View Full Version : We went, we saw, we enjoyed, we're back!!

05-30-2002, 05:37 AM
Hi everyone :)
Had a wonderful trip! Really wonderful!
Anyone who is wondering if a week is worth it, believe me it is!
(Just leaves you wanting more of course :) ......... so it's time to work on getting another countdown ;) )

05-30-2002, 06:14 AM
Welcome back and glad to hear you had a good time Shirley. Looking forward to hearing all about it in your trip report:p


05-30-2002, 06:40 AM
Hi Shirley :wave:

Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. So what did you think of the Dolphin?

05-30-2002, 07:07 AM
Glad to hear you've had a good trip!

I can't wait to hear all about it.


Mrs Dazzle
05-30-2002, 07:20 AM
:) Glad you have a great time. ANY time spent in WDW would be worth it in my book. We only ever spend a week in Orlando because we then head to the beach for the remaining time and I love just a week there.

05-30-2002, 07:49 AM
Welcome home Shirley,
Glad you had a great time, looking forward to hearing ALL the gossip :)

05-30-2002, 07:57 AM
:wave: Hi Shirley! :)

Well, I did <b>5</b> nights and it was definately worth it...for me it's not the time or distance (I mean, it takes about the same time to get from London to Cornwall as it does Orlando!) that holds me back now, just the cost of the flight but if the price is right, I'd say to everyone to just go for it!

Now Shirley, no excuses...get working on that next countdown! :)

Penny :)

05-30-2002, 08:19 AM
Hi Shirley,
Glad to have you back and that you had such a great time.
What's this about working on another countdown....? Do tell...!

05-30-2002, 10:34 AM
Hi Shirley :wave:

Glad to hear you had a great time, and looking forward to hearing more, when you've got a moment or two ;)

05-30-2002, 12:13 PM
Nice to have you back safe and sound, but sad for you that it's over so soon. I hope Jan's house-selling problem has sorted itself out whilst you've been away.

Looking forward to all the juicy details!

Fantasia Sam
05-30-2002, 12:43 PM
Welcome home both of you - can't wait to hear all about it.

The week that you were away seemed to fly by - how quick did it go for you......and whose doing the trip reports then....... ;)

05-30-2002, 01:00 PM
Welcome back Shirley. Glad you had such a good time. I couldn't agree more any time is worth it.LOL Carolyn

05-30-2002, 01:13 PM
'*** we're on the move! :D :D :D

The holiday was simply fab - what can I say. Great Location, Great Weather, Great Food, Great Company - what more can a girl want??? And.................FYIO......I did find a shop or two :D :D :D LOL!

Thanks everyone for the advice on my other thread about our house move - I spent a frantic couple of hours at the airport last week before our flight on the mobile to our Solicitors - and I am happy to say that we exchanged contracts yesterday on sale and purchase and now I have to concentrate on Packing ---- we move next Friday!

So - I will try to pop in and say Hi - but am going to be busy, especially packing up the office too - and may not be on line for a couple of weeks once we've moved until the office is back up and running.

For everyone who is going soon - have a great time and see y'all when I am back to normal (whatever normal is!?!)

05-30-2002, 02:16 PM
Welcome back Shirley!:bounce:

Soooo.. pleased to see you back, catch up with the goss later,

Luv Audrey,

05-30-2002, 03:19 PM
Glad you girls had a fab time, Can't wait to hear about it.

Good luck with the move Janice.


Kevin Stringer
05-30-2002, 03:34 PM
Welcome back ladies.

It just ain't the same without ya!

I mean, I've got no one to tease.


05-30-2002, 04:42 PM
Welcome back!

Looking forward to hearing all about it!

05-31-2002, 06:59 AM
Welcome Back:D

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time:D

:bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

05-31-2002, 11:51 AM
Welcome home Shirley.

Glad to hear you had a good time:)

Mackey Mouse
05-31-2002, 03:53 PM
Shirley, welcome back... it was such a pleasure meeting you both.. Next time, I will come there if I can just do that darn plane ride.. .. Hugs... Marsha

06-02-2002, 01:04 AM
Welcome back,ShirleyBob. Never mind a countdown, get on with that trip report;)