View Full Version : Resort discount for Escape guests?

01-27-2009, 09:03 PM
Is there a guest discount for our family and friends looking to stay on property like there is for their park tickets? I can't find the link anywhere on our wedding website, and I'm wondering if that's an offer for larger weddings only. Please forgive me if it's printed somewhere obvious:)

01-27-2009, 09:28 PM
Room discounts are only available for Wishes weddings. I am not sure about tickets though. HTH

01-27-2009, 09:38 PM
(Slightly) discounted park tickets will be available for guests to purchase on your DFTW Web site.

01-27-2009, 11:09 PM
If they can guarantee 10 or more rooms (not just room nights) will be reserved by them and their guests, Escape couples may now set up a room block to receive a 10% discount on Disney resort accommodations. However, it's hardly worth it when you consider the kinds of room discounts you can get using AAA, an Annual Pass, or a pin code, plus the fire-sale prices Disney's been offering lately...

Petals & Pixie Dust
01-28-2009, 07:50 AM
I spoke with AAA early this month and asked if my FMIL doesn't have AAA but she is part of our "group" could she get the AAA discount-Since my mother and I both have a card...we figured this was a good option. They said as long as they are in our group that that would in fact get any discount that we would get.
I'm thinking it might just be worth it to get them an AAA membership just for Christmas to be on the safe side! :p

01-28-2009, 10:04 AM
your best bet may be to have them sign up on WDW's website to receive specials. My planner said that usually you can find a better rate online with a code then through DFTW. HTH

01-28-2009, 09:55 PM
Thank you all (including The Great lurkyloo responding to whiddow ol' me)! I didn't know much about the pin codes. Are there any other sites, in addition to mousesavers.com, that would have them?