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02-03-2009, 07:59 AM
How did your guests get back from your reception to their hotel rooms?
I am having my reception at the GF, but my guests will be staying at POFQ. I think we will all be able to get a taxi there for quite cheap?

Another question, myself and all my guests are staying in villa's offsite, and only staying at Disney the night of the wedding. My wedding is at 2.30pm, and I beleive check in is not until 4pm, so will my guests have to wait unitl the end of the reception, at midnight, to check into their hotel?

Or, could we have a gap between the ceremony and the recepetion? The ceremony will be 2.30-3pm I think, then we could have pictures with our guests until 3.30pm, then let them drive (in their own cars) to POFQ, and be back at the GF for 4.30pm, when the pre-reception will start. What do you guys think?

The only thing is I would like to provide them transport from POFQ to the GF for the pre-reception so they are not all going back and forth in their cars. Because then, they would have to leave their cars at the GF and go back for them the next morning??????????????????

02-03-2009, 10:19 AM
I can't answer all of your questions, but I will try my best to answer some of them. First, your guests that are staying on property the night of the wedding can check in early. Their actual room might not be available, but they can still check in that morning. They can either have bell services hold their bags or they can leave them in their cars. We had all of our guests that were staying off property drive to POR then leave their cars there. We chartered a bus for all of our guests which picked them up at POR (and we had a few people at All Star Sports) that way no one had to worry about driving back and forth :thumbsup2 Depending on the size of your wedding it is sometimes cheaper to just rent a couple of limos instead of a bus.