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Boardwalk III
02-21-2009, 10:38 AM
Hi all,

We are heading down for a quick trip end of March. Normally we book 11 mos out and get a 2BR , BW view, but weren't able to do that this time with shorter notice. I have been able to piece together a 2BR for 2 nights, and then a 1BR on points and a studio on DVC cash for the next 2 nights. I am hoping to keep the same room for all 4 nights as it's the same configuration (a 2BR is actually a 1 BR and studio connected) and everything was booked thorugh memeber services. Can anyone give me contact info, either fax or phone number, or name, of the room controller @ BWV to put that request in (and should I do it a month in advance?) Also, since we've been spoiled with a BW View all these years, what request should I put in for a nice garden view (I really don't want a pool view if possible) - are some Garden views better than others?

Appreciate all advice! :)

02-21-2009, 10:55 AM
Several years ago they told us we couldn't and shouldn't contact the resort to make room requests. We were advised that this should be done when the reservation is made.

That being said, I think if you Present your case at check in, they will attempt to do that for you. We have never had an issue doing that at OKW when we have gone from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom or from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom. There is always the chance that it WONT work though, and you may have to move.

02-21-2009, 11:21 AM
Request a view of the croquet lawn if you don't want a pool view. FWIW, I do not think that is a very popular request so you have a good chance of getting it.

My advice is to email MS and ask them to put your request to stay in the same room on the reservations. They can cross reference the numbers. Obviously, you will have to include all of the confirmation numbers in the message and carefully explain in your message exactly what you want to do. I think email is better than calling in this case - when they are busy, calling with this type of more complicated reqeust is less likely to work as the CMs are focused on getting the phones answered.

If you are on a waitlist(s), I would not email, though - could create a bit of a mess if one of more of the waitlists came through.

I agree with Diane - repeat your request at check in. I'm sure they will do their best, but it may not be possible. BWV is almost always at or near capacity, so your best chance is if the room assigner understands the request MS adds to your reservations. In my experience, BWV pretty much always pre assigns most rooms.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.

Boardwalk III
02-21-2009, 01:49 PM
Thanks for the information. I did try to do some of it over the phone with MS but agree it gets complicated. Emailing them is a good idea.

I know nothing is guaranteed but I might as well give it a shot :)