View Full Version : approaching 1 month!!

05-20-2002, 12:32 AM
it is almost exactly 31 days till i leave for OKW for 10 days...i cant wait...its been a bad last couple of months...the time is going so slooooow...but pretty soon i will be relaxing by the pool...cant waitttttttt...if there is any new people that read this..let me know if you will be down there the same time as me june 23 till july 2nd......pat

05-20-2002, 06:32 AM
oh gosh! I sooo understand! 15 days until I leave! :Pinkbounc

ever since we got back in march the time has been going by sooo slow!

its all schools fault! :( :(

Disney Daniel
05-20-2002, 09:41 AM
Won't take very long at all!
Have a great trip! :)

05-20-2002, 02:28 PM
I leave in about 2 months and I think it cannot go ne slower!! It feels like I have been waiting for years

05-20-2002, 02:33 PM
have fun! :)

05-21-2002, 03:55 PM
I leave in about a month too, but I leave for the cruise! June 22!