View Full Version : wedding day questions

01-31-2009, 10:43 AM

well we have booked the holiday 3rd may till 17th may at old key west but are on waiting list for Boardwalk. we are getting married on the 12th at leu gardens a couple of questions as we are doing everything on a budget

has anyone brought a wedding dress over in orlando ( doesnt have to be a proper one maybe even a cocktail dress) .

wedding ring- plain wedding band- any pointers for jewellery shops

possible hire for limosine - any recomendations

finally there will be only four of us so for the wedding evening I was thinking of narcossees - getting in touch for ADR at 90 days and telling them it was our wedding meal and requesting a table to view the fireworks and anything else that could make it special
oh by the way we are getting married at 1.30 so i thought another idea would be to hire a boat at OKW and have a small celebration following the ceremony

i would appreciate your thoughts