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My DW and moved to central Florida back in August of 2008 and quickly obtained annual passes. Having never been to Disney I wasn't too thrilled about paying a ton of money for an annual pass and even told DW that it better be worth it to pay this much $$ since we did have other places the $$ could go. To make a long story short we go to Disney about once a week or once every other week and I am absolutely in LOVEEEEEEE with the place. I have most definitely been transformed by the magical pixiedust:

My wife has been surfing these boards for awhile now and last night during the Superbowl I found myself here searching away too during the entire game. Before we were heading to bed I stood up and looked at my wife with a serious look on my face and said "Hi, my name is...and I'm addicted to Disney." She laughed and said I was stupid, but Disney is the greatest place on the planet and I love it.

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I wish I lived so close. How nice it must be to go every week or so. I told my DH that when we retire we are moving to Orlando and I want to become a CM at Disney. But that will be about 25 years from now. We live in Louisiana and my goal is to go at least once a year.:cool1:

02-02-2009, 08:14 AM
My parent's are friends with a couple who are retired and own a huge RV and they drive it down here every year and work seasonally for Disney. They park the RV at a camper park just down the road from Disney. I like living so close because we can go during the mornings when it's a little less crowded and do as much as everybody else in the whole day. Especially in Sept. and the months when it was less busy.

We were there on Saturday at MK and DHS and both parks were unusually busy...I'm not really sure why I expected it to be much less busy than it was.

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