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02-08-2001, 12:50 PM
Thank you for your very specific answer. It made a lot of sense. In any case, it's practically a steal for the one renting from a memeber. We were thinking of adding-on additional points, but now I think it makes sense to go the renting route instead.

My question is... Is there a down side to this? I can't think of one. :rolleyes:

02-08-2001, 06:41 PM
The down side may be that there won't always be points to rent when you want them, and there is more risk in individual to individual rentals than in dealing with a large reputable company such as Disney. Also, if (BIG IF) you assume that the value of points will continue to climb, then the rental should get more expensive five or ten years from now versus making a fixed investment to buy points now. However, with the 2042 end period getting ever closer, the value of points may not continue to climb -- or global warming could cause Florida to flood, or we could have some other major economic change. It's really up to you and your own analysis, but it's best to have it be a fully informed consideration of the issues on both sides of the equation.


02-08-2001, 07:18 PM
Just some other considerations to throw out there...If you rent points from someone you are pretty much locked into the reservation. No option to change the reservation and bank into the next year, etc. If you can't make the trip you have to have some pre-arranged agreement about what will happen. You also don't have the flexibility to be on a wait list. Sometimes exactly what you want isn't available on the first try but very often does come up well before your trip. You won't have the opportunity to wait things out, you have to decide at the time you rent and/or rent a pre-arranged trip.

02-09-2001, 09:18 AM
Thank you very much... I will weigh my options carefully, now that I am more informed. In the meantime, we are on a call list with the timeshare store just in case exactly what we're looking for becomes available.

These boards are great. Thanks again for the help. :D