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02-27-2009, 06:41 PM
I haven't been on the boards for a long time so this may have already been discussed. I am going to Animal Kingdom lodge and have a 2 bedroom booked for April 5-9:yay: . How is the construction going? We will be in the Jambo part. Does anyone know if they have the pull out chair in the 2 bedroom? Also, I signed up for the celebration on the DVC website (I will have 4 graduating senior girls who are going from Girl Scouts:dance3: ). Has anyone done that and what do they do? Thanks

02-27-2009, 07:40 PM
There will still be construction when you go. Also, the sunset savanna the one between the left (west) side of Jambo and Kidani will lack animals the time you are there and that side of Jambo is the only one effected by any construction. You do not say what category of room you have. If "savanna" view, you could end up with Arusha or Uzima savanna view and the construction will have no impact. However, you could receive notice before you go that you are getting sunset savanna, and they will then charge you for standard view and return extra points.

Note, if you have concierge then you will not have an animal view at that time -- three of the 2BR concierge face the pool and the other two face sunset savanna (no animals when you are there) and even if you get that sunset savanna room there will be no compensation off your concierge point price.

If you have standard view, you will face the pool. If you have a value 2BR you could face the sunset savanna (again no animals) but get no compensation back for it; you could also face the parking lot or the pool.

All 2BRs exceot the "value" rooms have the pull out chair. Can't answer the Celebration quesions.

02-28-2009, 09:48 AM
thanks for the info. we have a standard view 2 bedroom LO. it does not say it is a value room. it would be great to have the pullout chair since the girls have decided they each want to sleep in their own bed. my dh & ds & I will be in the master bedroom. the girls have worked very hard for this trip and we donated DVC points and rented points to get them the resort.