View Full Version : I'm seeing stars....read somewhere that the 4/3 deal is best with 10 day no expire...

02-06-2009, 08:07 AM
I never thought of that! Brillant! Started crunching numbers.....

So sorry if I'm driving people crazy. I'm driving DH and myself crazy so I really appreciate anyone not rolling their eyes and helping. :goodvibes

We're family of 5 so cheapest option with 4/3 plan is POR.
May 30-June 6 POR 4/3 deal with 10 day No Exp WP + PH
$3,096.22 does not include dining....

Ran numbers at UndercoveTourist for 10 day No Exp WP + PH for our family of 5 [3 A 2 C, one of our kids just turned 10 boo hoo].....

So to make it good for us I divide the number from UC by 3. Because I figure we could do 6 days each trip mixing parks with water park + DQ...+ couple extras days thrown in here and there...

So now each trip will essentially cost us ~$873

So what I did was take the $3096.22 POR total and subtracted out what it would have cost us to buy the 10 day tix from UC [$2617.75].
$3096.22-$2617.75 = $478.50~~so that's what POR is costing us for 7 nights!

So now I add back the cost of the tickets....$873 so this trip will cost
$478.50+$873 = 1351.50. Plus food. Dining plan makes it $1k more so I don't think that's a deal since we'll have a car and more options...

Is this correct?? Am I doing something wrong?

I had originally planned to stay at WH...there are some deals between $450 to $500 for the week. Now you get 3 bedrooms there and cooking at home option [but don't really want to cook but will to save $$]. I figure I'd have to add $90 for parking and a little more for the kennel being offsite...

I was trying to get camping to work this trip but WH is really close on the math there since I can't get the 4/3 deal at campsites...plus for close to same price, I'd take a condo.

I've been crunching numbers for way too long I'm going batty. So if someone can check me and say 'yes this is a GREAT deal or nah wait, let me know.'

We're going to Anna Maria Island for a week afterwards and DH has a max amount he wants to spend.

The hard part is selling the 10 day no expire passes.

We were originally going offsite with 7 day base tix for $1050ish and DH was bummmed not to be able to park hop....

Any help greatly appreciated.

perhaps I'm just grasping at straws and it's not that good of a deal....


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02-06-2009, 08:30 AM
Have you tried the numbers with staying at All Star Music suites?

02-06-2009, 08:48 AM
I think the savings comes from having the 3 free days not considered when paying for the extras like PH, no expiry, and water parks. It seems like, if you buy the 10 days tickets - it would be like paying for a 7 day but getting 10. On Mousesavers they talk about the same thing but with a 7 day ticket, but you are only paying for 4 - see here: http://www.mousesavers.com/packages.html#fairytale

You are essentially saving the cost of the 3 free nights at POR plus difference in cost between a 10 day and 7 day ticket.

For your future trips, you will have your tickets in hand so if there are deals offered that are packages which include tickets - you would not need tickets. That is something to keep in mind - I'm not so sure but it seems people get a 1 day ticket and apply it to a future purchase - but double check that.

02-06-2009, 09:35 AM
If I did the same dates but with 7 day No Exp PH WP it would be $2728.79 which is $367.43 less than the 10 day but I don't get 3 days of parks and 3 days of water parks.......a 3 day No Exp WP & PH would be $350 for ONE adult.

But I see what you're saying...I'm paying a 7 vs a 10 or a 4 vs a 7 for the deal....if I only bought a 4 day on WDW's site it would be $1853. If I bought a 7 it would be $2200 which is essentialy what I'm paying in deal above.

So If I only do 7 day...$2728.79.
We could go another time. Divid $1853/2 = $926 for tix.
Room $875 for 7 nights [$2728-$1853] + $926 tix = $1801 for room and tix, still need to buy food. It would be cheaper to stay at Windsor Hills based on this.

But for 10 day... $3096.22
we could go 2 more times...$2200/3 = $740
Room is $896 for 7 nights based on $3096-2200 - $896. So $896+$740 = $1636 for room and tix, still need food. Close.

I have calculated offsite two ways.
First off...I found an amazing deal at Windor Hills for $450 for a week total. So that makes this deal very tempting.

$450 condo; $1039 7 day base tix UT; $90 parking = $1579.
$450 condo; 10 day no expire through UC $2617. Divide by 3 trips = $873 per trip. $90 parking = $1413.

So that's where I am and where I'm deciding....

To put it in perspective: our very first trip was Jan 2006 and we didn't know what we were doing. We also flew. 5 days 4 nights TWO rooms at POP and Dining Plan for ~ $2500. The deal included water parks + park hopper; we park hopped but never used other.

Our 2nd trip was 40% off code and we went for POLY. We did park hoppers and dining plan. 6 days 5 nights. We flew and also did MNSSHP. We spent close to $3800.

So really these prices are pretty good. I just figured they would be better...

The All Star Suites are more expensive than 1 room at POR and also not available right now with 4/3 package.

Thanks for helping!!

I appreciate it.

02-06-2009, 09:43 AM
I've only been to WDW one time, so I have a question about your calculations.

If you get the Waterparks and more option, and you visit a waterpark, doesn't that count against your 10 days? If that is the case, then I don't think you would get three trips out of your tickets. I may be wrong here.

02-06-2009, 10:19 AM
Actually the WP and more are separate...so you get 10 days of park hoppers and 10 days to visit - Blizzard Beach water park, Typhoon Lagoon water park, DisneyQuest, Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex, or a round of golf at Oak Trail.

so 20 visits. pretty cool huh? you just have to keep track.

I've not done it yet...just used up what ive gotten with packages...

02-06-2009, 10:44 AM
Your numbers are making my head spin, but all I know is that I decided to get 10 non exp. and it's a savings of over $300 for us by getting them thru the 7/4 deal rather than undercover tourist. Also, I figured we are getting CBR for $122 a night with tax.We also wanted to stay at WH, but with renting a car there it is actually cheaper for us to stay on site.
Will you use the waterparks? Think of how long you could use them-years! We are going to try to make our passes last for 3 trips and then have a few more w.park left. We will go to the waterparks only once or twice per trip.
Are any of your kids near age 10? One of mine is 8, so that's a little savings for us to buy her tickets now for her to use in the next few years.
I told my kids we have so many water park days that they will be using the tickets on their honeymoons!
I guess it comes down to are you wanting to invest the money in tickets (an extra $1000) and do you plan on going back for other trips?

02-06-2009, 01:34 PM
LOL. Glad I'm not alone on the head spinning...

The water parks we'll use if we have them, you know. Especially this trip we're going May 31-June 6...so it'll be HOT. And I forgot my first trip in January that it also is for the indoor arcade which sounds fun.

Sadly my oldest JUST turned 10 DUH. I couldn't for the life of me talk DH into going BEFORE that so we could do dining one last time. Sigh...

Oh well.

My others are 6 and 8 so it will be nice for them to be able to upgrade adult at no charge.

Our next trip is not supposed to be for 2 more years...but we say every time 'this is last time for awhile!'


02-06-2009, 01:46 PM
I guess the only thing that could be a factor is any upcoming deals offered by Disney or PIN codes you might get (like free dining) that require a ticket purchase as part of a package. Of course you could, at worst, still go on the package and get tickets - your tickets will not expire so I suppose you could use them any time in the future. It seems unlikely ticket prices will go down at all.

So...if you get the no expiry tickets and your child turns 10 (11, 12, etc) before you return - can you just use them like normal? I have wondered if there is some policy on that or will the ticket taker bother to notice. I'm guessing there is no notice of it. If we did the same deal on our summer trip it is likely my youngest would be 10+ before we finished using all of that ticket!

02-06-2009, 04:33 PM
I could always buy a 1 day pass if needed for a future deal.

You can upgrade to adult pass when child turns 10 for no charge. I'm not sure if you have to go to certain spot or not.

Anyone else with opinion on my numbers....want to tell DH the verdict...he's sick of hearing all the options...


02-07-2009, 01:43 PM
Here are all my options:

1. Windsor Hills 3 bedroom condo + buying tix through UT
$2065 total estimate include kennel fee and parking+ food
8 days / 7 nights buying 10 day No Exp WP and PH use future trips too

2. 6 day 5 night using Military Discount
[convincing dad to go] onsite at POR
5 day base passes
$2150 TOTAL including dining plan tips & kennel
mom and dad would want dining plan

3. Camping with $500 gift card
5 nights in tent; 6 day base passes include kennel fee
use $500 gift card for dinners & snacks in park; otherwise cook at camp
$1575 including estimate kennel fee [$100]

4. 4/3 at POR 8 day/7 nights
10 day no-expire tix to use for future trips also
$2300 includes food estimate, kennel, etc.

5. Seaworld Aquatica 5 nights
Residence Inn 1 Bedroom Suite Free Hot Breakfast
$1334 total including pet fee and food budget $500

6. Universal Studios 5 nights
Hard Rock Club Level includes Breakfast & Evening Drinks
inclues passes IOA/US
Kids eat Lunch and Dinner free at certain restaurants
$2332 including pet fee, parking, food budget

could also do Portofino Bay for a little less but not club level so even.

Cheapest option is Seaworld/Aquatica...

WDW-wise camping is cheapest option, but DH isn't fired up about that [we are big campers though]. And the pin code came to my house with my sis in law's name so I'd have to find a willing CM.

2nd cheapest option is Windsor Hills.

Universal and POR are a wash but Universal is more of a deluxe grade hotel. But no disney parks.

The military discount is good but the 7 day seems better the price I have for the deal military is base tix and other is park hopping and water parks +.


02-07-2009, 02:38 PM
A few things:
I'm not sure about this, but I thought I read somewhere that the gift card could not be used for food, only merchandise or tips.
I was also looking at the Sea World packages, esp. the one at Residence Inn with buy 3 get 5. Is that what you are looking at? If so, how did you get the one BR to come up? I could only get the studio and I tried all kinds of dates.
I guess you are driving so you don't need a car. Out of your options I would pick either POR with the 4/7 or WH. I think the SW package would be OK, but would be way to short with only 5 nights. I like camping, but not in Orlando where there are so many nice hotels and I will not cook on vacation, I do too much of that at home.
I also thought about WH, but we have to rent a car and that makes it cost more than a mod. I priced out CBR to be $122 a night for us. I would rather stay there this time b/c WH will always be there for $100 a night, but CBR may never be that cheap again. Also, as the kids get older, one hotel room will not be enough. Something to ponder....
We may have to change our trip dates b/c my older dd is in a show. Until we know the date, I can't buy my airfare. So, now I do not know when we are going, but I'm keeping my reservations at CBR.

02-07-2009, 08:10 PM
I could always buy a 1 day pass if needed for a future deal.

You can upgrade to adult pass when child turns 10 for no charge. I'm not sure if you have to go to certain spot or not.

Anyone else with opinion on my numbers....want to tell DH the verdict...he's sick of hearing all the options...


When the 4/3 deal first came out we were just going to get the 7 base ticket. Then we said we might as well upgrade to the 10 day non-expiring with water parks etc. We really want to take some days to just relax this trip (we'll be in Disney 7 then offsite for 3 nights) so we plan to use no more than 5 park days. So we'll probably have 5 days left plus 7 or 8 water park days. We won't need to add water parks again for several trips since we only go once during our stay and probably once to DQ. Then my plan for next year is to rent points from a DVC member. It's a great way to experience a deluxe resort at a much lower cost and we'll already have our park tickets.:)

Oh I guess i should say I would go with the 4/3 deal at POR!! That would be my choice.
We have stayed on-site (Portofino Bay) at Universal and it was awesome but didn't really feel I needed to spend more than 3 days in those parks. FOTL is awesome and we get each park done in one day then go back on the 3rd day to do our favorites.

02-07-2009, 08:36 PM
I feel like I found my soulmate. I spend so much time crunching numbers it's sad, very sad!

My advice- if you want to do Disney forget the other parks. When DD was 5 months we went to US for a 5 day get-away, every day I longed to be at Disney. So basically every night we ended up at DTD or a Disney restaurant. US is fun, but it isn't Disney, especially if you have kids, not teens.

Second we stayed at WH on 2 different occasions. It was so convenient, driving, eating breakfast before the parks and having a place for the adults to hang out while the kids were sleeping. We were at the Animal Kingdom in less time than if we waited for a bus onsite. If you plan to eat just breakfast at the condo and eat other meals out you will still save $$ and feel like you are on vacation.

Not sure about the prices in June, but I found some of the townhomes were the same price as the condos. Plus they also have a private splash pool. And if your dad does join you, you could split the house with him. We rented a 5 bedroom (each with a bath) for around $200 a night. It had a full size pool and hot tub.

I know you wanted a ticket answer, but I just wanted to throw in my $.02 about your last post.

02-08-2009, 07:28 AM
DCBRIDE :grouphug: so glad to find another 'cruncher'... I don't feel so alone. LOL.

One of the issues we have is we'r a family of FIVE which makes it very hard at WDW. I would love to rent points but until just recently I would have to book 2 bedroom. Thankfully now you an book 1 bedroom but it's still double the studio rate so it brings it out of the 'disney on the cheap' category.

Those of you with families of 4 or less, rent a studio from a DVC member. That's the deal.

The seaworld deal...it must be my dates. Try june 1-6 and see if it comes up for you. Or maybe i was offered the 1 bedroom because of the 3 kids.

Windsor Hills is winning...the deal I've found is $450 for the week. I cannot find that in a townhouse or villa with private pool. This is 3 bedroom. We've offered mom and dad free room and board but they don't like to be 'on top of each other'.

We will have a car this trip; other 2 we've flown and used Disney Transportation. DH loves not having to drive.

We're going to Anna Maria from Disney World for a solid week. We found a little house with a pool with an adjacent smaller house for mom and dad. Perfect set up. We'll be in a small 2 bedroom and mom and dad will be in more of a loft cottage.

That's another problem I'm having...I don't want the WDW place to be so much better than AMI....you know?

Thanks so much for sharing in my decision making. DH doesn't understand and my friends outside of DIS would think I'm wack-O.

:cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:


02-08-2009, 07:54 AM
Add me to the spinning head club! WOW Trish you have been busy crunching!

Ok I read through the post as best as could and didn't see this mentioned. It probably was but with all the numbers I probably missed it...

In the 4/3 deal your the tickets that are included in the package price is 7 day base tickets. You will pay for the other ticket options on those 3 free day tickets.

I tried to calculate it out and show dollar examples but my brain started hurting and I lost where I was going with the examples :)

Trish I hope your head stops spinning and you can figure out the best deal for you and your family. Have a great trip!

02-08-2009, 08:02 AM
2. 6 day 5 night using Military Discount
[convincing dad to go] onsite at POR
5 day base passes
$2150 TOTAL including dining plan tips & kennel
mom and dad would want dining plan

Not sure you could book this without your parents on the Dining Plan. Based on what I know (or what I think I know :rotfl: ) to use the Military Discount the reservations would have to be made in your Dad's name. And while he can book extra rooms, wouldn't it have to be all one reservation? To book the dining plan all people on the reservation must be on the dining plan. (someone correct me if I'm wrong :) )

If I had the options you had for the trip I would go with one of the on site options. Thats just me though. Although I have stayed off site back in 2000, I love being on site. For me the experience is totally different the off site.

Hope you can decided without your head exploding :) Have a great trip!

02-08-2009, 08:06 AM
STR...I would have to book the dining plan as my parents would want it and everyone on ressie has to have same plan. That's what I meant. Confusing huh? LOL.

Based on my calculations I'm paying for 7 day $2200 and getting 10 day $2600...so yes only 3 days are free...I think...LOL. If I bought 7 day it would be $1853 which is cost of 4 day...does that make more sense? I don't have numbers in front of me but you get the jist. :O)

If I do 7 day base tix and no dining 4/3 at POR it's $1950ish...then add food and kennel....and don't have any days left for other trips....

If I bought the 10 day no expire etc. at Undercover Tourist it would be $2617.