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02-04-2001, 03:18 PM
Hi all I know Doc and I are DVC owners and our home resort is OKW. Just wondering how many more hoosiers are DVC owners and what your home reoet was?

02-04-2001, 04:32 PM
I am also from Indiana and a new DVC member. We just bought points at VWL! We can't wait to use our points for our 25th wedding anniversary in December!

Jane Nelson

02-04-2001, 05:12 PM
Another Hoosier here. DH and I just spent 10 wonderful days at our home, BWV 1/18 through 1/28 and had a cold and wonderful time!

02-04-2001, 05:33 PM
My wife and I are DVC members with Hilton Head as our home resort.

We have trips planned in March at OKW and July at HH. :cool:


02-04-2001, 06:14 PM
DH and I are DVC members, our home away from home is OKW.

DVC member 6/97

02-04-2001, 06:56 PM
We are DVC owners at BWV!


02-04-2001, 07:07 PM
OKW and HH. Will be at HH in July also!


mary o
02-04-2001, 07:24 PM
Our family of 4 lives in Evansville. We have been DVC members at HH since 1997, but have yet to see the island. So far, we have used our points to trade into BWV (our favorite), OKW, and VB. This year we borrowed points for the 4 day Wonder cruise in June. So far, we have not been disappointed with any of our visits!

02-04-2001, 10:52 PM
From the little town of Mishawaka (next to South Bend). Home resort is BWV. Been DVC members for 4 years. Best decision we ever made!

02-05-2001, 09:02 AM
Hi everyone. My DH and I are new DVC members from Lafayette. Doc (also a Lafayette native) was very helpful in answering many of my questions while we were still in the DVC inquiry stage. We purchased at VWL in December. Today I made the last day reservation for our 12/23/01 -1/3/02 stay at VWL. It really seems real now. We love WL and can't wait for our first stay at VWL!

dznyacct ºoº

02-05-2001, 11:24 AM
Even though I have lived in Florida for 18.5 years, I was born and grew up in South Bend. I am now a Floridian, but still proudly consider myself a Hoosier, and my wife and I have owned at BWV since April of last year.

02-06-2001, 12:50 PM
Hi! We live in Northwest Indiana. We've been DVC members since 1998 and our home resort is the Boardwalk. We just had two excellent back to back 2-week vacations in June 1999 and 2000. We were going to skip this year, but couldn't do it, so we're headed back for a week this Halloween!

-Michelle :)

02-06-2001, 12:55 PM
We are also part of the Hoosier diaspora. Our hometown is Fort Wayne. DW is recently out of the Army and we landed in Florida, but once a Hoosier, always a Hoosier! Our home resorts are OKW and VB. DS#1 goes to college in Indiana and most of our family is still there. We don't miss the snow though. ;)

02-06-2001, 03:23 PM
We're from Valparaiso too. Been members since '96. OKW is our home resort. Looking forward to our trip in July to OKW.

Ron & Dotty

Suzi Q
02-07-2001, 07:56 PM
We joined DVC in 1998 and are preparing to leave this wonderful Indiana weather Friday for our 2nd trip. We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary by going on the 4 day Wonder cruise and then spending the rest of our points at Boardwalk, which is our home resort. Our only regret has been "why didn't we do this years ago when our children were home!" :rolleyes:

02-08-2001, 08:26 AM
Wrestled with it 3 years before taking the plunge (now kicking self!) and buying at BWV last year. Looking forward to spring, 1st week in April, for a week's stay at "home".