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02-03-2009, 10:09 AM
I started posting and realized i never even said hi!
Anyway We are planning a last minute trip to wdw, the first wk of march! It will be my dh and i, dd who is 3, my little brother who is 17 and ds who is 18months!
I never knew so much went into planning this! I have been to wdw when i was 17 for my senior class trip so i just did what they told me lol this is a whole new experience!

02-03-2009, 11:38 AM
I did the exact same thing, so hi back. I'm also doing my first Disney trip plan. My parents planned all of the early ones and the only trip I took as an adult (or at least without my family) was a quick one with DH before we were married. No planning went into that one, just spur of the moment driving my grandmother's car down for her. We stole an extra two days to head to Disney and I really don't remember booking anything or planning anything other than the resort.

This it totally different planning for a family of four and making sure we take advantage of any deals as well as all the info out there to plan a great trip. We are travelling with a child with ADHD so some careful planning for when to hit attractions and use fastpass as well as making the drive from Ontario manageable is in order.

Happy Planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to the DIS!!!

You know, the first time I realized I needed to "plan" for Disney was when I realized that we were spending so much of our very hard earned money, and I wanted to maximize our Disney experience!! I didn't want us exhausted, so I even planned for downtime. After that first planned vacation, I realized I'd never "wing it" when it came to Disney again! It was so enjoyable. Plus, planning it adds to the excitement for me and my family, it's fun to read up on restaurants, attractions, hotels, etc.

Welcome to the DIS!!

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Welcome to DISboards. May you have a great time, have fun and enjoy every moment.

Have a nice and safe trip coming. :)

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Welcome from Louisiana:cheer2:

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