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05-14-2002, 08:15 PM
We have a deluxe room reserved at HRH with the Entertainment rate for our stay in July. Today I called and mades ressies at RPH because we wanted to save money. Now I'm worried that I will be disappointed with the size of the room. The guy I spoke with said the room we had at HRH was over 500 sq. ft. and the RPH was only 325 sq. ft. The difference in the rates is $155 vs. $124/night ($99 plus $25 for a rollaway) plus tax. We have 2 adults and 3 kids. I really want to stay at the HRH in the larger room, but we need to save money this year. I have 2 daughters getting married...one in August and one in September and money is tight with paying for 2 weddings, my dresses, tuxes, bridesmaid dresses for my 2 younger DDs, etc.

Do you think it will be too crowded with 5 in a room at RPH or do you think it will be okay? I really don't know much about this hotel other than it has a South Pacific theme. Any information anyone can give me on RPH would be appreciated.

BTW, we are staying for 3 nights and will be going to both Universal parks and Sea World one day each.


05-15-2002, 10:03 AM
I think the big question is how much time do you think you'll spend in the room, honestly? Don't forget you can poolhop/use the other hotels' amenities, too. Good luck, whatever you decide!
Terri the Yoopermom

05-15-2002, 11:16 AM
At $30 per night difference, if it is for 3 nights I would probably stay w/the HRH and try and save a few dollars on meals etc. If you have already cancelled the HRH you can try and get the ent. rate back.. We are staying at the RPH this July but are a family of 4 and I, too, prefer a little extra room but we are staying 7 nights and the difference is paying for both kids park tix. I am sure both resorts are quite luxurious and will have beautiful rooms...but since RPH is just opening 6/18 it may have a glitch or two to work out.There is a thread a few pages down on the RPH giving a very detailed description. It sounds awesome! It should help you out some in trying to picture the resort. Are you kids young or older? I agree that if you are going to just be sleeping in the room you won't feel that crowded. Maybe you won't have too much luggage to store since it is for 3 days. You will have a great time at either place and will be very busy for those 3 days. Enjoy your DD'S weddings...those are far more imp. than the room size!
Good Luck on your choice!

05-15-2002, 01:37 PM
Pay the extra to stay at the Hard Rock. What the heck, your going to be on vacation. Spoil yourself!

05-15-2002, 03:42 PM
in my opinion (now keep in mind i have never stayed ay any universal hotel or even been to universal-first time will be next month at RP) i would go for HRH- since it will only be for 3 days i think the $90 for the 500sq feet is worth it with 5 people...no matter what you decide im sure you will have a good time and congrats on your daughters weddings.

05-15-2002, 11:06 PM
KMC, Thanks for the congrats on my DDs weddings and thanks to everyone else with all the responses. I think you all have me convinced to stay with the deluxe room at HRH.

cdpa4d, Your right it is my vacation and I wait all year for it, so maybe I can spoil myself a little. While we do go away at different times of the year, our big trip is every June. Last year when we went in June, it wasn't a good time for me as I just lost both of my parents....one in Feb. and one in May. So I'm really looking forward to this trip.

Terri, my DH agrees with you that the room is not that important since you don't spend that much time there. And I do see the reasoning, but I really want to stay at HRH and go with the bigger room also. It is actually $103 diff. when you add in the taxes. We are also staying 9 nights at POR, but have 2 rooms there (my 2 DS will be there also but not at US). We were originally going to stay 11 nights, but cut it back to 9 to save money. I still have 2 nights reserved at HRH, just have to call back and add on another night and cancel RPH, so hopefully that will not be a problem.

It is my DH who is so concerned about money with the weddings and all, and I can't blame him, but I don't think $103 at this point is going to break us. I just have to convince him that it is worth it.

FINFAN, Great idea about cutting back on the meals.....we have ressies at O'Hana's. I think I will cancel those and use the money towards HRH. That will cost us about $100 for one dinner. I'm also thinking about cutting our stay at POR back 1 more night.

Thanks for all the input.

05-17-2002, 07:47 PM
I know every little bit helps but I stayed at a Deluxe room in the HRH and found it fantastic for the time we were there. The size and style of the room were nice, great to have a couch, ottoman, chair, etc... Although we were a family of 4, my son found it more convenient to use the pullout couch. We spent some time in the room to get away from the July heat, take a break from the parks and the pool. It just made our stay a bit more comfortable.

05-18-2002, 09:37 AM
BravelT, Thanks for the post. The room really sounds great. That was one of the reasons I went with a deluxe room as I wanted a little more room to spread out. I'm still trying to convince my DH. It really bothers him to spend $170 for a room. He didn't mind at first but he sees all this money going out the window for the weddings and he is getting nervous about finances right now.

Do you remember if they had a refrigerator in the room? Is the pullout couch a single size bed?