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12-21-2008, 11:01 AM
Day Three

Alarm went off at 6.30am, but we did struggle getting out of bed, and ended up at breakfast at 7.30am (lol) but had a good fill up, and then I took the boys out the front and Pluto was doing a meet n greet – so got the pic (ds2 refused lol) & autograph, and waited for the other to join us…..

Into the park, and we did dumbo (a firm favourite) carousel, buzz (of course – ds2 got to level 2 – sumhow!!, I was 500 off level 4 – the closest id ever been) then we did peter pan, and the tea cups!!

We then headed for the princess stage with a stop to photo cinderellas carriage, and for ds2 to try and pull out the sword lol to queue for the princesses, as ds1 was hopeful of Cinderella or belle, and I took ds2 off for a wander, where we again met Pluto (hes a busy dog) and tweedle dee & dumm and came back to find ds1 disgusted it was ariel on stage (lol), and theyd then found the stage behind had Minnie & Donald – so mad dashed round for that!!

Whilst they waited, ds2 & I saw our first character express, and made a note of characters to meet, then headed back to join ds1 just about to meet Minnie and Donald – ds2 was better this time, but went all coy with Minnie, and kept giggling at her – so I had to be in the picture too – what a shame!!!


We then caught the character express characters, and ds1 met rabbit just before they left, and then ds2 caught sight of winnie the pooh at his meet and greet and ran too him shoutin pooh (one of his only words pre trip) but of course the wait was huge, so I tried to pull him away – queue screams so we decided, seein as he wanted to see him – we wud use the easy pass, and ds2 got straight up to meet pooh, and just beamed, and giggled – we got fab pics, and I have to say I cried after, the joy on his face was sumthin I had only dreamed of, as previous attempts of characters he had sorta smiled (apart from minnie earlier lol), but this time he really wanted to see pooh, and it melted my heart…..little did I realise it was the start of ds2s love of most characters – so big thanks to pooh bear who helped show ds2 that characters are friendly!!!!

After that, we realised there were still characters around the main stage, doing greets (not from character express) and ds2 suddenly shouts igga as he spots tigger!!!! So over we go, and tigger made a special interaction with us all, as ppl were pushing in, and he waved everyone away to try and get a good pic for us (didn’t work, but the thought was there)

and then we see stitch (ds2 is lovin lilo n stitch movie, so we head over….) stitch was quite small, so I put ds2 to see if he wud got over, he sorta did, and then pulled off his hat, as if to say im ready, and we got the first ever character pic of ds2 & ds1, without me in it!!!!

Ds1 was completely in his element, and collecting autographs like mad, and had learnt not to be pushed away by others (was way too soft in june lol) and then stitch interacted with my lil nephew in his pics – which was lovely!!

Off to main street for more shopping, and wondered if it was starting to rain………….. no, but it was starting to S N O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay so we had proper snow on main street – in fact, it came down very heavy and was so magical!! We did our buying and then headed out into the snow towards annettes for our lunch – stopping for a picture of dlh with the snow falling…. Brings a lump to my throat now thinking of it!!!

Lovely lunch at annettes as usual, flashed my shareholders card again (had just used it in the shops, so was still warm lol) and used our half board vouchers, then dh & dhs sis went back to hotel to get snowboots for ds1 (hed put on his trainers and his feet were wet lol) and to get raincover for nephews pushchair – so me, ds1, ds2 and sil dh went back to the park – getting a pic of the boys on the sleigh in the square, and then heading and getting distracted by popcorn (lol) we then stood to the right of the stage this time for the parade, so got a diff view of it – very funny, as water had collected at the bottom of the slope as they come towards the stage, and all the green men before toy story all jumped into the puddle it went everywhere, and they were laughing – was so much fun!!

We then headed to btm and decided to ride that, and by the time wed walked all thru on got to the ride it was going dark, so was fab being on in it the dark!!!! After killin a bit more time we went a got a stop to the left of the stage for candleabration, and dhs sis & family went back. Unfortunately, due to all the water on the stage, the characters did not come out, so was just castle lighting, and music – which was sad, but we were feelin the cold now, so decided we wud head back now – nice leisurely walk along the river…..
Hot drinks all round again and ready for a later brekkie – 8.15am as tomorrow the aim was to take on studios first thing, as ds1 wanted to meet daisy, and we knew she had a meet there, and I wanted to see stitch live as I thought ds2 wud like it….. ok, it was really for me lol….. all in bed, after nice hot showers, and ready for studios……..



12-21-2008, 04:15 PM
Another great day! Shame about the Candlebration but so magical with the snow :love:

12-22-2008, 08:00 AM
another great day and fab photos. I got goosebumps when I saw your photo of the DLH in the snow, just amazing :goodvibes

12-22-2008, 03:01 PM
Real snow, that's amazing, i can bet it was VERY cold tough lol