View Full Version : parking at monorail resorts on xmas day for adr's - possible???

01-31-2009, 04:53 PM
apologies for bringing up the topic of christmas when its not quite february yet but i am trying to plan our december 09 trip and have a question that i have been unable to find the answer to!

after much pondering and debating we have decided we would like to try and get adr's for christmas day in chef mickeys, and new years eve at narcoosee's. however we are staying off site and i vaguely remember reading somewhere that you cannot park at the monorail resorts on holidays unless you are a resort guest. is this true???

or will we be allowed to park there if we have adr's?? the usual 3 hours parking limit is not a problem to us if this is allowed.

we also dont mind paying to park at the mk parking lot but having experienced the holiday season firsthand my fear is that we would not be allowed into the parking lot by late afternoon due to it being full!!

if we cannot park at the resort does anyone have any suggestions as to how we could make our adr's? or would we be better looking elsewhere?

we are staying out in the davenport area so a cab would be too expensive.


01-31-2009, 05:46 PM
As long as you have adr, the guard at the gate wil let you in to the resort to self-park or valet. We have had xmas morning breakfast at GF each year for the past 3 years and have had adr for xmas day at Cape May at BC and had no problem parking. I do suggest that you make the adr as soon as you can for the holiday. We never go to aprk on xmas day and use the late breakfasts to celebrate and then go to a movie or DTD. They tell you you can park for 3 hours. This year on NYE day we had adr at Beach club for breakfast and Yacht club for late meal (9pm) and did not have an problem parking. We are resort guest (dvcmember at OKW) but that should not be an issue if you have your adr number to give the guard.


01-31-2009, 06:07 PM
thanks so much for your reply, its a relief to know we can park there! have no intention of going near a park on either day - past experience has taught us it is not a good idea :crazy2: but we still want to factor in some disney magic to the days so these adr's will hopefully be the answer. i had my 180 day mark calculated but now its back to 90 days!!