View Full Version : help and critique my cost analysis please

02-27-2009, 02:15 PM
I would like all of the help and critique anyone cares to give.

First I am making the following assumptions:

I am using 3% and the basic formula for Future Value from 2009, then + 20, +30 and + 45 which is the expiration of a 2054 SSR contract.

I am also using the same 65 points that are needed today for a sun-thur 5 night studio stay during a particular time in April.

All of my assumptions are made using what times and points are today. Not what might be when they change the charts year to year.

I have read other spread sheets and while more thorough, I did a quick analysis kitchen counter style with a calculator and some basic assumptions. I tried to take it a step further to go beyond what maintenance fees will cost down the road.

M&F 2009--$4.33/pt

price per point to rent and the price of the same 65 points for the 5 nights

2009--10 >>$650
+20---18 >>1170
+30---24 >>1560
+45---38 >>2470

Current average room rate for SSR @ full rate

steeling from a spread sheet I was reading the author came up with $89K total purchase and M&F adjusted 3% till 2042 (his dates) from 2008. That makes $2600/ year average for 270 points, $9.70/pt. I believe this is $80/pt on resale market for initial purchase.

Make it $10/pt/yr and a 150 point contract was $1500/yr.

Hammer away! What did I miss and what doesn't matter at all? What would make it better? Please don't spare my feelings.