View Full Version : Can you recommend where to request at VWL and/or BCV?

Ragtime Gal
01-11-2009, 02:50 PM
We are going to be at Disney soon and will be staying part of the time in the VWL and part of the time in BCV.

Are there particular requests we should make for either place? I know that Disney doesn't always fill them, but I'd like to know, from others' experience, which villas you enjoyed and why.

BTW, we are staying in a two bedroom, and at BCV the villa is the one with the two queen beds in the second bedroom.

Thank you!!

01-12-2009, 05:07 PM
Last August we stayed at both VWL and BCV.

We made no requests at VWL since this was our first time there but we were very pleased with the room. It was only a studio but it was a corner room overlooking both the pool and the woods, with a peek of the lake through the trees. I can't remember the room number but I think it was the same room in the pics on Allears.net. The studio room seemed larger than other studios we have stayed in but it may be because there were two windows. Loved this room and I think most of the rooms facing the lake would be very quiet and private.

We have stayed at BCV three times in the past few years. We don't particularly care for the EPCOT views because you can be close to the road. The first time we were so close to the road, we hardly ever sat on the balcony due to the traffic noise. (We were also doing a lot of running that trip so not so much time in the room anyway.) The next time, we got a room facing the woods, and it was much quieter but it was very close to the smoking area. I still preferred this to the traffic noise however. Last August we had an EPCOT view further down the hall away from the road and it wasn't too bad. My DD, who is afraid of the fireworks actually would come out and watch them with her hands over her ears. You couldn't see all of them, but certainly the higher ones. I have never gotten a pool view but I am sure that would be nice as well. We usually have requested woods views and only once got it, so there is no guarantee.

It all depends on what you are looking for. Good luck and have a wonderful trip!