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02-02-2001, 04:47 PM
We are purchasing at the VWL - we are excited and just received membership book, bag today. And while I can't wait for our first trip, there is one thing (so far) that bothers me about DVC. I don't understand the point differental. Look at the difference in points needed between a Grand Villa at BWV and OKW. (I know some of you will say it is worth the difference, but I am sorry I don't see it that way). Also for the stay we are making in Aug it is 34 points difference for a 2 bedroom than if I would of stayed at OKW. I feel the resorts are all very comparable (some might disagree), they each have there own advantages, but I do not feel that there should be this inequity when it comes to point value since I feel they are all comparable. Now I do realize this going into the deal, and I am still buying at VWL, but I just think there should be more uniformity.

02-02-2001, 05:00 PM
You are right. You will actually get less value for your points when you spend them at VWL then anywhere else.

The BWV vs OKW differential can be justified by the location of the resort and the whole Boardwalk area. I prefer OKW, but I understand the reasoning.

VWL is another story altogether. Disney seems to be taking the position that the higher construction costs at VWL are the cause of the wildly high point schedule for the same tiny units as at BWV with the Boardwalk area or the ability to walk to two parks.

I think that a resale at OKW or BWV is a far, far more attractive deal then new VWL points from Disney...that is, unless of course, you are really in love with the WL and couldn't imagine staying anywhere else.

Have you ever seen a unit at OKW? They are so much larger and more comfortable then VWL or BWV. They have reasonable dining areas, laundry rooms, just all around an entirely different experience.....all for 25% fewer points per night and lower dues per point!!!!!

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs", Karl Marx, pretty sick, huh?

02-02-2001, 06:02 PM
I also own at OKW, but I love WL, so I brought an add-on there. If you consider that every year I used my points to stay there. 22 points per night for a hotel room, then 12 points for a studio looks pretty good. but the real reason I brought was that this resort has been taken off the list of WDW resorts, so if you are like I am and like to go in early Dec, either you buy there, or get told sorry filled up. This resort is selling, my sales person, Judy, she is wonderful, says it will be sold out this year.

If I ever get married (not likely) this would be the honeymoon resort - it is so beautiful and very romantic. You have to stay there to really appreciate it.

02-02-2001, 06:09 PM
Being able to stay there at Christmas time was the real reason I am buying there. I think the lodge is simply beautiful that time of year. But still I feel each property is equally beautiful and unique and that they truely are comparable resorts.

02-03-2001, 07:32 AM
The higher points for the same rooms at the WLV are not justified by construction costs. Construction costs are figured in on the "buy in" when you purchase. That is why the point cost has gone up with each new resort. In the case of WLV Disney is charging us more to stay there per night. Is it bigger or better?, that could be debated by the many opinions voiced on this forum.
The way I see it the points per night are determined by a "supply and demand" factor that we as members are paying for. The only thing that maintains the point value at Vero or HH is that those points can be exchanged for Disneyworld resorts.

02-03-2001, 07:51 AM
The reason for the difference in points per night between BWV and OKW is easy to see--location--and even with that there is hardly a difference between OKW and "standard" view at BWV. In the regular rental market through Disney, rooms at BWV cost significantly more than rooms at OKW, just as rooms at YC/BC, GF, Poly, Cont. (and even WL) cost more than a studio at OKW because of location. VWL does break the logic there, as its location, though better than OKW, is not as good as BWV. The regular rental room rates for VWL are less than BWV. In other words in Disney's own marketing mind BWV is worth a higher rental rate.

Disney's justification of higher construction costs is somewhat valid. There are three ways to recapture construction costs--raise the cost of points (done), raise the number of points to secure a room so more points are sold (also done), and rent out units before the resort gets substantially sold out. It is noteworthy that the third one is actually mentioned in the disclosure documents as a significant source of recapturing construction costs. For VWL, Disney's ability to recapture costs through rental is limited because it has far fewer units than OKW or BWV. Thus it may be depending on point price and number of points more to recapture costs.

That of course does not change the fact VWL point per night cost logically belongs somewhere between OKW and BWV. But Disney believes, correctly it appears, that it will still sell VWL as is because of so many prefer the resort over others. But it does discourage many owners from other resorts from using their points at WL.a

02-03-2001, 07:55 AM
There is also a supply/demand argument to be made vis a vis the VWL point schedule. There are simply fewere rooms at VWL, so it makes sense that the point values per room is a bit higher for what you get. Having said that, I have to admit that VWL points are higher than they should be. I only bought an add-on figuring that I'll still be staying at the BoardWalk most often. However, every so often it will be worth the "extra price" to stay someplace prettier inside and out (IMHO).

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