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I just joined the forum today and am frankly, unfamiliar with discussion boards, so I hope you all will bear with me!!:flower3: I'm planning our first trip to DW next year and am trying to figure out the best time to go. My husband isn't much into crowds, good luck, right? But I'm sure there are times when it is less crowded than others. I've been told January is probably the best time, yet it appears the parks do not have early or after hour entry in the month of January. Is February a good month? I look forward to hearing from you all!

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Hi and Welcome!
Above your post is a list of different subjects. Go to Planning/ scroll down to Lighter Crowds( Wonderful Weeks of Disney) Hope this helps:thumbsup2 :cool1: :cool1: :cool1:

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Welcome to the DIS!

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:thumbsup2 Welcome Aboard!!! All you need to know about planning your trip can be found right here!! :woohoo: There is always someone here who can answer your questions!!! :surfweb: You will love it here and will become addicted like the rest of us!!!:rotfl:

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Just wanted to say :welcome:

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to the boards!!

Dont worry you will get the hang of it!!!

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Welcome to the DIS!!!

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Welcome to DISboards. This is a great source of info and I'm sure you'll find answers to all of your questions, also be prepared to become addicted to DIS.:lmao:

Have a nice day. :)

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Welcome to the boards!!!