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01-18-2009, 12:41 PM
I have read mixed reviews from great to too long and a little on the boring side.

We are looking for something cheap and interesting to do in Nassau. We have 3 boys--8, 8 and 10. They are active kids and would be interested in pirates, but I have to balance that with how long the tour takes and if it gets a little boring. Has anyone taken kids of similar ages on this and how did they like it. Also, do you remember the cost?

If it was just me and DH, we wouldn't even get off the ship ... been there, done that ... but the kids will be totally psyched to step foot in a different country. Just looking for something they will enjoy for a short time ... and then back to the ship. :cool1:

01-18-2009, 12:56 PM
The pirate muesum is a few blocks from the ship. You can easliy walk there. You can do it on your own. we took our kids there a few years ago. DS was 5.

01-18-2009, 01:29 PM
We Last went to there over a year ago! We had the whole family, it was great! Lots of history. The Employees were fantastic!! I would def go!!:cool1:

Silly Little Pixie
01-22-2009, 07:59 PM
We did it in November with our kids who were 8 and 11. They loved it! Our guide was totally into it and a great "pirate". It was lots of fun and easy to walk to. We ate at Senor Frog's afterwards (ripoff!!!) because DD insisted... she somehow thought it was a fun frog-themed place...not! It did have nice views of the Wonder, though. It was a little chilly so we didn't do a beach, otherwise we were going to walk to the British Colonial Hilton and get a daypass. We were back on the ship by 2, which was fine.