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01-28-2009, 10:43 PM
We've decided to go to Disney at the end of next month. We had cancelled our trip a few months ago b/c of my mom's health. Unfortunately she lost her battle to cancer a few weeks ago. :sad1:
My dad insists we take the kids and do our trip after all. Soooo, here I am trying to put it together.:crazy2:
I have the lodging taken care of. Now I'm trying to make ressies for Chef Mickeys (breakfast or dinner) and Donald's Safari. They are all booked:upsidedow
I really want this trip to be perfect....The CMs have said to call every day because there are always cancellations. Are they just telling me this to make me feel better?
Really, What are my chances of getting a ressie? Anyone get one at the last minute after trying and trying?:confused3

01-28-2009, 10:50 PM
Keep trying - but also consider some of the other character meals. Try breakfast at Cape May Cafe or Ohana with Lilo, Stich and Mickey. Crystal Palace has breakfast, lunch and dinner with Pooh and Friends - lots of fun and decent food.

Also consider fun restaurants without characters like Whispering Canyons Cafe, Sci Fi dine in and Primetime 50s cafe.

I'm so sorry about your mother ((((HUGS))))

01-28-2009, 11:06 PM
Thanks for your ideas! I was just thinking about CP as well. I didn't realize they did dinner too. I'm going to try that out tomorrow morning!:goodvibes

01-29-2009, 12:32 AM
There is always a chance! Just keep trying :) Even once your down there call every morning and night, there is a good chance that people are busy at the parks, or would rather sleep in from a late night so they may decide to cancel.:)