View Full Version : What is your favorite food at the 4 Parks, Downtown, and the Resorts?

01-30-2009, 09:07 AM
here's mine:

AK--St Louis Rib platter from Flame Tree BBQ

Epcot-- tie between Pretzel Bread from LeCellier and School Bread from Norway

MK-- tie between Hot Dog from Casey's Corner and Mickey premium bar(i know you can get them in each park -but there something about walking up main street eating one)

Studios-- Rueben from Sci-Fi

Downtown-- Brave New World (BBQ chicken pizza) from Rainforest

Resorts--Tie between Wings from ESPN CLUB and Flame Grilled shrimp at O'Hana

Lets see your's!

01-30-2009, 09:44 AM
DTD - Fried lobster tail from Fultons

AK - Frozen Chai from the tea stand

Epcot - Falafel wrap from Tangierine Cafe

HS - Caramel Popcorn

MK - BLT Chicken Salad from CHH

GF - Any desserts from GFC

POLY - The chicken lo mein from Capt Cooks

AKL - Anything from Boma breakfast

BWI - Red Snapper from Flying Fish

BC - No Way Jose from Beaches and Cream

YC - Roasted garlic spread with onion rolls from the Yachtsman

From any mod or value resort - cinnamon buns!!