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01-08-2009, 07:14 PM
Hi, We are planning a trip for the end of Aug. - Sept. Everyone I talk to says Have fun it's hot. I know it's FL, but we are from NJ and it seems like it rain more at this time. So to me it's ok simce we will just be doing things inside.

Has anyone gone at this time? What should we expect?

01-08-2009, 07:24 PM
Ok, I've been several times for the last week in August. Yes, it's hot. But it's the humidity that gets you. You are just kind of stuck to yourself. Make-up has no chance! That being said, the restaurants, rides, attractions, shows and what have you are all air-conditioned. Many of the lines are as well. So the amount of time you actually spend in the stifling temp.'s is really minimal.

My kids would rather be in the hotel pool than at the parks. Sick, I know, considering they can swim anytime at home all summer long. But the August weather really lends itself to swimming. We've gone many other times of year when it's more temperate but nobody wants to get in the pool. (well, at least not me)

So it really depends if you are the type of person who can handle the heat in brief amounts.

The last several years they have offered the Free Dining packages during this time period (mid-late August and Sept.) So it has been becoming increasingly popular despite the high temps. The restaurants will be crowded for certain.

I would be happy to help you out with any additional questions you have or recommendations you may need. Don't hesitate to ask! :flower3:

01-08-2009, 07:24 PM
We went at the very end of August/first of September. Only one time in eight days did it rain enough to get the ponchos out. It was pretty hot, but not miserably so. Like you said, there are plenty of places to duck in and cool off when you need to, and free ice water at all the counter service restaurants. The crowds were amazingly low when we were there, so that made up for a lot. Have a fantastic time!

01-08-2009, 07:28 PM
Oh! Forgot to mention that you are really deep in hurricane season in August. You may get lucky, you may be caught in some monsoons! Have your ponchos handy cause you will need them! We've only been rained out on a handful of days, but we have gotten pretty lucky. Dodged a few hurricane bullets....last year we went the week b/w hurricanes Fay and Gustav. We got super-lucky. If you have a baby you may not want to consider August.

Although we were there during Hurricane Hugo with a 4-month old and still managed to enjoy ourselves. But I got stuck in the hotel with him on one day when it was just relentless.

Good luck whatever you decide. Disney is the best even if it is hot and/or raining!!

disney fan 1994
01-08-2009, 07:47 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. We are going to tak advantage of the free b-day,our daughter will be turning 7 and our son has celebrated 2 b-days there.(his 1st WDW and 6th Disney cruise) Lucky guy. It will also be our 15 wed ann. Can't wait!!!


01-08-2009, 07:57 PM
6 cruises for your little guy? How lucky is he!?

Well, don't forget to keep an eye out for the free dining code. If you have the Disney Visa you will probably get the offer before the general public. That's the best thing about August (plus it's a value season, so the rooms are cheap anyway)

What hotel are you thinking about?

01-08-2009, 08:19 PM
We were there this past year, Aug. 23 - Sept. 3. We went for the free dining.

Of the 6 of us on that trip...

3 don't want to go again in August... TOO HOT! :eek:
1 (DH) would go again for the free dining... $$$. ;)
2 feel time of year doesn't matter. :confused3

Of the 12 days we were there... we got soaked 4 times, even with rain ponchos on. The rain never lasted too long, but when it did rain, it came down in buckets! It didn't stop us from doing anything we wanted, though. Also, if it was the ONLY time we could travel, we would do it again. :goodvibes

If you will be there during free dining (if offered this year) and want to dine in any of the popular or Table Service restaurants, you will need to make advance dining reservations.

If interested in booking free dining, the offer is usually released in early April.

disney fan 1994
01-08-2009, 09:22 PM
Thanks we will look out for the free dinning,and we do have the disney rewards visa card. Can't leave home without it. We use it towards our park tickets.

Correction My son celebrated his 1st B-day at WDW and 4th not 6th B-day on a cruise. I do wish we did cruise 6 times but the children have done it 2 time and DH and I 3 times. Can't wait to do it again. It is Disney on the sea. The kids love it and want to go back.

DH :sad2: Not again DW:love: DS:wizard: DDprincess:

01-09-2009, 12:12 AM
Went in 2000 during the end of Aug and that was the hottest I have ever been!!! :scared1:

Being from the Southwest, the heat I can take but not the humidity, we ave about 8-12% here and 60-80% is just unreal......But hey we are heading to WDW in June of this year...:scared1: :rolleyes1

01-09-2009, 10:33 AM
We are also going at the end of Aug into Sept labour day wknd & are super excited.
We're from up in Canada but I think we will be fine with the humidity. We usually travel to the Caribbean every July & that is pretty humid. SO humid one time that our video camera shut off as soon as we turned it on outside, with a warning that said "Detecting condensation"
We are also hoping to get the free dining. Cross our fingers.

01-09-2009, 10:52 PM
We went last year in Aug., and we just missed the hurricanes. It has its good and bad points. It is very sticky though. Good time to visit the water parks.

01-09-2009, 11:14 PM
OMG!!!! its the worst time that you can visit WDW. but, it happens to be that my b-day is Aug 10 which sucks b/c I don't like going during that time.

01-10-2009, 06:53 AM
Went in 2000 during the end of Aug and that was the hottest I have ever been!!! :scared1:

Being from the Southwest, the heat I can take but not the humidity, we ave about 8-12% here and 60-80% is just unreal......But hey we are heading to WDW in June of this year...:scared1: :rolleyes1

Don't worry...June in Florida usually isn't as bad as August. :thumbsup2

01-10-2009, 07:29 AM
We spent 15 days in Disney in August when Hurricane Katrina horrifically hit New Orleans. Day by day we weren't sure if it was going to hit us at first.

First regarding the heat....HOT HOT HOT :scared1: And I remember people telling me how hot it would be before the trip...but until you experience a park mid day in August heat...you truly don't know lol. Would I go again in August...if it came down to that being the only time going or staying home...absolutely! It's Disney! We had about 12 of us with us. Age ranging from a 9 month old to my dad who was in his 60's and let's say a bit overweight. My advice...prepare yourself. Here is what we experienced.

We stayed off property....Personally I believe it would have been easier staying on property with direct access to parks so it would be nothing to go back and forth to parks...spending a few hours, heading back for a dip in the pool and heading back out at night. We would have to pack us all up back in the car (REMIND YOU THE TRACK GETTING BACK TO YOUR CAR)....extremely hot car...head back to hotel....then track back everyone to the park. Way too much for August heat with little ones and elders. Remind you also we were always in one of the first rows of parking each day because we just dreaded getting everyone to and from the parking lot.

So...TIP #1 - If possible stay in the park.
Tip #2 - If you have an elder person with you...rent the scooter. My poor dad didn't the first day....come day 2...he was in heaven on his scooter, water bottles, cold towel on his neck and his little water fan LOL...I know what an image but....he had the best seat in the house!

TIP #3....Don't bother with makeup...hair....etc. To save time...shower the night before (since you all will be stinking from a day in the park in the Aug heat LOL)....and just get up brush teeth...throw hair up, but the lightest weight (no black!) clothes on....lotion up....and you're ready in 10 minutes.

TIP #4...Freeze water bottles in your room...and bring them with you. Keep hydrated!!! And believe me it doesn't take too long for them to start to defrost.

TIP #5...if you have a little one...make sure your stroller has a good sun visor....I would even put a wet cold towel over that to keep it even darker in there for him. I also layed a small cool wet towel under or on him....to keep him cool. Believe me...within minutes any wetness from the towel was gone.

TIP #5 ... Some people think everyone should wear hats in the sun. It works for some...but not my kids. I was told by the nurse there (one day my daughter needed down time there...heat really got to her)....that you shouldn't wear a hat in that heat especially if you tend to sweat more than others. The hat holds in the heat on your head...making you even hotter.

TIP #6 . . . get to parks at opening...stay for a few hours....head back to resort....nap, swim, freshen up....then head back out at dinner time. Even though night time was still hot...it was so much better without the sun beating on you. Another option...sleep in...hang by pool...do the parks with Extra Hours at night...some an be open as late as 3 am! My older ones rather do it that way....hard when you have an age range though.

TIP #7. . . Expect to get tired faster. And don't push ones that are....the heat can slow one person down so much more than maybe another. I learned that with my daughter. After that time we needed to take her to the medical place there....we learned that take breaks way before that happens.

TIP #8 . . . hit the water rides if you can. Getting soaked on a water ride is the best thing on this day....just be careful with shoes. Don't want blisters on top of being hot.

TIP #9 . . . Invest in some water fans. Fill them and freeze the water in it if you can.....the colder the water...the better they feel. You can get them anywhere...cheaper at home.

TIP #10...Be prepared for mid day storms. I mean downpours. One of the days we were at Universal and about 100 of us got stuck under this outside tent thing. It was the most scariest thunder and storm we experienced. Ponchos didn't work for us....some they do. We felt it just made us so much hotter with that plastic on us....we prefer to just duck in an airconditioned place....cool off, rest...dry off if need be. If you do have a stroller....invest in one of those plastic rain covers for it. I got mine at Babies R'Us....and always put it on when you leave your stroller when you go in a show. It may look like there is no rain in sight....but after the time passes of waiting to get in the show, watching the show, and finding your stroller....A downpour could have happened and you never knew it til you see your stroller soaking wet! LOL

TIP #10 ....I needed to repeat this STAY HYDRATED....with water.

MOST IMPORTANTLY......Have a Wonderful Trip! Regardless of the heat....kid's will still be amazed by Cinderella's Castle (heat or no heat)....kid's will still want to ride TOT 4 times...(heat or no heat).

When people say to me YOU SPENT THAT MANY DAYS IN THE PARKS WITH THAT FLORIDA HEAT? I said we sure did.....and yes it was HOT HOT...but it was the most wonderful trip we had. The heat couldn't damper the fact that my kids were in total shock when we woke them that morning and surprised them with a trip to Disney....The heat couldn't take away their expressions when they first walked through those gates at MK...and walked down main street and saw the Castle! The heat couldn't take away when Mickey and friends helped with singing to my son on his birthday.

LOL I think you get the point.

Just prepare yourself and realize it's ok if something got misssed. I seen parents dragging kids through that heat....the kids crying...and the parents wanted to make a show or something...and the poor child was just utterly done with the heat and being tired.

Hope that helps a bit....

01-10-2009, 08:14 AM
Thanks we will look out for the free dinning,and we do have the disney rewards visa card. Can't leave home without it. We use it towards our park tickets.

Correction My son celebrated his 1st B-day at WDW and 4th not 6th B-day on a cruise. I do wish we did cruise 6 times but the children have done it 2 time and DH and I 3 times. Can't wait to do it again. It is Disney on the sea. The kids love it and want to go back.

DH :sad2: Not again DW:love: DS:wizard: DDprincess:

Hi fellow NJ Diser!! This year will be the 3rd Aug/Sept trip in a row for us. Our children miss the 1st day of school and it's okay. The crowds or lack of crowds make it worth it to us. You are rarely in the heat because the lines are short and everything is air conditioned. Free dining has made it more crowded but no where near as crowded as May June or any of the holidays. We LOVE it. I really don't find it that much hotter than the humid NJ summers. :thumbsup2

01-10-2009, 08:22 AM
I've been to disney several times during the month of august and its true that it could be very hot. however being a NYC teacher the summers are the only time i could go when the rates are resonable. With that said here is what I recommend:

1. Stay on property
2.Go to the parks early in the morning and return to your hotel in the afternoon for a swim or short nap.
3. Return to the parks again in the evening when the sun goes down a bit.
( In the summer the parks are open late

This plan of attack has worked well for us over the years. Our next trip will be Aug. 24-30 at the CBR in the new pirate themed room. Should be fun.pirate:

01-10-2009, 09:07 AM
My wife and I went last August for our honeymoon and it was wonderful. The lines weren't even all that long. The heat wasn't that bad either, but then again, we are from the southeast, so we may not notice it as much. Have a blast! WDW is where I would want to be this August if I could be anywhere.

01-10-2009, 10:34 AM
Hi there. I've wondered the same thing about summer months. We are also thinking about going the end of July...my 40th is July 31. But, we are so used to going at Christmas time and don't know how we could handle the heat. DH would be fine b/c he is used to working out in the heat but I don't know about the rest of us. But, we are thinking it would be nice to visit a different time of year so we could actually enjoy the water parks (never been able to do them).. and I think the idea of getting up early, getting there early and coming back to swim then going back out sounds great. Does anyone know how busy the parks are first thing in the morning during summer months? Also, I don't know anything about the free dinning....is there a link to that somewhere , someone could point us to? Thanks.
OP...I hope you guys have a great time if you decide to go for sure then.

01-10-2009, 10:40 AM
We went in August last year for the first time and I have to admit that I was a tad worried because a number of people had indicated that we must be crazy for wanting to travel to Florida during the summer. To be honest, it wasn't really all that bad! We did have some days of brief heavy rainfall but nothing that ever prevented us from visiting one of the parks. It was also fairly windy at times which also helped to cool things down a bit. We did spend a fair amount of time at the pool and really didn't rush things at all during the trip. I worried that my kids might have a tough time because they tend to get grumpy in the heat but we didn't have any issues (we even visited Animal Kingdom - I had basically written off that park because I know how hot it can get when we usually travel in May). And I should add that I am a bit of a princess when it comes to the heat but I managed to survive quite nicely!

OT - Candielips - I didn't think that I'd ever see anyone else on here from Newcastle, Ontario. I thought that I was the only Disney fanatic in the area!

disney fan 1994
01-10-2009, 08:25 PM
Excellent!!!! Thanks for all the advice. We do know that we are going to go Aug not sure if Aug 29 or 30 until Sept 5 or 6. We are waiting for Southwest to start booking for those dates. Our DD's b-day is the 31. Hoping for free meal plan and taking advantage of free b-day. We are going to stay on property, and it sounds like our kind of vacation because since we have been there so much and still have not done everything (good reason to keep going) because we wake up whenever go to the parks then go for a swim and back to the parks until about close. Our DS and DD are not morning kids but can stay up late. Thats how we like to do disney.

Once again thank you all so much for the help!!:thumbsup2