things up I'm all for. Thanks for the information on the storage, with 4 people in a catagory 12 I'm sure we'll need it.

03-18-2009, 12:07 PM
Ahh that makes sense. I'll register online, anything I can do to speed things up I'm all for. Thanks for the information on the storage, with 4 people in a catagory 12 I'm sure we'll need it.

With 4 people, you won't be in a cat 12. If you booked a 12, you will sail in at least an 11....and you might even get something nicer.