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Hi I just had a couple questions. I looked on google but couldnt find answers to it so i hope that somebody can explain it to me. I was wondering how the package delivery works to get the stuff that you buy to your hotel room? Also I know that in downtown disney you can have items shipped via FedEx or UPS, how does that work and is that available in the theme parks too?


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Are you staying in a Disney resort?

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If you are staying in a Disney resort, you tell the castmember who is checking you out, that you want to have the package delivered to your resort. You will fill out a piece of paper that has your resort name on it. You will be given a carbon copy of the form and your receipt. Your package should be delivered to your resort within 24 hours. Obviously, you couldn't use this option if you were checking out the next day. The package pickup location in the resort is usually in the resort store.

You can also have your package delivered to Package Pickup. Package Pickup is situated close to the park entrance in each of the theme parks. Tell the castmember that you want the package sent to Package Pickup. You'll fill out a piece of paper and given a carbon copy and the receipt. You can not have a package delivered to package pickup if the park is closing in less then 3 hours. In other words, if the park is closing at 9:00 p.m., your deadline for having a package sent to package pickup is 6:00 p.m.

If you are staying offsite, you can still have your packages delivered to Package Pickup.

You can not send anything that is perishable to package pickup.

Hope I didn't make that sound too complicated because it really isn't.

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thanks thats good info to know......:)

Oh and RoYo1 forgot say..............

to the DIS!!!!

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thanks thats good info to know......:)

Oh and RoYo1 forgot say..............

to the DIS!!!!

I LOVE resort and package pickup. It's so nice not to have to carry around your packages all day.

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I think you already got an answer, I just wanted to say welcome to DISboards and have a great time.

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Resort pick up is Great .also if you buy something that can break ship it home disney packs things well and you don't have any worries last few times my items were waiting for me when I got home disney is quick

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I used package pick up for the first time last year when we stayed at SSR.
I bought a glass milk bottle in a store in France at EPCOT. I did not arrive for 3 days and when it did arrive it was broken. The CM did not pack it properly did not even bubble wrap it. Thankfully we had a couple more days before we left so the sent another one over. Please don't flame me, but the CM in France was rather nasty. I think I was putting her out. She was more interested in the college age males that were behind me in line :sad2: They were at the wine tasting area and I apparently was bothering her. This was the only unpleasant CM I encountered in all of WDW. Hopefully she has gone back home. :)