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03-02-2009, 09:32 AM
My wife and I are loking to buy resale. We really dont care what resort we stay at. Also we dont have any kids and only will use the studio rooms. My question is Vero Beach resale is like $20 less a point than disney resorts. Why wouldnt we buy Vero Beach and then just stay wherever we can on the DIsney properities. I know that we can only book 7 months ahead as a home resort 11 months ahead. Am I missing something it is so much cheaper like $5000 I dont see all the studios being booked at the same time at all the Disney resorts. Please help

03-02-2009, 10:58 AM
There may be times when nothing is available at WDW 7 months out when you may want it (and studios are usually the first to fill). Vero has the highest annual dues (close to a dollar more per point than others) due to having fewer owners than most others, a beachfront location that requires high maintenance particularly with salt air effects and possible erosion of beachfront, and high insurance costs because of hurricanes; and it has the highest risk of any resort of being wiped out by a storm. Though current offering prices are showing it about $15 to $19 lower than SSR, SSR also has the advantage of having a 2054 end date in relation to VB's 2042. So, VB is a bargain at currect price but the price difference does not necessarily mean that in the long run it will be less costly or better than buying one that is at WDW.