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03-14-2009, 10:29 PM
Hi Disboard folks,

I need help. We have sailed 3 times and all have been on the eastern. We will be sailing again on June 20, 2009. We liked St. John when we were in St. Thomas. I have forgotten the names of the excursion but I do remember everything that took place. I have looked at the ST. John Trunk Bay Beach and Snorkel Tour. When I read about this one, it talks about a taxi ride. When we went to St. John the last time, we got off the ship and walked to this large boat(catarmaran) and it took us for a long ride to ST. John to snorkel or they would put you in a dingy boat and take you to the shore. Is this the same tour that we have taken or is it different. I'm so confused!
I would appreciate any help or tell me about this specific excursion. I think we are getting close to our 95 days.


03-16-2009, 11:47 AM
The catamaran excursion sounds like the Barefoot Sail and Snorkel.

THe St. Jon Trunk Bay Beach and Snorkel tour is as follows: you board a boat over to St. Johns, then they put you on the taxis and drive you to Trunk Bay - they stop a couple of times on the way over.

So here's THE tip - be the last one in a row to board the taxi so you are sitting on the left hand side so you can get pictures without other peoples heads in the way.

03-16-2009, 01:18 PM
Thank you so much for your information. I'm trying to make everyone happy about the St. John excursion. The ds13, dd18, ddboyfriend19- want to snorkel. dh and I want to lay on the beach or get in the water-just chill out.
I hope the last one you mentioned can work for everyone. Thanks also for the FYI about where to sit for pictures. This is my daughters senior year and I feel so stress about filling out chances for our local scholarships to help pay for her college. She has already signed with a college to play fastpitch softball. This still doesn't cover the cost. For any other disboard member that is stressing over this senior year, I can feel for you. I didn't realize pictures, invitations, cap/gown, prom, softball games, scholarships applications, FAFSA. I just had eye surgery on both eyes and still working.
I'm ready for the Magic and lots of pixie dust.

Thanks so much,