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02-14-2009, 11:52 PM
I recently booked the REAS pkg thru my TA.
Before even booking it I asked the agent to check to make sure "nothing had changed" specifically asking if BOTH rooms would be able to book at 105 days- it was that way last time in 2006 when we got the REAS pkg because one of us (the couple that is doing the REAS pkg) was in each room as the primary adult (it's only our family of 5 in 2 rooms- it's not like we're in one room and linked with other family members. It's DH in one room with DS, me in another room with both DD's). He said he checked with DCL and it was the same as before- would be able to book both rooms but only one Palo dinner and one Palo brunch same as before.

I waited- and now I can only book in the room with DH and DS. The rest of us show at the bottom of the excursion page but I can't check the box next to our names and it says the booking window hasn't opened yet.

I asked him to check that because it was a big selling point for us to be able to book early. I can't book just DH and DS for excursions and then "try" to get them for all of us later! So we'll ALL have to just wait and book later anyway.

Did this change and the TA was incorrect when he said he checked with DCL on this before I booked it? Or is something messed up?

Like I said- I know you can't book all rooms 'linked" but this isn't just linked... I'm in one room, he's in the other- we're a FAMILY with 2 rooms with one of us in the REAS pkg in each room... and last time we were able to book on both rooms early when we had the REAS pkg. So either something has changed, or something is messed up.


(oh and sigh- why do they do so many of the excursions at each port AT THE SAME TIME? That is so aggravating. As if we want to be at Cozumel from 9:30am to 6:30 and only do ONE excursion- some of which are only 1.5hrs long? But we can't book more than that- because they are all at the same time or overlapping! Every cruise this happens. We can never book DCL excursions more than ONE per each port because of the way they time them. The two we wanted to do they are only doing ONE of those excursions at Cozumel (one time each) and both are exactly the same time. sigh......)

02-14-2009, 11:56 PM
AND on DH's room when I go to cruise plans it says this in red:
You can reserve cruise activities for all Guests in your stateroom or other staterooms linked to yours. Note that while you are arranging activities in My Cruise Plans, no one else in your stateroom or other staterooms linked to yours will be able to access their reservation.
But that is not the case. :(

02-14-2009, 11:59 PM
Oh something is definitely messed up. I can't even book us both for Palo! And that's definitely something we're supposed to be able to book with the REAS- it's even listed in the benefits of REAS! But it will only let me book Jeff- says
"Select someone in your stateroom as the primary Guest for the reservation then add other members of your travel party to the reservation. The total number of Guests you select must match table availability for the meal type you chose. Guests who are not eligible due to age restrictions do not display.

Your travel party includes Guests in all staterooms associated with your stateroom. "

But uh... only shows Jeff... (not Robert- he's too young obviously LOL) but doesn't show me! that's really messed up. :(

cats mom
02-15-2009, 04:29 AM
Unfortunately getting different answers to the same question is not exactly a surprise when you're dealing with the folks at DCL... but when I asked the same question you did about the REAS package I got a different answer.

I was told I would need to have the REAS package on both rooms if I wanted to book for everyone at the 105 day window.

The CM said I could reserve Palo for the person in the room with the REAS package when my booking window opened, then call in, and they would manually add the other person to Palo ressies. But they would not do the same with excursions, only the people in the REAS room would be able to book early.

Of course I'm sure I've seen posts from folks who said they were able to get excursion ressies for everyone in their immediate family when they called and pushed the issue, so it's certainly worth a shot.

Good Luck

02-15-2009, 08:52 AM
Probably a silly question, but are both rooms paid in full?

We are linked with another couple and we couldn't make any ressies with them until they were paid in full even though we could see their names listed. We are CC members and were paid in full prior to 90 days, they are not CC members so were not paid in full prior to 90 days, but once they did pay off their cruise (around the 80 day point I think) we were able to book Palo for all of us as well as other excursions.

Obviously this may not be the case for you, just an idea.

02-15-2009, 12:29 PM
yes, both rooms are paid in full. :)
Wow- what a benefit... get REAS and be able to book ONE person in Palo and then have to call to add the spouse? Loverly...... (not) LOL

yeah I know my TA probably got the wrong answer from DCL- wouldn't be the first time an agent with DCL gave out incorrect info. But it's so weird since we were able to do it last time the exact same way. But if they had said only one room I might not have booked it- but if I did... I certainly would have put it on the room with me and the girls! (considering DH is diving- not thru DCL- at some points and doing snuba with DS not thru DCL too- atleast I could have booked the majority of the excursions for us girls and not have to worry about matching up DH/DS on those same excursions later on!) sigh.....

I'll talk to my TA tomorrow about it... and if they can't do anything I'll just have to wait till we can all book ressies but that sure was a big "thing" about the REAS- that I guess DCL has changed. LOL I'm not sure it's REALLY worth it if you can't book ressies early- not even palo for both of you! LOL

02-15-2009, 03:18 PM
The Palo reservation is not that big of a deal. You can even bring in two people to a Palo reservation for one, just book the time you want for the person you can and add the second later.

I'm not sure why you should be able to book a whole family's excursion reservations early just because you have REAS, sounds like maybe a loophole was closed.

02-15-2009, 03:27 PM
The Palo reservation is not that big of a deal. You can even bring in two people to a Palo reservation for one, just book the time you want for the person you can and add the second later.

I'm not sure why you should be able to book a whole family's excursion reservations early just because you have REAS, sounds like maybe a loophole was closed.

I guess I think why we should because if we were all in one room (non-concierge like cat4) we'd be able to! Why is it different if we're in two rooms but each room has a "party" of the "couple" in the REAS? Doesn't seem fair to me. A benefit of booking REAS is to book early- doesn't help if only half the immediate family (parents and kids only- don't mean other family members linked in other rooms) are able to book things. That's pointless and doesn't help a bit. LOL
IF something isn't messed up- like they booked it for Jeff only and didn't specify me on the REAS as part of the "couple" on the REAS- then yes, they definitely changed things. Because the first time we were booked 2 rooms exactly the same as this time and were able to book us all on the excursions/etc.

I guess my thinking is that it should be the way it used to be. I'M part of the REAS pkg also! I should be able to book early as well. I can totally see that it wouldn't be fair like say we had two rooms with like me/Jeff and 2 kids in a room and then another room with our third child with say a grandmother or sister or something as the parent in that room. in that case I think it would be fair to NOT allow the other room to book excursions even though one of our children was in there- or something like that. I think only the room(s) with the actual 2 people part of the REAS should be able to book (but not all the other rooms that may be linked with friends or other relatives not including the 2 people in the REAS pkg) But that's not how it is. I'm in one room with some of our kids, he's in one room with one of our kids- and no one else in the rooms either except for us and our kids. He gets to book early but I don't? That's what I don't think is fair. :( I know that booking excursions is a "hidden' benefit of booking REAS- but Palo is flat out stated on it. Yet a previous poster stated that you book one person and then the other spouse in the other room you need to call to get them added? That's bogus, in my opinion. LOL (also please note the statements I quoted in red- it even says on there in read on those pages that we should be able to book the rest of our guests in the linked room- but it's not letting us)

02-15-2009, 03:50 PM
Spoke with TA and they called about it.... (they also said they've been told yes but we both agreed you can get different answers everytime you call DCL LOL) and were told no but they'd be glad to book us both on Palo over the phone with the TA. *rolling my eyes*
TA said none of their "contacts" are there on a Sunday so they'll call tomorrow- but if the answer is still no, they'll remove the REAS pkg and refund us. I know there are other benefits to REAS and this isn't the only one- but it was the "push us over the edge" to getting it- for us. Without this benefit... we're not sure it's quite worth it. The first time we never set foot in the spa and never even used the photo cpn either (although that part was by mistake LOL) We already have the robes as well. So *shrugs* -no biggie. If we can't book us all at once we'll just cancel it and use the refund on more pictures on the cruise or something- we won't be upset about it. :)

cats mom
02-15-2009, 09:38 PM
I hope you'll let us know what you find out.

Unfortunately I'm thinking I may have gotten a CM who knew what he was talking about. I know that's not good news in your case.

The bit about booking for other members of your travel party is a standard explanation that's always there. I'm sure DCL will say it doesn't necessarily apply for the REAS package, just like it doesn't apply for anyone not paid in full, etc.

Just speculation on my part... but I think this may be one of those cases where too many people caught onto a bit of a loophole in the system; and while DCL's solution locks them out (and rightly so), it also penalizes families who can certainly claim they legitimately qualify for early booking benefits.

FWIW, we felt REAS was too pricey for what was being offered in our case. That decision was partly because we have the same stateroom situation as you do. While early booking for excursions isn't an advertised part of the package, it is a well known perk, and we didn't think it made sense to pay what we considered a very high price when we couldn't take full advantage of the package.

02-16-2009, 12:34 AM
Ofcourse I will update to let everyone know what they say...

However, at this point I'm just about ready to just cancel the REAS anyway. I mean I thought I could book Friday night- really couldn't until Saturday night- found out only one room (DH/DS) could book... they said they'd contact DCL tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest- at that point I'd only have to wait 11 days more to book without the REAS pkg! :rotfl: And besides that- thru just "looking" with DH/DS room- it appears we can't really book what we want anyway (thru DCL- because of the times they have those excursions as well as the fact we can only book ONE excursion the entire day thru DCL) and everything I can figure out for us to do it looks like only ONE excursion thru DCL and all the rest on our own.... so that's really not worth the REAS either. I also won't DIE if we can't book Palo early- I mean like if at 90 days the night/time we want is gone (would prefer to do it the night DH is diving that day because this time we have main dining and he won't be back in time for that- so if he's missing dining anyway- might as well make that our night to go to Palo late- yanno?) because I keep reading that people have no problem booking once onboard anyway. And I won't cry if it's not available at all either. *shrugs*

I'm in agreement with your sentiments about it not being worth it especially if you can't take full advantage of the pkg.. but I will still let you all know what they say. :)

02-16-2009, 01:58 PM
I said I would update you- so I am. :)

Our TA got the same answer again today- that we can only book Palo for both of us but that the excursions are only for the room the REAS pkg is 'attached' to and in order to book excursions for the remainder of us (me/2 girls) in the other room we'd have to book ANOTHER reas pkg and attach it to that room. :lmao: Okay whatever DCL... no thanks!

so we're cancelling the REAS pkg and taking our chances at 90 days which isn't that far off now at this point! I must say also that our TA did offer that if we were unable to get the excursions we wanted at 90 days out to let them know and they'd work on getting them for us. I :love: my TA! :)